so we still gonna be on “lock down” lock down for a while (copy)

am i the only one who is “whatever” on being in the crib because of lock down now?
cuumo just extended NY PAUSE,
which means everyone will be on lock down until may 15th.
i feel it will be longer.
of course,
it came with a ton of bitchin’ and moanin’

…but i’d rather them figure this shit out before we go back outside.
folk are dying out here because of this.
so much many of us should be thankful and grateful for instead of complaining.

it seems our government doesn’t know wtf to do anymore.
they spend so much time arguing than getting a solid plan in place.
we don’t have masks and gloves out here!
essential workers are dying because we don’t have supplies.


my family member recovered,
thank God,
but one of my co-worker’s mother’s is in the hospital fighting for her life.
this shit is no joke.
you can have no symptoms,
infect someone else,
and they end up perishing.
don’t even get me started on the massive layoffs and budget cuts.
my co-workers at my old job had to take a pay cut,
but many others others got laid off.
even if you could go out,
jobs are about to restructure or end all together.

Life as you know before March is over

i’m tryna figure out how they gonna do trains in ny?
festivals and concerts?
eating at restaurants?

i ended up purchasing some items to make my dining room table feel like an office.
if ima be stuck in the crib,
ima make sure i’m comfortable and productive.

at this point,
the complaining is falling on deaf ears and fonts.
it’s time to figure out “what’s next?” because shit is looking shifty.
make sure you’re good so you can come out of this flawless.

low-key: this shit has humbled so many of us.

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “so we still gonna be on “lock down” lock down for a while (copy)”

  1. I’m wondering will ppl be screened for temp check every where you go? China is resuming life like this making me think whats to come for us. Hell you got a point about public trans where seating may be limited. Madness and Kaos.

    1. ^that means we gotta wake up extra early for work.
      how is the mta even gonna practice social distancing in crowded ass ny.
      whats gonna happen in TS?
      how are they gonna social distance in a popular tourist attraction?

      i have so many questions.

  2. In Chicago, the CTA bus drivers were asking to shut the system down. After a few of them died from the virus, instead of shutting it down, they stop taking fares on buses and let riders on for free but they must exit and get on the bus from the rear. Some people felt like it was racist taking them back to the segregation era. When they saw it was city wide that stopped and it seems like more and more people are using it. The thing is, now its less people on the trains. Rush hour is no more. Trains are running empty even during rush periods. There are signs to let people know to sit every other seat. They are using the buses instead of the trains. The trains have become ghost trains. Whats crazy about this is, when Trump got in Office he made cabinet positions that don’t even make sense. He has yet to make positions to get this virus handled and in control. Instead of making a position like a Country Wide FEMA sort of position, this dude hires Vince McMahon to restart the economy instead of finding a virus. What kind of shit is that? You hire a man who is putting his own employees at risk to get the rest of us fucked up. Vince can’t even get the XFL working right both times. The XFL just filed for bankruptcy and shut down again. Vince don’t know shit about running a company. He won’t let his daughter run WWE. Why should he be in charge of a country.

  3. The naturalist/spiritualist side of me says that this is pretty much nature’s way of population control and refreshing order. With less people running about things have been less polluted and it’s been quiet. Wildlife is thriving, air is refreshing…etc.

    However, conspiracy me thinks this was a setup from the entire begining. They have a full wide quarantine but people are still out and about here. They keep talking about flattening the curve or whatever but I doubt locking folks up like prisoners is that helpful. I still go outside and refuse to be stuck in the house out of the sun and fresh air instead of being contained inside a house like some science project waiting to happen.

    I also am suspicious of that bill they past, I know it’s something up in that 300+ page bill that’s gonna come back and bite Americans in the ass later. I don’t feel like reading through it though.

    Some folks are saying to buy up all the necessities you need with the government money since we don’t know how long this will last…I did happen to get some of the money but I refuse to spend it. I already have my own money to manage or whatever but I got a thought to not spend the little bit of the stimulus I did receive just yet…just to see how things play out first…. Just in case something comes up. I could be on edge for no reason but time will tell.

    Also, I’ve been hearing of people going to restaurants or carryout to pick up food and are not tipping the workers. People really are inconsiderate. Imagine someone busting their ass all day to bring you food and you can’t even tip them a $10 for their service. It’s insane.

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