Bobby Valentino Allegedly Needs To Work On Being “Anonymous” With Trans Hookers

^that is the ig that bobby valentino just posted.
his comments are off because…
fameolous posted an alleged video in regards to why bobby is hiding now.
bobby valentino didn’t pay a trans she-hyena hooker for her services.
she decided to out him during his alleged walk of shame

the quick “slow down” sprint in the lobby>>>>

he is wrong tho.
if he trying to fuck,
he know she charges from the get go.
why did he go over there with no money?
that’s like having dinner at a restaurant and expecting to eat for free.
the trans she-hyena is no better with taping him either.
i’m serious,
but the trans she hyenas are fully exposing pineapples now.
so much for them keeping secrets better than the foxes.
this whole situation is a fail of epic proportions.
i hope the sex was worth the embarrassment.

lowkey: did ya’ll see his dick from under his shirt?

video taken: fameolous

67 thoughts on “Bobby Valentino Allegedly Needs To Work On Being “Anonymous” With Trans Hookers

  1. Sorry but @Jay comment is just hateful because it’s implying that murdering transpeople is ok because you felt somehow embarrassed or deceived or whatever. If you’re so ashamed to fuck with a transperson then just don’t do it. Cis-gay people not supporting transpeople are killing me because they use the exact same excuses that biggots use agaisnt gay people. I guess they’re so dismissive because for once they’re not the one being attacked. I remember the bathroom thing where jamari was talking about how it’s was normal because women can be raped in theren now it’s the military because they cost too much (way less than viagra but who cares right?) and they create confusion. The more i live the more i learned they’re is no such thing as LGBT community and that sad.

    Everybody saying she should not have exposed him like that, i’m asking what was the solution here? Just let it go? You can’t hurt people first and then decide how they should react. He he paid that woman he wouldn’t have been exposed, that his entire fault.

    We should be less dismissive about transpeople struggle just because we don’t go through it ourselves, let’s all be more compassionate.

  2. From the moment I read PAPI’s first comment on this thread I knew there would be 46 or more comments attacking him for his opinion. Smh 🙄

    Key points:

    – Jamari does not need other visitors to this site fighting his battles in the comment section. His font is perfectly capable to respond to criticism.

    – I don’t want to visit a website or blog where everyone blindly kisses the ass of the blog writer. Healthy debate and divergent opinions are always more interesting. I don’t like sycophants.

    – Papi was obviously triggered by this story and how it was presented. As he said, the micro aggressions towards Trans Women has been a mainstay on the blog. ( I personally have not noticed it, but I wasn’t looking for it either so……)

    So instead of attacking Papi’s angry dissent, maybe this can be a learning experience for all of us.

    1. This whole thread has been enlightening. And if we step away from feeling attacked we might actually hear what our trans brothers and sisters are saying: “humanize me, don’ fetishize me”, use proper pronouns”. Our cis gender privilege typically alows us to be dismissive of their concerns. A trans friend schooled me on it a while back and i initially reacted like i was being blamed/ attacked but all she said was ” it’s not always about you babe”I subsequently realize that my telling her she was bugging or overeacting was disrespectful AF.

      We cannot tell people how they should feel or that they shouldn’t be offended when all they’re trying to do is express their hurt.
      True maturity is honoring the validity of other people’s feelings, especially if we have never walked in their shoes.
      I believe our trans friends go hard on us because as gay people, we should be familiar with society judging us as evil/ perverts/deviants( my church folks words, not mine). Then for us to turn around and inflict the same judgement on the trans community is mad foul.

  3. So now that Bobby Valentino is exposed for not paying a transgender woman for her services, can we shift the focus to Lil Duval? I really feel like he needs to hold an L for his comments. Hes such a mysognist, homophobic, transphobic idiot who haven’t growed up yet. The bible did say, “when i was a child, i thought, spake, and acted like a child. But when i grew up, i put away childish things.” If Donald Glover can retire Childish Gambino, then Lil Duval can stop being a child.

  4. Yes, this is definitely Bobby V without a doubt. All of this just reinforces the opinions of straight people of the LGBT community. Whether he had the money to pay for the services or not, this did not have to happen. You would have thought they had a relationships and the tranny was scorned and wanted payback. When will it end with these people who get a kick out of exposing people?

