This Is America: Where Black Folks Can’t Have Their Own

this is ^how i looked at the following.
i had the biggest screw face at work.
i knew i’d have time after work.
so i guess some folks felt excluded after donald glover’s video,
“this is america”.
nicole arbour,
a attentionista random,
wanted to try her hand at copying the video.
she calls it “this is america: women’s edit”.

i could only get to 1 minute of that nonsense.
her face and corniness turned me completely off.
you know she didn’t have high hopes because the comments are off.
this person completely missed the point of donald’s video.
i’m sure some lost black racoon is gonna cape for her,
but the orginial video shouldn’t be touched or mimicked.
she was absolutely disrespectful for doing it.
let donald have his moment for “us”.
it really shows that black folks can’t have a damn thing.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “This Is America: Where Black Folks Can’t Have Their Own”

  1. She needs a good dragging. She’s mocking our culture and even refers to the I have a dream speech… did you catch hoe she used the black single mother with the baby at the beginning and after that there isn’t one black person in it its as if she is saying..her America black people don’t exist

  2. I couldn’t sit thru the original video or this crap. Donald’s music isn’t that good in my opinion.

    1. Your not by yourself and many others agree. J, stay capping for fake woke people. I sometimes, wonder if he is really BLACK.

  3. Jesus christ, as cringey as this video is, your comment is honestly just as messed up.

    All these people reading so deeply into Glover’s work need to tone down their mystery gang sleuthing for this video.

    Clearly, this video was based on gender, not color. The black mother was merely supporting the same feminist message she is trying to convey.

    She even has ANOTHER woman of color in the video, straight up in a traditional dress. I got to say as a black man, stop staging imaginary incidents. Save all of that for when real shit goes down, otherwise we’re just trivializing the movement.

    I’m not attacking you bud, i’m just saying, man. Save your ammo. Please.

    That said, this video is real, real trash. Props to her for publishing regardless.

  4. I’m in the middle on this one…I mean she was corny af granted lol however, there was some truth in what she was saying and what she displayed. Also what’s wrong with addressing both conversations? Especially when they’re hot topics in today’s social climate both racism and sexism exist in America and it has for many of decades. We’re not gonna pretend that it doesn’t. I think we can shed light and bring awareness to both causes. But that’s just my two cents. Feel free to agree to disagree.

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