R.I.P Freddy E.


i thought this was a sad story.
i will admit that didn’t know of him.
the man commented on an entry i did make of this person i had yet to know.

entry here

who knew we would UN-officially meet under these circumstances?…

Last night rapper Freddy E, born Frederick Eugene Buhl, committed suicide.

While the details are still being confirmed, according to his family, Freddy E took his own life with a self-inflicted rifle shot to the head.

Fans of Freddy E eerily witnessed the suicide via Twitter as Freddy E documented the whole tragedy on his Twitter account @Freddy_E.

Freddy E was reportedly signed to Tyga’s Last Kings imprint and had a widely popular YouTube Channel called Jerk TV.

The suicide is the second suicide in as many weeks after Progressive Era rapper, Capital Steez took his own life on Christmas Eve last year.

While details are still sketch about why Freddy E took his own life, many of Freddy E’s fans have speculated that he was grief-stricken over a failed relationship with Honey Cocaine.

Freddy E’s parents released a statement regarding their son’s death.

“Today, our son, Frederick Eugene Buhl (@freddy_e), age 22 years old, took his own life with a rifle shot to the head. Our family is saddened beyond words; our loss is great; this tragedy is enormous and unforeseen. Not only our family, but the world has lost a talented, sensitive, brilliant young man who lit up our existence with his. We love him a great deal, and he will be sorely missed. We pray that God will now watch over him, and we ask all of you to include Frederick and our entire family in your thoughts and prayers. Tomorrow, Sunday, January 5th, 2013, we will be attending Fred’s Church, First AME, at 12:00 PM in Seattle, WA. You are invited to join us or send your prayers. Fred would appreciate that a great deal.”

Below is a series of Tweets just prior to Freddy E taking his own life.

check here for his work


he was definitely full of character.
a cutie too.
it is a shame that it ended so soon for someone so promising.
what happened?
some are saying it’s over his ex girlfriend.
others are saying it’s more.
either way….


lowkey: how haunting is his twitter wall?????

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “R.I.P Freddy E.”

  1. Has to be more to this story.

    I just refuse to believe it’s all over an ex girlfriend.

    I always wonder how bad it has to be for someone to take their own life. Shit is crazy.

  2. When I read the story this morning I was really sad and bothered by it. I’m going to be honest, I never knew who he was until today. I watched a few of his videos this morning and I thought he was very funny and cute. This man was a college graduate, his future was very bright, and I don’t even think he realized it. He just said fuck it, and outed himself without even thinking that things will get better. In the last 24 hours of his life, something occurred that pushed him over the edge, but he had issues all along that no one knew about. Whatever happened earlier yesterday made it worse. From what I read on his Twitter wall, he had obviously had other issues. One of his comments read “This barrel never felt so good against my dome.” That means that he attempted suicide before but didn’t have enough motivation to go through with it. Whatever the problem was, whether it was love gone wrong or not, it was not enough for him to end his life. At age 22, he had all his life to find his true love. We ALL have been heartbroken by someone who we were in love with at one point, and we know we will find love again. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, and that’s the truth.

    1. I forgot to add this. Just because a person looks good, does not mean that they are secure with themselves and are mentally stable. What Freddy did to himself was a prime example.

      1. I posted this already in the last post but imma post it here ’cause it’s more relevant here.

        This is very sad…very sad. Suicide is very weird to me, is it selfish? is it wrong, right? I mean I understand why someone would want to, it’s just actually going through it…It’s just i dunno how to feel about it.

        I just hope the persons affected his family, friends etc, are able to cope with it as well as possible. Shit must’ve been bad.

        To be alone, not even being alone but feeling completely alone is a really fucked up feeling, sometimes it can drive you to do things like this.

      2. I’m sure he wasn’t completely alone. I saw pics of him with friends and etc. I think he was lonely love wise. He was a great looking man, I find it hard to believe that he had a hard time attracting a mate. It had to be more that caused him to commit suicide.

      3. Not because you have ‘friends’ and/or ‘family’ means you aren’t lonely. It’s not just having people around you, it’s having persons or someone who you can be open with, if you can’t be completely open with atleast one person. No secrets, no lies…then i think you’re alone.

        Some of the loneliest people to me have the most ‘friends’, just look at some celebrities…Lindsay Lohan is a lonely soul.

    1. Even if gay sex was the case(which I doubt) that still is not enough for a person to kill themselves. I wonder why in the fuck he took the time to Tweet that shit? *shakes head and rolls eyes*

  3. Wow!
    This is extremely sad! I started to get chills reading his tweets. No matter the reason, I still believe that he shouldn’t have taken his own life. His issues had to be way deeper than killing himself over a female. Suicide isn’t the answer to anything! It may feel like it at the moment, but there’s no comming back from it. I really wish he would’ve talked to someone before he did this to himself. His family is in my prayers!

  4. It could be a lot of things. We will never know. We as gay black men know this pain but we refuse to talk about it.

    Black men refuse to talk about their pain…

    It wasn’t just about his ‘failed relationship’…..

    Dude was hurting but because we were used to seeing past the fun stuff…

    Dude got me through a lot DARK moments in my life and it’s ironic that he took his own.

    I hope God has a mercy on his soul and welcome him home.

    I hope people stop being so fuckin ignorant and wake the fuck up..

    Mental illness is no joke!

  5. My heart goes out to his family. I didnt know anything about this young man until the day he took his life. I cried like I knew him because it could have been someone in our own family or circle. We will never know what caused him to do this..but I pray for his family because to lose someone is a very hard thing to go thru. I have lost so many people that were extremely close to me and it has not been easy. Mental illness is real. Love those around you like it will be the last time you see them, because we never know the day or hour. I am so hurt by this. I always try to take the time to talk to people, even strangers because you never know what they are going thru, and your kind gestures may be what they need to get over the hump. If no one ever told you guys they love you, well I am telling all of you now that I love each and every one of you. Love is powerful. Take the time to reach out to others because we all are going thru pain in some manner, but all of us are not strong enough to endure it on our own

  6. can i play a game of “fox advocate” real quick…

    would we still have the same feelings if he wasn’t attractive, kinda corny, and wasn’t as popular?
    what about if he was songzbird, breezy, or miguel?
    i’m still feeling some kind of way about his tweets and the reasoning behind this tragedy.

    i did some snooping on his page,
    the vixens,
    and the whole story is not adding up and is making me question everyone involved in this story….

    1. Yes, I would have the same feelings regardless if he was attractive or not. If he did in fact kill himself over a woman, that is truly sad because he really must have been a weak individual, but I feel that it’s more to this.

      1. ^all on twitter it is vixens crying.
        i’m now actually hearing of him.
        he was an okay rapper.
        all his real videos were about sex, hoes, and getting money.


        then his ex puts up ths picture as a memorial:


        i hate to say it but everyone will be over him by next week.

  7. SAD situation and we as African-American do become depressed with what is going on in our lives. Most people do not realize the stress to become famous will cause all kind of issues. African-American youth need to realize that everyone is not going to make it in the music industry it is tuff out there. I wish some of the rappers who has made it would step up to the plate and let these young male/females know that it is not easy.We as A-Americans are losing the battle in education to all other races.

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