    1. Why should a LGBT person care about the opinion of straight folks though? They sure as hell dont care about the opinion of LGBT of them. Folks living double lives pretending to be one thing and doing something else deserve be exposed as frauds. I don’t feel bad for him.

      1. You are missing the point. Whether the person is straight/gay/bi…if you are angry with the person, it doesn’t give you the right to put the person’s business all out in the street or on the internet, as in this case. THAT is what can get a person killed or seriously hurt. Double lives or not, the ACTIONS OF OUTING a person is the jist of the conversation. All that ra-ra you talking is null and void.

      2. @ christian.. EXACTLY… its like the Kerry Rhodes incident a couple of years back. Kerry career has never been the same since.

  5. ^This. A prime example of the typical rhetoric often found here under stories involving trans effeminate men. I’d been lurking for awhile and had enough of the whole concept behind this platform, a supposed “safe space” for black LGBT folks. You just stated ‘the whole situation reinforces to society that situations like this are why transgenderS are killed’ ARE YOU DUMB? *Remy Ma voice* How in the actual fuck does that statement make any sense. I could see if SHE tricked or fooled him but didn’t he know she was trans. And even if she didn’t now MFs are given a pass to take another life cause they’re embarrassed or felt deceived? Hell, I feel deceived by trans/fem/self hating folks like JAY everyday, shouldn’t society give me a pass or understand where I’m coming from? Shit don’t make sense bro and I’m tired of it.

    1. @Papi am so sorry your sister that happened to your sister.I hope she got professional help her to deal with that trauma.She is fortunate to have a supportive family because I know many trans woman don’t have that support.

      I think a lot of people don’t understand or empathize with the trans community because most people don’t personally know or love a member of the community.When people personally know a trans person or a gay person or a black person they are less likely to see them as “others”.They are less likely to believe the sterotypes,the myths,etc.

      I always SMH when I hear people say how good transwomen have it or feminine gay man because they can “pull these masculine or attractive guys”.I am like, “Do you know how difficult life is for these people dealing with bullying,being verbally harassed,being physically assaulted,being raped,people threating to kill them(Lil Duvall).People actually killing them especially trans women of color.

      Many people just don’t understand this topic but I think with time it will get better.I hope it will.Keep advocating for your sister and her trans sisters and brothers.

  6. Lmao. It was all for nothing because he’s certainly not getting paid now and we all know (including cops probably) he’s a prostitute. Lol

    Furthermore, the whole situation just reinforces to society that situations like this are why transgenders are killed.

    That’s the general consensus from the comments I’ve read🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. ^This. Thank you Jay for helping make my earlier comment so meaningful. A prime example of the rhetoric often found on this supposed “safe space” for the black LGBT community. This space does not represent my identity/experience of the the black LGBT community, thank God. Just because you’ve read a bunch of negative comments on her and intentionally used HE pronoun to make your point and then stated ‘the whole situation just reinforces to society that situations like this are why transgenderS are killed” is the most disgusting, awful, hateful, ignorant shit you could possibly say. It does nothing to me but expose you as another self hating trans/homophobe. Obviously it’s your ‘safe space’ to continue projecting hyper masculine, anti fem/trans/gay hate speech on the world. So good for you and anyone else co signing your hateful rthetoric. 👋🏻👌🏾

      1. Dude…you literally have me scratching my head?! You’re reading too much into the comments because all he said, as did I, was that the person definitely wouldn’t get paid now after that stunt…AND that what s/he did was something that could/would cause bodily harm.

        It wasn’t hateful. Those were valid points that were made.

      2. @Christian clearly my point is going over your head, which is fine. I dont expect you to understand either. So I’ll make it clear for you. I don’t care about a story involving a washed up R&B singer from 2005 soliticing sex from a trans hooker, not getting paid and then outing him for revenge. The underlying narrative of this story is trans folks are liars and scam artists not to be trusted. Bottom line..If this story is indeed true…i believe Bobby V is not to be trusted since he purports to be straight. But, as Mr Fox so eloquently put it, ‘ hopefully the ‘sex was worth the embarassment’ of sleeping with a ‘tranny’ as you guys refer to them on the Foxhole.

