A Pre-Baller Wolf Unlocks His Closet Door and Strolls Right On Out

even during a day off,
the f-bi still keeps me updated.
thank you fellas.
everyone meet kevin grayson:

former college pre baller wolf.
won awards.
got the recognition.
played ball in italy where he was the mvp.
nearly got drafted,
but he tore a ligament in his knee.
so what’s the big deal you ask?
well kevin recently followed the “jason collins new life” plan…

Kevin Grayson has won championships at every level of competition–high school, college and professionally–and he has carried a secret each step of the way.

He is one of the most decorated football players Central Virginia has ever seen, and he happens to be gay.

“People didn’t believe it because I was an athlete,” Grayson said in an exclusive interview with CBS 6.

“They’re like ‘Kevin plays football, he plays basketball  he runs track–no way you know?’”

“Those are the types of things where if I could go back and say; ‘Why can’t I be an athlete? Why can’t I be a star player? Why can’t I be the guy making plays that helps my team win, and still on the flip side, be a gay male?’”

Grayson was named all district and all-region while playing both offense and defense at L.C. Bird High School in Chesterfield.

In college he helped the University of Richmond Spiders win the Football Championship Subdivision national title in 2008, and while playing professionally  in Italy last year he was named MVP of his league’s super bowl.

But his sexuality remained hidden from many of his coaches and all but a handful of trusted teammates, largely because of the culture that exists in America’s favorite sport

Grayson has “no doubt” there are gay players in the NFL currently, and admits to knowing some active players himself. But, he explained that “it’s one of those things where you meet someone and you find out about something it’s a ‘you take it to the grave’ type thing.”

The locker room is considered a sanctuary in sports, where just about everything concerning a team is dealt with and never carried beyond the doors. Because of that, coaches and players tend to act and talk differently than they would in public or mixed company. Grayson has heard multiple slurs and homophobic insults from coaches and teammates, none of whom realized they had a gay player in their midst.

“[Sometimes] it’s  just watching film” Grayson said.

“You know, it’s like ‘Stop being a princess, stop being a faggot,’ uou know– ‘Homo!’”

“While you’re in the football aspect of it, no one is really thinking about it. Hyper-masculine sport. You have coaches that are, I guess, just naive to the fact that they could have a gay player in their meeting,” said Grayson. ”A couple of times I laughed at it. I thought it was funny to think about whether or not if I told this coach, what would they say?”

But it never really crossed Grayson’s mind to come out before now. Not because he was embarrassed, but because his focus was on school and football and any distraction would have put a spotlight on the entire team, one that Grayson wasn’t willing to shine.

“You don’t want to be the focus in that way,” Grayson explained.  “Not to say that it’s a negative, but when you have people just asking questions about your sexuality and how teammates are taking it, it takes away from the importance of the preseason.”

“If you are an athlete, you want to be an athlete,” he said. “You want to be known for what you’ve done on the basketball court, football field, tennis court, whatever. You don’t want to be that person who it’s always ‘the “gay” athlete.’”


he is kinda cute too.

doesn’t he remind anyone of:

tumblr_mg8exnRloL1rqys6mo1_500without all of this:

tumblr_mcmp1z8Hwf1rv2d3uo1_500 tumblr_mbrbc7d0qH1qliludo1_500?

well i remember years back on this site,
people said they were no baller wolves who were gay.
they would be all white.
i was just living in dreams and fairy tales.
with all these recent scandals and coming outings,
2013 is where many of those same faces are hitting the floor, huh?

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  1. I get so tried of coming out the closest, they were never in, they respect for themselves, when I lived in the dorm, they were something else, if. you were loud hang it up, the didn’t, bother with the flames. Football and Basketball players

  2. Clearly, our white counterparts have long been able to be who they are without the scrunity that African Americans face within our community. I can recall a conversation with a white friend of mine when at that time I had not “came out” to my family and he couldn’t comprehend how I could “hide” who I am to my family since family, your blood is thicker than water. I will never forget his facial expression; that was so foreign to him.

    1. BINGO you hit the nail on the head, no need to buy a vowel to solve the puzzle…..

  3. I heard on last year that this year being it was the number 13 was going to reveal many things, at the time I didnt put too much stock into this, but I guess the Numerologist were on to something. I guess its written in the stars that old secrets will spring forth because this is unprecedented, the religious kooks are upset but Black men are going to put a whole new spin on what Gay looks like and maybe even ease just a little of the homophobia in our community. I know Im dreaming, but I hope all black gay men will support these brothers.

  4. Good for him, they are all coming out. I guess the four NFL players are coming out for sure. Everyone is opening the door. I know who’s not coming out tho. That would be me lol.

    Damn Fitzgerald got a dump truck. I immediately got hard looking at that last pic lol

    S/N: I just read Hillary Clinton is going to reveal that she likes kitty kat in a tell it all book. LOL HA!

  5. I think it’s wonderful; I overhear colleagues saying hell they need to stay in the closet, we don’t need to know who they are fucking! Should they stay in the closet?

  6. Isn’t it interesting that this guy,Kwame Harris,Wade Davis,John Amechi,Jason Collins, all the Gay pro ballers are Black

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