Do U Want 2 Hook UP?

tumblr_nhnkht6tks1trox0ho1_500Everybody’s like,
“He’s no item! Please don’t like him.

He don’t wife ’em,
he one nights ’em!”
– excuse me miss, jay z

everyone wants to hook up.
hell i want to hook up.

“when in rome,
do what the romans do…?”

well i just have a specific type i want to hook up with.
if i’m going to lay on my back,
or my side
or on my knees
(you get the idea)
i’m going to hook up with (baller) wolves i’m actually attracted to.
i refuse to hook up for the sake of hooking up.
i mean that’ll pretty much be a one nighter.
well “hooking up” this new dating scene.
the straights and the gays are simply raving about it.
i like to call it:

“the hook up culture”

basically its…

“fuck now and i might allow you to stick on my dick later”.
its also:

“so i’ll be fuckin you,
and i may like you later on,
but right now,
we just fuckin’.
oh and i’m fuckin others as well.
not just you.
so if i like one of them,
i will choose.
i can see us fuckin’ in the long run tho.
so you might get my heart.
you okay with that?”

















SabrinaErmi mean the straights are now experiencing it.
the gays have always lived this approach.
well some.
a vast majority want to meet someone to get to know seriously.
i like to think they lurk within the foxhole.
the rest out here…
with the dl looking to find easy ways to get laid,
the ratchets getting the rings,
and everyone else being mad lazy to get to know each other,
maybe we all need to get with the times?
so is it wrong,
that if i’m going to join this booming hook up culture,
i go and find someone who is:

physically attractive
has his own spot
isn’t passing diseases like pokemon trading cards
(people still trade those things?)
wants to cuddle after

tumblr_mp4it82Tbj1su9f08o1_500i mean,
if i’m gonna be a hoe,
shouldn’t i strive for the best?
if we are all “hooking up for happiness”,
why not keep it all physical and work on the emotional baggage later?
shouldn’t the potential headache be from someone that is a:
“he looks like that?
oh ok.
i get it.”

rather than:

“how did you even get involved with him?
omg is it drugs?
you can tell me…”

giphyso i had to wonder that if we are “fuckin to be taken seriously”,
and this booming new culture will only get worse

Shouldn’t we find the best fuckers out there?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “Do U Want 2 Hook UP?”

  1. Although lust is very powerful and can make one do things without thinking. I would prefer to take my chance and actually want to deal with someone that wants to be with me. Its a huge chance fucking for position that you make not get . At first it will all be physical but eventually a person emotions will creep up and make things complicate. I hope if people are using this approach they’re using protection!! Just my thoughts. Hook up sound good if the person is hitting right but after a while someone is going to want More.

    1. ^you made an excellent point t.
      People don’t realize sex and lead to emotions.
      have you looking all kinds of stuck or even crazy.
      it reminds me of people who flip once the sex is taken away.

      1. Been there! LOL
        You can put everything out there upfront…but a person will hear what they want to hear.
        I am very straight-forward about what I’m looking for and let them know I’m not looking for a relationship. That’s the opportunity to move on. But many come into the situation thinking they’re gonna change my mind. Not happenin’….and man do they get pissed!

  2. I was going to go in on some deep shit (because you know how I do!) LOL but Im too tired.
    You pretty much said everything I wanted to say about this topic Jamari.
    I’m not dealing with anyone who isnt “about” me.If you’re not interested in getting to know me, then #Byefelicia dont care how sexy you are. Not wasting my time.
    If im interested in you, I need to get to KNOW you! I WANT TO!
    I dont want a hook-up but i dont want a full commitment either.
    I kind of just want an understanding. Along the lines of:
    “I’m with you right now, and I’m feeling you, we don’t need to label it, lets just have win, but I like you, and I want you, and you only.”
    I would be disgusted if the person i’m with currently has their stick in someone else.
    My walls are too pure to be tainted by that mess.
    Idk man, I’m hornier than ever these days so some days i just want to get it in, but at the same time, I’m somewhat lonely too so I need that companionship to be a part of the equation.
    Is that too much to ask?
    Nice guy,
    Nice face (eyes, lips)
    Juicy booty
    Understands his sexual side
    Has a job (aspirations/ goals)
    common interest
    Wants/Likes/Gets me
    The fucking dream

    Ugh, its too much to ask…
    Still waiting for something close to that though… I guess i’ll keep waiting lol
    I said I wasnt oging to go in, and I go in, I cant help it! LOL!

    1. ^i feel you on what you are looking for d.
      You know what?
      put that on your vision board.
      all the things you require in a companion.
      make sure you are specific with your desires.
      It wouldn’t hurt right?

      1. That’s a good idea, never thought of that!
        No it, wouldn’t hurt at all, because it will always be a constant reminder of what I’m looking for, and hone in my focus every time I stray.
        You should do it too!

    2. You Did! Nice! i gotta hop to it then!
      Oh that book looks right up my alley! I’ll check it out! I think it might already be on my “to-read” list form a long time ago!
      Looks like a good one!
      Thanks for the tip!

  3. Yea, if I ever get it in with a random, it will be with someone who is worth it, not a sleezy ass dude.

  4. You better say it with this post. I’m a little ashamed to say this but for me a lot of the times hooking up is mostly physical. I agree with you Jamari I don’t want to just be hooking up to hook up just to keep up with everyone else. I got to get that Zsu Zau Zu feeling (look it up if you don’t know). If I don’t like you and what I see its a no go, I have gay guys at work that like me that I wouldn’t give the time of day to because they just aren’t what I’m attracted to. Ugh life

    1. Yes! There’s that “feeling” when you meet the right one. That chemistry. You just “know” its so intuitive. Gotta have that, man!
      “If I don’t like you and what I see its a no go,”
      The motto I live by.
      Not wasting any time on people i dont like. Life is too damn short
      Nice comment Mikey!

  5. I completely agree. I’m not into hooking up but if I do, I need you to be everything I’m interested in and more. Lol. I can use my hands if you aren’t up to par.

  6. Lol well I guess I’m the one who is different. My sexual frustration has gotten the better of me and I’ve been hooking up more now than I’ve ever done in my life. A nice smile and a phat ass gets me every time smh. As much as I would love to have a lover/companion/partner, a man’s 20s are when he is in his sexual peak and I’m not going to waste it on an idealized version of a man who may never appear. But if I happen to meet someone I’m interested in on that level while I’m out having fun then that’s a bonus!

  7. I realized years ago that my eyes are bigger than my stomach with that. What I learned from granny:

    1. They’re having you at the same time you’re having them (body count)
    2. Nothing worse that being in a room with more than one person who’s seen your drawers. If they wind-up talking, what do you think they have in common?

    Real talk, I have hooked-up with three quarters of the men featured on this site (in my head). Everything good to you ain’t good for you.

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