          A BUM,

          it had NOTHING to do with the sex worker in that entry.

          the fuck?
          after i was corrected on the word “tranny”,
          i changed that up real quick.
          i’d like you to show me where i used that since i was corrected.

          you sitting up here,
          getting your blood pressure worked up,
          over a sentence that YOU took way left.
          it has NOTHING to do with the sex worker at ALL,
          but you are trying to fight this battle over a figment of your imagination.

          you in your feelings for what?

      3. @PAPI…well you should’ve said that from the get-go instead of all that BS you typed.
        BTW…your comment didn’t go over my head. I was “scratching my head” for that incoherent BS you were spewing.

      4. @Jamari my sister is trans and was brutally gang raped by a group of men in the back alley of a nightclub 7 years ago. She was only 19 years old at the time. The men targeted her not the other way around. They harassed her the entire night and were ignored. Her mistake was leaving the club by herself without the ppl she came with. Luckily my sis recovered and recently became engaged to her cis gender female partner. Her story is unfortunately not an isolated situation but very common among trans folk. Her journey has helped educate me and my family, on a very unfamiliar topic of gender identity. So yes im a fierce advocate of trans folk and I am highly sensitive and willing to question or point out and fight transphobia anywhere I see it. And baby boy, I see it so much here on this huge platform you have created for yourself. Most of the time it’s real subliminal but I dosense it and I’m not apologizing for it. I just hope one day you can educate yourself on these people and grow some compassion for their struggle. Not saying you have to understand them or like them but try to have a bit more empathy on how you cover their journey because trans women are more than just hookers or ‘scam artists’…theyre ppl too just like you and me and they’re presence shouldn’t only matter when they’re involved in a sex scandal.

        1. ^…and i’m very sorry your sister endured that.
          she has my sympathies and prayers.

          YOU came on here,
          mis-read a sentence that had NOTHING to do with you or your fight,
          and disrespected me like i was one of the people who gang raped your sister.
          you projected THAT SITUATION on me and i definitely didn’t deserve that.
          your sister is in my prayers.
          we have nothing else to discuss.

          god bless.

  7. Well he posted a video blaming the black community for hating ourselves and tearing each other down.It really bothers me whenever a black celeb gets in trouble or their career is floundering they want to blame the black community for “not ignoring” their BS or not buying their crappy music.Did the white community ever support you?
    I personally think the black community is more loyal to these celebs.
    Well anyway in his video he says he has the support of his family and friends, so that’s great.He never denies that’s him in the video.

  8. I’m not Jamari, but I want to answer @Phlash’s question. In the words of Funky Dineva, you can’t do someone wrong then tell them how upset to get. In other words, she was well within her rights to expose him. I will never agree with people in the Fox Hole who want to act like DL men are to be protected at all costs. And it’s only DL men who get this protect, from the Fox Hole, in my experience. Everyone else is on their own but DL men are protected because some of y’all have this obsession with toxic masculinity that requires you to side with him because “he’s the real man” when he’s not even real enough to live in his own truth. No one told him to go to a sex worker without having proper payment. He’s not big enough of a celebrity to use the “it should be an honor to smash me baby” line.

    1. Very interesting take on the DL protection, considering quite a few of them look down on out gay/fem men. All the DL dudes I’ve seen or heard about, except for one, are assholes. I’m not a fan off outing folks tbh…since I could care less but these days with pineapples (idk why they call guys that these days but I felt like saying it.. hahahaha) killing gays and trans people like flies…every is a mess.

    2. Take the DL equation out of it. We all have dirt that we would not want exposed. Now who wants that dirt exposed for the world to see?

      1. Then he should have stayed his butt at home instead of going to the Trans woman’s location, engaging her for her services, then not paying. What annoys me about your comment is that you’re side stepping the issue: had there been no theft of services, there’d be no outing. She outed him because she couldn’t go to the police since sex work is illegal.

      2. She outed him, but now she definitely won’t get the money. Neither person wins in this scenario.
        Regardless of the person’s lifestyle, whether they are trans/gay/bi, outing a person is dangerous. As fucked up as some people are in our society, someone is going to “out” the wrong person and it’s going to be tragic. And that’s not wishing harm on anyone.

      3. Some of you guys are so male-identified that it’s actually reaching fever pitch. For the last time, you can’t do someone dirty and tell them how upset to get. Pay your sex bill or don’t frequent sex workers. It’s as simple as that. All this noise about “someone (meaning the person who does the exposing) is going to get hurt because they’ve shined a light on someone who did them dirty” says more about you and you need to reevaluate your life.

