Pastor Charles Jenkins Gets Some Holy Ex Pipe Leakage

img_1430well it seems pastor charles jenkins got some alleged peen leakage from the holy ghost.
well if by holy ghost you mean ex.
another “revenge of the ex” story.
this time,
this ex allegedly wanted 20,000 from the pastor to keep the nudes.
i guess he didn’t pay up and obnoxious media had this to report…

Obnoxious Media had to resurrect this story on Charles Jenkins, who actually hosted a Steller Awards after party to promote his new album.  It seems he forgot about his scandal.  What is this attitude that you can live any ratchet way and act like it is okay?

Allegedly, the woman attempted to blackmail God’s called servant and demanded $20,000 in cash to keep his secrets secret (rumored she might actually be owed the money as compensation for her employment). However, according to conjecture, she was only paid half and the remaining balance was not delivered as planned. Apparently, this woman was obviously very close to Charles Jenkins to have such a compromising photo of him naked while brushing his teeth. Sources close to the successor of the legendary Clay Evans, who pastored Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago, will stagger releases on Charles Jenkins every week until she is paid in full.

Looks like the scorned woman is off to a very good start especially since she started out with a nude. We can only imagine what’s next and next and next. Assuming she took the picture, we can surely speculate that their relationship didn’t end on a good note and she’s left with some power. Whether this was taken before his marriage and pastoralship, why would he knowingly pose for a nude picture to be taken of him, has he not read my blog?!  Obnoxious Media spent a great deal of efforts attempting to reach the infamous “My God Is Awesome” psalmist but to no avail. I really wanted to give him the opportunity to explain the background for the picture being taken and how this young lady got it but. . . This is a very unfortunate situation for the young pastor that was seemingly doing so well with keeping a supposed clean image.

(the following is 18^,
and “not for straight eyes”…)

x NUDE 1

it looks like he was caught off guard.
the pose is just…-nopethis ex-jackal is serious about her check.
either way…
shouldn’t some of the money be deducted since this leaked?
sticky situation pastor c!
if i had to do his foxy pr,
this could go two ways:

1) pay the angry ex the 2ogs,
with contract,
to go away and never to return again

2) let the pics leak and do some major damage control
church folks tend to forgive foolishness
(see: eddie long)

new_birth_crowns_eddie_long_as_king_youtubeeither way,
something will be lost.
lets hope charles isn’t married and its not his wife.

lowkey: how do pastors find themselves in this drama?

article and pics found: obnoxious media

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Pastor Charles Jenkins Gets Some Holy Ex Pipe Leakage”

    1. ^yeah he can afford 20gs.
      he is being sloppy and lazy.
      god forbid she got a video of her smashing him with a strap on.
      in a scandal like this,
      it’s best to pay the person and have them sign a contract.
      lawyer present.

  1. Ummm?…ok, well that was awkward lol.
    Like these randoms think the whole world cares about a pastor doing a naked pee-pee dance.
    Eh. People. lol

  2. I wouldn’t pay her shit. That is extortion and blackmail. If he owes her for services from employment. That’s fair. But I would sick a team of lawyers on her so fast her head would spin. My ex tried to blackmail me and extorted some money to keep our relationship on the hush. He had power over me. The second time he tried it. I manned up and rolled out on his ass and took it to the courthouse. He spilled the beans. But guess what? I’m still living. People will be assholes when they don’t get their way. *sorry for cussing J*

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