one hyena down in the case of muhlaysia booker

i thought it was the most horrifying thing i’ve ever seen.
the brutal attack of trans vixen,
muhlaysia booker,
in dallas, texas:

i mean,
did it need to go to that level?
it was a ton of hyenas on one.
i think jumping folks is such a bitch move.
i’m so glad those vixens helped her.
i needed a minute before i posted this story.
it seriously disturbed me.
i’ve seen some things,
but what in the entire fuck?????
they caught one of the assholes involved…

Police in Dallas have arrested a 29-year-old man in connection with the brutal beating of a transgender woman following a traffic accident that was caught on video.

Edward Thomas was taken into custody at 9.30pm on Sunday over the attack on 23-year-old Muhlaysia Booker on Friday, and booked into the county jail on a charge of aggravated assault causing a serious bodily injury. Family members told station WFAA that Booker suffered facial fractures and injured her right arm in the attack. 

Police did not say whether anyone else would be arrested over the beating, which happened in broad daylight in front of a crowd of people, but said the case is being investigated as a hate crime.

they need to arrest EVERYONE in that video involved,
including whoever was filming.
even though it helped,
i dont even care.
that looked like a legit horror movie.
i hope she has a speedy recovery.
i’d even go as far as to say sue TF outta everyone.
no checking or savings account should be left unturned.

lowkey: i’ve seen folks take down about 5 people,
but that poor trans vixen had no chance.
she was literally out numbered.

article cc: the daily mail

10 thoughts on “one hyena down in the case of muhlaysia booker

  1. I refuse to watch the video right now because I don’t want that toxic poison to dictate my day. But even reading the entry hurts my soul and stirs the anger within. I want to see how the community and news media will react.

    – will Don Lemon and CNN highlight this story?
    – will white gay spaces like Queerty and Towerload font on this?
    – will the trans victim get a $100k gofundme towards her injuries?

    ^^^ Doubtful 🙄

  2. It’s sad that in 2019 this has to go on but here’s the gag…these are the same type of people that get shot and discriminated against. These are the rap listening ghetto street ain’t with that gay shit.

    This why you don’t fuk with that many straight dudes, they are just as dirty and two faced as any females. Stop messing with them. Dick ain’t worth death.

    The same folks that praise people who are known homophobes are equally rude and wrong. We not gonna name names but we all know how the heterosexual thug is praised and yet when one of the founders of Black Lives Matter was said to be gay…they had a fit and wasn’t about to follow no fag.

    The transgenders need to start teaming up and beating tf outta straight dudes, heels and all. Give them a taste of what it feels like to be a woman and hit like a man. They can’t even fight one on one…Pussy niggas +100

    And it’s always these troll faced Shrek looking heterobot niggas that wanna be violent and raise hell against gays and transgenders. They be thinking you want they tree stump faced asses cause you gay and it be the total opposite.

  3. Thats why I only congregate in spaces with no more than 5 niggas. Heterosexual black men are evil, & out of all those niggas there I promise you at least 2 has had some sort of dealings with her!

      1. They’re the most homophobic, ignorant, & hateful when it comes to LGBTQ people. Nobody had to hurt me for me to make that observation sis!

  4. “no checking or savings account should be left unturned”

    Shiiiiiiit, I know that’s right!

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