ozuna: extorted for his (alleged) gay porn past, but it still leaks anyway

so i don’t know who ozuna is.
he is a huge reggaeton star from puerto rico.
he has an alleged past in a gay porn too.

the movie is an alleged ozuna,
who was an alleged minor,
jackin’ off in the video.
ace rockwood didn’t tour the caverns inside his butt cheeks.
the murdered “gay trap” artist,
kevin fret,
allegedly was trying to extort ozuna because of the video.
this is what a foxholer sent me via “the daily mail”
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Kevin Hart Broke His “Rib” Trust? (Duh?)


well torrei tried to tell her…
whenever folks talk about karma isn’t real,
i usually smile and just wait for it.
they try to say “what goes around comes around”,
but it’s still the same.
karma is definitely real and we all experience it,
bad or good.
in this case,
eniko thought she was in the clear.
she was the side piece to kevin hart,
knowing he was married to torrei at the time.
kevin wasn’t going to disappoint in embarrassing her.
he posted this video on his instagram…
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Pastor Charles Jenkins Gets Some Holy Ex Pipe Leakage

img_1430well it seems pastor charles jenkins got some alleged peen leakage from the holy ghost.
well if by holy ghost you mean ex.
another “revenge of the ex” story.
this time,
this ex allegedly wanted 20,000 from the pastor to keep the nudes.
i guess he didn’t pay up and obnoxious media had this to report…
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