party_emojii felt vip today.
like i felt like “sparkly fox”.
i always want to feel like this.
i mean i can,
but i need to get out of my own head.
its the little things like this that make me happy

so i was walking over to the copier when i saw one of the vps.
not just any vp tho.
it was one from one of the top fashion magazines in the country.
we met when we had to work together.
i wanted to show her i was great at my job,
because at the time,
i was bumpin’ heads heavy with my boss and liar liar.
well i did so good and was on my shit that she has never forgotten it.
every time she sees me,
she introduces me to all her colleagues.
well when she saw me today,
she was beaming:

“just the man i wanted to see.”

“hey how are you!
i hope all is well?”

“i got you something handsome,
but this is top secret…”

at that point,
i didn’t know what to think.
well she pulled out a magazine out her expensive bag.
she told me it was next month’s issue.
inside was this special edition of what she has been working on.

“you and your boss are the only one who has a copy.
do not tell anyone,
but i wanted to give you one because you are so sweet.”

tumblr_mansmqzpbp1r7ub9ci was so appreciative.
i could not stop thanking her.
i was holding an issue that isn’t even on the stands yet.
the fact she trusted me with it.
i need to keep on doing what i’m doing.
its not much at all.
just being myself.
what you see if what you get.
another low key win for jamari fox.
liar liar and nem = 0.

lowkey: this is how i want to feel in my career.
always getting the exclusives

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “VIP.”

  1. Aww, Go Jamari,
    You’re always a winner brother!
    It will continue to manifest itself!
    Congrats on the little wins! They will stack into something big!

  2. Could you find a way to work for her? I know that it might not be all that easy trying to network with her in that way, but I believe its worth a shot. Continue to send out positive and happy thoughts into the vortex and see what happens. BTW, congrats.

  3. CONGRATS! Now that you can PROVE that there’s a difference between you and lesser-beings, treat them kindly, and out of your lane, LOLOLOL. #NUMBERONESTUNNA, #IAMTHEGAME, #BOWDOWNBITCHES

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