When In Doubt, Grab His Balls?

tumblr_static_ball_so_hardwell thats usually my method when i want something from my wolf.
during in a live nba game tho?
well that was the motivation for shaun livingston of the warriors.
he wanted the ball from dirk nowitzki of the dallas mavericks and well…


1419he did the mean reach around and grab.
that was the “he ain’t trying to give up his credit card” type of grab.
shaun wanted those balls.
i wonder what was the point of him doing that?
it wasn’t like he wouldn’t be fouled
and internet memed into hiding.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “When In Doubt, Grab His Balls?”

  1. Yeaa this shit was funny. Don’t know why he did that lol. Gay af for a straight man to do tho.

    S/N: Paul George played his first game of the season tonight after that gruesome injury.

      1. He only played bout 15 minutes since he’s on minute restriction. He looked good and played quite well.

  2. Maybe it was a team dare or something. Or maybe he just was turned on from all the sweaty guys and had a thing for Dirk lol. It was funny

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