they always change their tunes when they’re humbled, huh?

so aunt wendy is going full speed ahead with her divorce.
she has dropped “that ex husband of hers” and moving forward.
she had this to say on her show today:

but there was a part that kinda bugged me out

everybody has things in their life
that there are embarrassed to share with the world.
or their frightened to share with the world.
or their not ready to share with the world…”

that’s funny coming from her.
i hope she has purged out her past sins.
she used to pull males out the closet like it was nothing.
i’m sure they were frightened or not ready to share with the world.
she even exposed method man’s wife and her cancer,
something they were keeping out of the spotlight.
him and his wife’s family didn’t even know about it yet.

usually when folks have demonic ways,
they often get severely humbled.
it was so funny seeing aunt wendy keep her issues a secret.
The Universe was not with the shits. 

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “they always change their tunes when they’re humbled, huh?”

  1. Finally, she dish out her own business. Funny now she gonna try to back paddle her way. Im glad this happened to her and she needs to respect other peeps.

  2. Wendy is definitely getting her comeuppance. She use to talk massive amounts of shit about people when they were at their lowest. I will never forget how she dragged Fantasia when she was going through that drama with that man who had a secret wife. I don’t care who you are, karma will always deliver and sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad.

  3. She still didn’t say anything about the most explosive rumor now being reported, that a young male singer, Aveon Falstar, is claiming he slept with Kevin/Kelvin and was his “boytoy.” I’m not going to disrespect Jamari Fox’s website by posting a link, but if you Google it the video interview with him turns up on YouTube. I don’t know how credible this person is, but even if it’s just some made up mess it really is like karma coming back to kick Wendy in the ****, given her past ish.

    1. I heard about that. Kelvin is sketchy af but Tasha is such a thirsty blogger who will use any left-field rumour to get attention. The fact that she is the source of this interview has me questioning it all.

      Also these queens are so messy. They have no problem messing with these public figures who are in relationships with women (or publicly known as heterosexual) and then will randomly air them out for their own convenience. It reminds me of that messy Masin guy who exposed Dwight York. Like stfu and suck dick in peace

  4. Y’all really think Wendy is gonna stop exposing ppl given that she’s made millions from it?? 😂😂Why would she do that?? The only way she’ll stop is if ppl stop listening to her and it starts significantly affecting her bank balance on a more permanent level. If the cheques keep coming, the tea will keep flowing.

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