personality vs character

When i first met “insert dumb bitch here“,
i loved her personality
I thought she was absolutely amazing.
We related on the same things and it felt like she embraced me.
She felt like a someone i use to know
and THAT should have been my first clue.
As we became cool,
I started to notice something that gave me pause.
She would always talk about mutual friends behind their backs.
One of her friends was trying to start a career and she legit dogged them out.
In that same friend’s face tho,
She was all smiles and acting like she was in full support.
People never realize I peep the little “big” things about them.

I wasn’t surprised when i found out she was talking about me with the same people.

we can get confused with personality rather than character.
anyone can have a amazing personalities out here.
it’s how we introduce ourselves to people to make friends or gain networks.
it can lead to a ton of followers and even stardom but…

People with bomb personalities can have terrible characters.

i can honestly font you that i have a dope personality and a great character.
it’s why so many people latch on to me and stick with me for life.
it’s also why when i leave someone’s life,
especially other males,
they’ll come back with full apologies and gifts.
i have built my character after plenty of mistakes or how i was treated.
i give out what i expect in return.
if i say or font anything behind your back,
more than likely,
i will say or font it to your face as well.

I ain’t ever scared.

this is why i’m always right about other people too.
i see past personalities and look at characters.
don’t get me wrong,
i can love someone’s personality but in full realization their character.
i learned to be cordial with bad characters to keep the peace.
sometimes they’re our parents,
our bosses,
or those who can grant us access to the next level of our careers.
when i truly don’t fuck with someone,
you should ask my sister and others how cold i can get.

when i’m confronted with someone who is giving me pause,
there are questions i ask myself:

Are you dependable?
Can you keep a secret?
Do you constantly talk about your friends?

“Why are they always talking about someone so negatively?”
“Did you just shade me?” when I’ve been nothing but respectful?
How do they treat people they don’t need anymore?
How do they treat service workers?
Their parents?
Do they lie, cheat, and steal?

Why are they pro-“something” when it is convenient for clout?
Why do they always need let the world know they did a good deed?
Do they get context or they turn on people because of “what they hear”?
Are they going to stand with me or stand against me during conflict?
How do they treat someone they deem as “the leader” of the group?

Are they hiding behind religion to hide the truth of their character?
Are they always in drama and beef with someone?
Do they give someone that has done them well their props and flowers?
Do they look for handouts and free lunches all the time?
“Isn’t it weird they say they fuck with someone but won’t support their dreams”?

Why did this person “make it” but not pull anyone else up with them?
Why are they acting so funny when someone else gets the spotlight?

when i tell you i don’t trust someone,
you should listen.
a lot of people don’t fuck around with me because i can see right through them.

What does your character say about you?

lowkey: i’ve noticed people who suffer abuse fall victim to bad characters.
they are reliving a new life with a past personality that stems from trauma.

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  1. I definitely have asked the same questions of myself first and my friends’ in silent review.

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