The Choregrapher Who Cried “Molested!”

tumblr_l84zcoIgwj1qcmb64o1_500_largecan they let michael jackson rip?
i been ignoring this story,
but when wade robson took his accusations on the today show,
i had to go there…

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So, I Have Seduced Yet Another Straight Wolf Again…

I don’t think I have much luck with “pure in the lifestyle” Wolves.
I don’t really fit in with them like others.
This is why clubs and chat sites never work out for me.
I usually for no reason of my own meet some Straight Wolf and he gets obsessed with me.
He will find a way to avoid me, yet still try to come close.
He will throw signs and, of course I never catch them because I don’t want to believe this Wolf is attracted to me.

I got the strangest text tonight…

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Trey Songz Gave Out STDS?

According to this soon to be not hired for anything intern on planet Earth,
he was giving them out like candy to his ex.

And she stayed?
And he is alive?

I would have found a way to murder his ass and have a “get outta jail FREE” card…

Peep the messiness BELOW…

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