so we still gonna be on “lock down” lock down for a while (copy)

am i the only one who is “whatever” on being in the crib because of lock down now?
cuumo just extended NY PAUSE,
which means everyone will be on lock down until may 15th.
i feel it will be longer.
of course,
it came with a ton of bitchin’ and moanin’

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they always change their tunes when they’re humbled, huh?

so aunt wendy is going full speed ahead with her divorce.
she has dropped “that ex husband of hers” and moving forward.
she had this to say on her show today:

but there was a part that kinda bugged me out

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Donald Trump: The Humbled Hyena?

why so glum,
are we now seeing it’s not what it’s cracked up to be?
that’s usually the reaction of those who wanted something,
but when they got it,
realized it really wasn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.
that is donald trump at this moment.
he had a recent interview about his first 99 days and this was his feelings…
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Getting Shitted On Can Be A Good Thing

when shit happens in your life,
you can go through a metamorphosis of sorts.
i have been feeling like that foxhole.
after being laid off,
and seeing who my real “friends” are,
i have been getting a new coat of thicker fur.
i mean,
i’ve been through this before,
but it’s tougher this era.
i’m out of “everything sucks” and in “taking myself to the next level” mode.
the fear i use to have isn’t like how it was years ago.
i’m giving myself a much deserved mental break after everything i been through.
one where i’m learning to just relax and not live in “panic” mode.

i was in the shower earlier and something came to me.
there are a couple reasons why things go to shit in our lives.

1) so you can be humbled tremendously
2) so you can do what your calling really is

there is also a third one that i’ll address down below…
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Azealia Banks May Need You To Pray For Her


so you know after the smoke clears,
after all your destruction of the bridges you burned,
you are simply left with just you.
it’s a hard pill to swallow when the forests ain’t fuckin with you no more.
well azealia banks,
who has been pretty much banished,
is feeling the repercussions of her past decisions.
she got on her facebook and fonted this..
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