So, I Have Seduced Yet Another Straight Wolf Again…

I don’t think I have much luck with “pure in the lifestyle” Wolves.
I don’t really fit in with them like others.
This is why clubs and chat sites never work out for me.
I usually for no reason of my own meet some Straight Wolf and he gets obsessed with me.
He will find a way to avoid me, yet still try to come close.
He will throw signs and, of course I never catch them because I don’t want to believe this Wolf is attracted to me.

I got the strangest text tonight…

The text had no “hello“.
It had no “wassup“.
Shit, I didn’t even get a “hope you good“.
I got a poem.
A rather nice one actually.
One about forbidden love or some off the wall shit that made me re-read 3 times.
I haven’t heard from this particular Wolf in a while.
Last I remember, he had some female he was dealing with and went silent.
I did have to curse him out, but that is another story.

Aww that’s sweet.” – my reply.

Nothing thirsty.
Just a simple reply.
I got a smiley face.
I sent back a wink.
He sends me back a wink.
We have a smiley face battle….
…and then he vanishes.

I think I have figured it out with me.
I am some kind of wizard I didn’t realize I was.

No, I’m serious.
Vixens, Foxes, or Wolves,
people usually meet me and I become really close with them.
I am usually friends with people for years.
You see my boss sent me an email talking about he misses me.
I am trustworthy and will tell you a HONEST opinion about yourself.
I am also funny and I have a lot of personality.
I am just a really good fucking dude.
I can be a little uppity and can be a little spoiled lolol
I only want the best.

I don’t attract open Gay Wolves because they are intimidated by me for some reason.
Maybe because they are all usually messy and I dismiss them once I get a sniff of it.
Straight” Wolves look at me as safe.
I get right into their heads and they can’t stop thinking.
I don’t come onto them nor do I act like their dick is what I need to feed on to survive.
I come off as a challenge because every other Jackal and Hyena presents their ratchet shit upfront.

I’m just me and they love that shit.

I care about people in my life and I want to make sure everyone is good.
Although, that has been my downfall a couple times before.

the downside is,
they are scared to reveal themselves because they aren’t sure WHY they are attracted to me.
They probably know they can’t fight the feelings every time they see me.
Maybe I am the perfect wife, but in a man?


But, I just enjoy it now and let it pass.
I need a MAN to step up and get this.
I don’t have time to coach you into this.
Grab some balls and get your shit together.
You fuck around and the Wolf who was aggressive gets it and…


The moral to the story is this Foxes:

Cakes and all that is good.
You present that off bat and you could as well label yourself as a sex toy.
Wolves are visual, but they also want to be impressed with someone who is NOT like everyone else.
Get into the Wolf’s head (aka the spell of a Fox).
Then you can have him wrapped around your finger and he won’t realize it.

18 thoughts on “So, I Have Seduced Yet Another Straight Wolf Again…

  1. I hate it when dudes are hot and cold. That shit aint cute at all. One minute your staring at me and close to me, and the next minute I speak to you and you ignore me. Like WTF Mane? Niggas are a trip. I dodn’t have time to entertain peoples games in 2012.

  2. Straight wolves tend to be the easiest one’s to get hooked on you. Its usually because they find us to be completely fascinating. They explore a different side of themselves whenever they’re around us because we don’t treat/judge them the way their counterparts do. The issue usually comes in when they begin to blow hot and cold. Fade in and fade out of your life at will because there is something going on in theirs. That’s usually when i completely lose interest and stop entertaining them. The old me would have spent a lot of mental energy trying to understand his illogical subsequently try and go back to the way things were. But now i recognize that we’re often a chemistry set to them. Something to entertain and try things with until they get bored of us.

  3. My question then Jamari is this- WHAT ARE THE INGREDIENTS FOR THIS FOX SPELL YOU SPOKE ABOUT??? I need pointers on how to get into a wolves head, without being manipulative ofcourse. Practical advice please. Love you x

  4. I can relate to this post… This is the story of my life…. almost Every guy that Ive been with never been with a guy until they met me, my bestfriend calls me a flipper lol… but it gets kind of annoying because they feel you should be submissive because thats what their use to dealing with women… its alot you have to teach a ‘straight’ wolf…especially if he’s new to this side of town…

      1. Yes Indeed, My last decided he wanted to try me like i was a bitch and hit me…. BIG MISTAKE, nigga almost got his life erased….

      2. He thought he owned me….. Its very difficult because some of them really think they can do the same to us like they do women….

  5. This might be your best advice post yet sir. It’s so true. I wish I had a friend who has the mental game that you do. My friends are always getting schooled by me or advising me to do some dumb $hit. I’m glad I found this site.

    1. Word to the wise:

      If you’re the smartest one in your crew, then you need to find another crew.

  6. Is that so? I’m a hard catch, so a fox is going to have to have a lot more than game and a spell to get me.

    S/N: Dude likes you, but may be hesitant to take the required steps for fear of rejection or exposure.

    1. ^but it shouldn’t even be game tho BBB!
      It should be displaying traits that show I am not like that mofo that sucked your dick and you kicked out your house last week (example lol).
      It should also be “I’m a good ass person and BBB better realize that. I’m not chasing him to see that. BOOM its on the table. he should go get a fork and a plate and dig in”.

      No Fox should be leading a Wolf to water.
      If he can’t realize that then BYE.

      1. Whew…I’m glad you through that lol in there. I thought you had heard. J/k.

        When we first meet people, and for some time after that, are we really displaying our authentic selves? Probably not. We want to offer what we feel that the other likes/wants. No, you are probably not like that guy, but what are you doing to show me that you are not? Why do you have to get into my head? That sounds like a control issue.

        Over time, I will realize where and how our relationship will go. I have that down pat. Like I said, I’m a good man, but I don’t have to tell anyone that. I prove it by being myself everyday. Why can’t he do the same?

        When we really know what it is that we want, we should go for it, and make sure the other person is aware that we do not expect any less.

        1. ^i’m showing you that I pretty much have your back.
          i don’t have to sugar coat or play games.
          i’m just me… take it or leave it.
          plus, i go about the friend route subconsciously.

          when i say “get in someone’s head“,
          i’m not saying it in a control way.
          i get into people’s head because they like being around me and they think about me well after i am gone.
          i have had that said to me on many occasions.
          i had a straight wolf say out loud that he likes the way i laugh at certain things.
          he didn’t realize he “slipped”.
          everyone at the table looked at him like he was crazy.
          luckily, i played it off for him so it didn’t look so “suspicious”.
          i get people comfortable.
          just my personality.

          and usually,
          those “he” are so wrapped up in the lifestyle,
          they get lost and turnt out.
          so, everything to them is a game and a challenge.
          everything is “showing cakes” and “how far can i go to turn someone out”.


          those same cakes are probably loose inside and turning someone out leads to continuous one night stands.
          so whats next?

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