The Gay Jottings of A Suicidal Aaron Hernandez?

this aaron hernandez suicide story…
it went from “wow” to “um…” with this update.
so officials claim they found 3 hand written notes in his cell.
i swore i read,
and please correct me,
that found nothing the first time.
well he wrote one to his fiance,
his daughter,
and his gay in-house lover.
you read right.
this is what a vix-bi sent me from the ny daily news

One of the three handwritten notes Aaron Hernandez left behind after hanging himself in his single cell was reportedly for his gay prison lover.

Although the existence of the notes was made public by prison officials Thursday, the Daily Mail is citing a “source close to the investigation” that one note was penned to a gay lover at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, Mass.

The other two notes, according to the report, were written by the former Patriots tight end to fiancee Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez and their 4-year-old daughter Avielle.

The notes were found next to a Bible opened to John 3:16. It was the same Bible verse that the convicted murderer had written on his forehead with a red marker, per Boston’s Fox25.

Hernandez’s gay lover is not identified in the Daily Mail exclusive, but he is reportedly on “eyeball to eyeball” suicide watch.

Citing a “well-placed” source, the Daily Mail also reports that Hernandez had covered the floor of his cell in soap in case he lost his nerve when trying to hang himself. He reportedly also gave away most of his personal belongings leading up to his Wednesday suicide.

Hernandez’s lawyer, Ronald Sullivan, told the Boston Globe that the convicted killer had a telephone conversation with Jenkins-Hernandez about seven hours before his body was found. The Daily Mail’s report suggests his gay lover was then the last person he spoke to before taking his own life.

am i the only one giving this story a major side eye now?
how does he have a “gay lover” when he was allegedly ostracized from the general public?
i mean he had to get screw some kind of hole in jail too.
either a co or another inmate.
you think a killer jackal,
in jail for life,
ain’t gonna have in house tail?
there are wolves in jails who fuckin inmates for less time.
how it’s reading,
it all seems now like a cover up for something else.
this is what the vix-bi said to me:

“On blogs, people are saying the Aaron story is ruining his rep. So they’re saying that he may have had sex with a man is more damaging to his image than killing a man? How do you ruin the name of a convicted killer? SMH”

i’m more shocked some have all this sympathy.
all these “rip” have me thinking it’s because he was “cute and light skin”.

maybe i watched too many:

“oh you killed my manz?
we gonna get you soon.”

…hood tv show/movies.
either way,
aaron was a convicted killer jackal and was in jail for alleged crimes.
from how it looked,
he was going to spend his alleged life in there.
he either did this because reality set it or…
i watched too many hood justice tv/movies.

article written: ny daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

37 thoughts on “The Gay Jottings of A Suicidal Aaron Hernandez?”

  1. Whats it rumored that the reason he killed his friend was bc the friend found out that he was gay. And was gonna confront him on it?

      1. That was supposedly the reason. He felt he couldn’t trust him any longer, especially after seeing him talking to people he (Aaron) considered “enemies”. How fuckin’ petty.

  2. Another wrinkle.His lawyer is trying to get his conviction vacated because he died before he could appeal.If the conviction is vacated his attorney says Patriots owe him(his estate) $6M dollars because they didn’t have to pay because of his conviction.

    Did he kill himself before his appeal to get that money for his daughter? You know these convicts have all day to research legal cases some of them become legal experts.
    TMZ has video of the attorney talking about what the Patroits owe him from his contract.

    1. ^he allegedly sacrificed his life for his daughter?
      that would be an interesting twist.
      it would be noble too.
      he paid for his wrong doings with his life for his cub.

      1. Apparently the Patriots are saying that he had $5 million due to him, but that matter was arbitrated back in 2014. He violated his contract and the player’s union contract. Aaron’s lawyers will try to argue it, but I don’t think his family will get anything other than his pension payments, which the daughter is entitled to since he never married the baby mama, she just took his name.

    2. Not only that, but it also affects any civil suits the victims’ families have our will file b/c typically civil suits will use a criminal conviction as evidence per second to bolster their civil claim, but in the event a conviction is vacated it doesn’t bode well for the families; they may neva see any of this inevitable contractual pay….yet anotha way he’s screwed them again even in death….

  3. Yeah, I got into some serious IG arguments the other day when people were giving him props for killing himself so that his daughter ges whatever money is owed to him. This is what a man does for his child. GTFOH with that BS. He didn’t think about the child while he was killing someone that was SUPPOSED to be his homeboy, and she was pregnant when it all went down. I think she had just recently had the baby when they arrested him on TV. Was he thinking about his child then? Hell naw!

    People get their allegiances screwed up when it comes to celebs. This man killed someone. It was proven in court. So instead of facing his punishment, like the thug he wanted to portray, he took the cowards way out. I don’t have sympathy for him or anyone like him. I lost a cousin and a nephew to fake ass thugs trying to prove that they’re men by cowardly shooting them. So no, sympathy from me.

    He wasn’t thinking of his family…dude was thinking of himself. He thought his celebrity status would get him off if and when he was caught. That didn’t happen and reality set in. All of those “friends” he had disappeared on his ass. I think the only one that stood by him is the kat from the Dolphins, who went to college with him. Everyone else dumped his ass, burned his jerseys, etc. He kills himself and everyone gets all sad. Please.

