Squeeze Mychal Kendricks Tail For Good Luck!

he has such a handsome facial.
look at this:

*heart eyes emoji here*
baller wolf for the philadelphia eagles,
mychal kendricks,
is accepting he has a big tail.
we have already accepted it,
but i’m glad he is on the same page.
i love when he does stuff like this on his instagram…

…do you see the curvage on that side profile?

it’s so bad with mychal,
anytime i see a video with him in it,
i legit wait for a tail shot.
you got a problem back there!
i’d love to see it in person.

lowkey: i mean…



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Squeeze Mychal Kendricks Tail For Good Luck!”

    1. Flashman Wade, Mychal kendricks, and Ezekiel Elliott all make my tail stand up! Just sit on my face all three of them! Damn! I’m gon eat good today! Hell yeah!

  1. Not really into him or as someone mentioned earlier Flashman Wade either. I find neither one of them particularly attractive. THOUGH outta the two, this guy takes the cake.

    Now that fellow you posted that time that was on the Body Issue this year..The football fellow. I know I said he looked like an Ewok but Ewoks are cute in a way and I recently discovered a pic of him jumping on a trampoline for that body issue with his ass on full display…All I could say was WOW! That is some meat chocolate right there.

      1. Is there a way I can post them here or should I upload them somewhere. I forgot the site where I got them for but I snatched them…lol

  2. Michal has a large head and lot of face. It’s like his hat size is extra extra large. With that said, thank good it’s a lot of beautiful face. He really is breathtaking. The nose, lips and eyebrows are A+

  3. I wouldn’t top him because I don’t like topping huge guys but I would bottom for someone with his build

  4. It’s weird lol sometimes I see dudes & im like “he’s fine but he’s TOO fine”. In real life I would never pursue a man who looks like him. I like my men a little ugly or average or rough (just a lil lol!!) to be honest. The face…it’s just too much he’s too pretty for me lol. Body is banging tho. In all this time I’ve never heard any rumors about him. He must be celibate or something lmao cuz he too fine to not be slanging it all around town…..

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