Do U Want 2 Hook UP?

tumblr_nhnkht6tks1trox0ho1_500Everybody’s like,
“He’s no item! Please don’t like him.

He don’t wife ’em,
he one nights ’em!”
– excuse me miss, jay z

everyone wants to hook up.
hell i want to hook up.

“when in rome,
do what the romans do…?”

well i just have a specific type i want to hook up with.
if i’m going to lay on my back,
or my side
or on my knees
(you get the idea)
i’m going to hook up with (baller) wolves i’m actually attracted to.
i refuse to hook up for the sake of hooking up.
i mean that’ll pretty much be a one nighter.
well “hooking up” this new dating scene.
the straights and the gays are simply raving about it.
i like to call it:

“the hook up culture”

basically its…

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