Lil Tay Gonna Need More Money For Her Rent

i know her mother must be vex af.
so remember ( x that lil demon ) i posted about before?
her name is lil tay and she was doing entirely too much at 9.
well all that flexing on the gram led to her mama getting fired.
a foxholer sent me this news reporter and well…

all this time i thought her parents were loaded.
i figured they were so rich,
they forgot they had a whole ass demon running amuck.
since lil tay has more money than our rent,
i bet she’ll be back on her feet in no time!
i’m not sticking around to find out,
but let’s hope it creates more mess for us to laugh at.

lowkey: …and where is this cub’s parents?

crying over lil vicky.
that’s like crying over ( x a reality star ).

Author: jamari fox

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