I Have Been Accused of Being a Shady Asswipe…

I have the right to remain silent.
Anything shady could be used against me…

People are funny characters.
They will do so much BULLSHIT to you,
but when they are at judgement’s courtroom for their wrong doings,
they are completely flabbergasted by any accusations.

You find it amusing.
They find you to be a bitch.

But, I never got why this happens mostly within “friendships” and even business.
Why is it that when you think things are going well, that big “BUT” is somewhere around the corner.
I had to ask…

Why can’t we all get along?

I have been working my ass off in this industry.
I have been going to every event and networking my ass off.
People have been drawn to me and want to know what I do and how I do it.
I mean, why wouldn’t they?
I look good, dress great, and my personality is on ONE.
Not to brag but lemme toot my horn for a second on those negroes.

But, people who have been around me lately have been getting jealous.
In all honesty, they do not posses the qualities I do.
Even though they “brought me in“,
I have been making bigger waves and they clearly do not like that.
So now, as in any adult high school, I am surrounded by mean boys… who have now become girls,
and mean girls, who have now become simple bitches.

Thank GOD I have met people who rock with me and see my vision.
I’m sorry the loser table does not.

But I had to wonder if maybe I did something wrong along the way?
Could I have been a little more focused?
Did I come off too much like a “go getter”, that it came off differently?
And, should I talk it out and try to see where the other side is coming from?

That is the thing with life.
Jealousy sneaks up on people like a cold.
It could be lying dormant in someone’s system for weeks until it pops up and infects everyone around them.
But, what if you feel you weren’t wrong…and quite frankly….

Are they just being assholes?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “I Have Been Accused of Being a Shady Asswipe…”

  1. Yea they’re just assholes Jamari. Don’t let them slow down your game and get you off track. People get upset when they see that someone else is doing well and they’re not. I hate fake ass people.

  2. Take a genuine look at what you’re doing – maybe ask someone whose opinion you trust/value for their input. If you’ve done something wrong, apologize to anyone you feel you need to & make the change. But know that some people are petty, jealous, and vindictive & only happy when they’re on top…it’s that crab mentality. There’s enough space for us all to shine, really

  3. Now that’s out of the way:

    Who’s gonna let me tie them up like that gif? I’ll be gentle…at least at first 😉

  4. It’s human nature to be jealous of what someone has. For example at my job everybody was cool with me then I got a simple promotion and that’s when I saw claws come out. What someone’s else has looks way better than what you have so basically just tell people fuck you and you’ll be fine

  5. Fuck them, I am getting to where I can not stand GAY men to the point I might need to get some counseling. I am sick of these petty simple ass bitches. I had two run ins in the last week with two gay dudes I didnt know over some petty bullshit, its like why do these bitches always try to come for you, when you didnt send for their ass. No one is ever happy for anybody in this lifestyle, just a bunch of haters. Most str8 dudes act like a bunch of bitches as well, I guess its just so many men growing up with females that they take on their bitchy ways. A real man is never jealous of another and will try to uplift you. I have had my share of dissapointments but I am always positive to those who are around me and always offering support. Keep on being you and if you have a good friend or two who you trust and tell you when your shit stink, you are ahead of the game, fuck the haters stop letting them hold you back.

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