The Snow Bunny Who Hopped Away

this can show the foxhole just how fake others can be.
so i send this snow bunny that i worked at the last job a dm.
she actually started with me in my orientation.
she was cool enough to exchange socials that same day too.
every time she when she walked by when i was there,
she would always greet me with love.
i decided to send her an update a few days ago.

“hey _______!
i wanted to update you that i wasn’t with the company anymore.
blah blah blah…”

you know,
a nice update/great working with you type of situation.
she responded a couple days later:

“hey jamari!
omg i was wondering where you were!
i am sorry that happened to you,
but you have such an amazing personality.
i know you will bounce back to something even better!
thank you for the update!”

well guess what she did today?…
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