    That being said, I don’t believe he wrote a letter to his gay lover. I think he wrote a letter to someone, and it may have been misconstrued. Unless he literally spelled out what was done for/to him in said letter. I’m sure he had the local gay guy in the unit/tier giving him head and ass here and there, like I’m sure many of the other kats in there were getting as well, but I don’t believe he left proof of that!

    1. @Christian,I think it’s interesting that you said, “I am sure he had the local gay guy in the unit giving him head and ass..”.Isn’t it possible that Aaron was giving some guy head and ass on the unit? I always find it fascinating how people(gay and straight,male and female) assume a guy is a fox,hybrid or wolf based on looks,occupation,etc.

      I don’t know anything about Aaron, this whole story is probably BS.But I am curious why people rarely think a guy that looks like Aaron is a “Power Bottom”?😂

      1. And also from watching prison documentaries where weaker guys are usually pimped out to others. And I saw Aaron’s celeb status as giving him “leverage” rather than being punked/pimped out as someone else without that “stature” that he had, probably would be. He was tested as I read, but he stood his ground. Ended up in solitary a couple of times behind it too.

      2. @Christian I know what you meant I watch Lockup on MSNBC all the time.I know what happens to the small,feminine guys or gay guys in prison.BOTTOM of the totem pole.

        I was sort of joking about him. But in general, people don’t think a big football player is a Hungry Bottom.

    2. Amen to that! The first person I felt sorry for was his daughter. They were blowing kisses at each other in the courtroom. Even though he was a murder, this child will never see her father again. Suicide is tragic, but sometimes it can be equally selfish.

  4. Yeah something about this isn’t adding up. now All of a sudden you find a letter to his gay lover ( which why did any of us need to know that). If you’re not going to release the grand detailsof the other two letters why do it for this one.

    1. And I also read that two letters were addressed to his fiance and one to his daughter. Now it’s revealed that one was to his lover? I don’t buy this story at all. BUT any minute now, an inmate is gonna come forward with the “exclusive” story…or claim to be said “lover”. LOL

    1. I mean damn, he allegedly left dude some money! Hush money, maybe? Or maybe he genuinely loved dude, especially if they were at it since high school…if that’s to be believed.
      But he left him money nonetheless!

  5. Wow, this is gettin really cray, been busy all day n jus now seein these crazy updates….also Jamari re: his being in gen pop vs segregation, I found the excerpt below from an AOL post….I’m jus tryina understand how he ended up in general pop if he was sent to seg…and does seg the same thing as isolation?…meaning he still may have had limited contact with a smaller crowd of people away from gen pop……basically to me, none of this sounds fishy now that all these missing pieces are being revealed…it’s a culmination of a lot of fuckery and crazed paranoia…

    Hernandez was disciplined for his involvement in a fight at the same maximum-security facility, the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center, in May 2015, CNN reported. Hernandez served as a lookout for another prisoner, who had gone into another cell where the two inmates fought.

    Later that year, Hernandez was found with a shank-like weapon, according to multiple published reports. Hernandez, who had been in general population area of the facility, was placed in the segregated unit of the prison as a result.

    Hernandez was back in general population when he was found in his cell, the door blocked with various items to impede prison personnel’s entry.

    1. When you’re in segregation, you are generally locked in your cell for 23 hours a day, with one hour for “recreation” IF you are even given that. That depends on your infraction though.
      The guys usually shout to one another from behind their cell doors in seg, and they have creative ways of getting information to one another. Once you’ve completed your time in seg, you are put back into general population, to “mingle with the commoners” as Scar said in the Lion King. Until you fuck up again. LOL
      Watch episodes of Lock Up on MSNBC if you get a chance. You’ll see! They are creative mofos!

  6. Does anyone out there not see the fuckedupness of this right here?…so if you’re committing a crime and need the assistance of your str8 friends, don’t let em know you’re gay I guess…*sigh*…the backward/warped morality of some people…

    Wallace was also recorded saying during a jailhouse visit with Tanya Singleton, Hernandez’s cousin, that he would not have helped Hernandez get rid of the murder weapon—a crime for which he is now serving a 4½-to-7 year sentence on accessory to murder charges—if he had known Hernandez was a “limp wrist,” multiple sources say.

    1. Apparently the “lover” testified in front of a grand jury, according to the Newsweek article. But that was kept quit.
      Like JB said…what kinda fuckedupness is this?!! LOL

  7. I call bs on this Hernandez story. A man who was extremely afraid of being identified as gay is leaving notes for his gay lover, yeah right. Not buying it.

  8. About 75% of the comments on blogs like Baller Alert ,The Shade Room ,Hollywood Unlocked,have been pro Aaron.Accusing the media of defaming him.Watch the comments do a 180 once they report the Newsweek story .

    1. @ Y Colette

      I’ve been monitoring the social media reactions as well and you’re right. Most black folks are saying this is “Fake News” lol.. Yet if this was a BLACK athlete who’s sexuality was in question the same neck poppin Black women would be on social media saying “Gurl, I knew he was a DL dick suckah.”

      Remember how quick everyone wanted to link former NFLer Ray Lewis’s murder trial to possible gay shenanigans at that night club? At the time he was the Black phenotype of a DL gay man and women were being told they were the ones to fear.

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