The Snow Bunny Who Hopped Away

this can show the foxhole just how fake others can be.
so i send this snow bunny that i worked at the last job a dm.
she actually started with me in my orientation.
she was cool enough to exchange socials that same day too.
every time she when she walked by when i was there,
she would always greet me with love.
i decided to send her an update a few days ago.

“hey _______!
i wanted to update you that i wasn’t with the company anymore.
blah blah blah…”

you know,
a nice update/great working with you type of situation.
she responded a couple days later:

“hey jamari!
omg i was wondering where you were!
i am sorry that happened to you,
but you have such an amazing personality.
i know you will bounce back to something even better!
thank you for the update!”

well guess what she did today?…

un-followed the fox.

i don’t feel bad tho,
but it’s a warning to:

a) don’t add your co workers to your social media
b) it can be all temporary love with some

it seems God is on a cleanse of my life these days.
something amazing is about to happen.
i can feel it.

lowkey: i hope these fakes never come up to me in public.
my “ignore your entire existence” button is always on.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “The Snow Bunny Who Hopped Away”

  1. Since you were brought in by the boss, she probably wanted to get on your get side. And if we’re gonna use animal analogies, she was more like a hawk, watching you. That goes for anyone. Male or female. Everything is strategic. Oh, she went out of her way to be in your face. Well, some people like to play with their food before they eat it.

    You better stop thinking of these white women as harmless little rabbits lol. You call yourself a fox. Then be that fox.

    All love.

  2. God is cleaning your house making room for new people, things and love, I stopped trusting gay white men and women after o j simpson , really saw how they are more alike than I or we ever thought, I trust me, myself and I. God has cleaned my house 6 years ago and now I really know not to waste my time on fake people no matter their color, fake people everywhere, stand and know he is God let him fight all your battles and keep fake people out you den(wink) love to you and the foxhole.

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