That Time The Snow Bunny Had A Meltdown

nothing is a better time than a snow bunny melt down.
you haven’t lived until you see one in person.
it’s when they can’t hold in the passive aggression any longer.
well the following is a snow bunny melt down in a coffee shop.
it doesn’t go the way you’d think tho…

i needed this laugh.
that one older sista vixen’s face in the line had me cracking up.

“what is this white nonsense?”

we can’t knock that snow bunny for showing support.
do i feel it was the right moment to do it?
probably not.
i wonder if she showed this much gusto at a blm march?

lowkey: the barista looked so embarrassed.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “That Time The Snow Bunny Had A Meltdown”

  1. Hhhmmm, idk, I question the authenticity of her crazy…to me, this all stinks of a plant from the extreme right (aka deplorables) and this was all an act to make progressives all appear to be off the rocker and out of touch with the mainstream/traditional values, etc – jus like how they salivated at the opportunity to pounce all over Madonna when she made those asinine comments a few weekends ago. They knew this kinda footage would undoubtedly infect social media and find its way on some deplorable’s screen so they can all nod and be like, “yep…typical”…

    Both sides have have done it, but one of them is clearly the worse the two evils and takes it to a despicable extreme.

  2. When I tell you I have no more left, I have laid down at my computer I am screaming so hard. Baby these snow people are going to catch hell trying to feed and take care of themselves when that Orange Monkey pulls the rug out from under them, followed by all the people of color who are colorblind and try to live a life of snow thinking everything is fair and equal, but if you had to leave the big city and head down south in summertime like I did growing up you will be able to survive, thanking Big Mamma for all the lessons learned on how to survive in this hateful ass snow world. I wonder what are they gone do when they feel the real sting of being treated like a minority in these good ole USA streets. A day of reckoning is upon us. Lawd this was hilarious.

  3. it’s like she caught the holy ghost, but what she is preaching is so true and she reacted at the right moment. Weird how every one just stand like mannequins. Im sure she will be a viral hit but whats with all the incidents at the Starbucks tho.

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