Azealia Banks May Need You To Pray For Her


so you know after the smoke clears,
after all your destruction of the bridges you burned,
you are simply left with just you.
it’s a hard pill to swallow when the forests ain’t fuckin with you no more.
well azealia banks,
who has been pretty much banished,
is feeling the repercussions of her past decisions.
she got on her facebook and fonted this..


she deleted this one right after she posted it:

i don’t particularly feel sorry for her.
i felt sorry for britney spears during her scandals.

azealia banks caused her own destruction.

Proverbs 18:21 

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.

…or fingers,
in her case.
she lashed out at so many for no reason as all.
she came off as a bully.
once a social media company banishes you as a celebrity,
then you know you really fucked up.
she needed to be humbled.
i would say reach out an apologize but…

Would she do this shit again?

something tells me she is getting her national negro wake up call.
well in all her wallowing,
she still seems somewhat optimistic.
she feels this current “mercury retrograde” could be the reason.
she is quoted as fonting on her facebook:



i pray she gets her life together and realizes the enormous blessing she is/has passing(ed) up.
someone is always waiting to snatch that seat once we show our tails.

status messages taken: facebook

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Azealia Banks May Need You To Pray For Her”

  1. I’ve been saying for the longest that Azealia needs professional help. If you really listen to her lyrics and interviews, she talks a lot about all that she’s experienced. Her experiences with black men, white men, her mother…

    I feel for her more than anything.

  2. Yeah I think she needed that humbling too. You know what they say about karma. Even Britney’s was a karmic revenge imo from what she did with kevin federline. I mean it’s true that like dee said she has real mental issues that she was dealing with but I think the karma came in how public it was.

  3. It’s not hard to see the difference between those two for me. Britney has real mental issues, she got into the industry young. Azealia is pulling a Chris Brown: trying to downplay what they did and making it seem like they’re the victim. They don’t seem remorseful and apologetic

  4. When she came out with that first ep years ago she was a breath of fresh air. The female rap game at that point and now was just Nicki it was nice to have a female rapper who had good music and was so much on the rise she was on the edge of being well known. Instead of just being creative in her music she decided to go on social media and just run her mouth with every thought they came to her. You can’t do that when you are a up and comer The only reason why Kanye West gets away with all of the crazy stuff that he does it because he’s a musical genius he didn’t start off with all these crazy tirades.

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