  9. Jamari,

    While he is wrong for not paying for the services which he partook in, do you agree with Bobby V being outed?

  10. Exposing and outing people s wong but there are some exception, and this situation is one of these. I mean was she supposed to just let him go without paying? It’s a business, if you don’t pay for something that’s called stealing, normal business can call the police and have you arrested, she can’t, she made her own justice. He brought that on himself. he should’ve paid.

    For the really angry comment, it’s really not that deep. Yes sometimes Jamari can be judgemental toward feminine gays (i’ve never notice that about trans but then again i don’t read all the posts) and sometimes dismissive of things he personally doesn’t understand. And many people here including myself called him out on that. But all that negativity is not necessary. Calling him transphobic homophobic self loathing, really? come on now. Maybe people here are not always fair with gay (lusting over naked straight men and calling naked gay men bad representation of the community for example) but i’m pretty sure you can express yourserlf in a better and more positive way, because negativity only calls more negativity.

    The thing about jamari is he doesn’t think he’s above critics and he’s always open and ready to listen and have a conversation, so no need to go off like that mate.

  11. Isn’t he from Atlanta? He should know better.

    I laughed at that sprint down the hallway though lmao!

  12. This is some mess, but the she was wrong for exposing him, but Bobby you knew better. I know you haven’t had a hit since like 2005 ish, but damn you should of ran her, her money. As for people coming for Jamari, you’ll are just reading into some shit that’s not there. Jamari loves and respects everyone from what I see being a loyal reader of the foxhole, carry on with that negative stuff please.

  13. The negativity is not necessary. This has always been a safe place to express ourselves in a constructive and positive dialogue.
    Wrong is wrong and this blog has always held people accountable for their actions.

  14. I look forward to the day when more men become comfortable acknowledging their attraction to trans women like that DJ Mister Cee finally did after years of being exposed.
    I Googled Bobby V and there are other stories of him being exposed by Trans women in 2013,in 2016 and rumors even before that.
    After that video was posted, Fameolous posted a story about his ex girlfriend with multiple pics of them.She says he is the father of her daughter.The baby looks like she is a few months old.People in the comments started harassing her for dating him.Also of course women in the comments blaming it on ATL as if there aren’t men in EVERY city who like Transwomen 😒
    According to several people in the comments it is an open secret in Atlanta he likes Transwomen.They even posted the neighborhood in Buckhead and the apt complex he frequents.
    I am hoping he does like Mister Cee and just says this is my preference but I doubt he will.
    So Sad

    1. I really enjoy reading your comments Y Collette. I don’t know why, but I do.

      1. Thank you.

        Fameolous has a pic and statement from the Transwomen.She said it was all about the money.He didn’t pay her so she exposed him.

      2. Yeah me, too, she is my favourite poster bar none. There are a few others that Ilike too, but I actually look forward to Y Colette´s comments. She is a ray of hope. Ironically, she understands LGBT better than most LGBT

  15. I’m against outing and things of that nature BUT if you’re going to be having sex with a trans woman (or anybody who is a sex worker) who charges and you don’t pay you have to know something like this is bound to happen.

    If that is bobby he got to do better

  16. You forgot yo shoes and yo keys! 😶😂

    Even though she shaded him hard…He was wrong for not paying up for the service.

    I respect trans now these days. I used to despise them but being apart of an LGBT group has given me a better understanding. I still have some genital removal eyebrow moments but nonetheless, trans be getting they good.

    Trans fetish has always caused me to be curious, since most still have dicks and “st8 dudes” be goin hard for them. They pull some of the finest. So are these dudes really gay or does the fact that a man with boobs make them still feel st8. Would it be like a woman wearing a strapon..(which is weird but I hear is popular)

  17. I now realize you’re nothing but a bitter transphobic, homophobic hating ass insecure awful person. I think all this rage for trans women is rooted in some self hate. Youre clearly pressed God didn’t make you a girl. I clocked it awhile back. Youre mostly attracted to and want to fuck straight men so desperately you’ve chosen to use your platform to spread the self hate virus.You wish you had the selection of dick and attention men give TRANS VIXENS queens like this girl fucking Bobby V or even a Janet Mock or Laverne Cox. I’m onto your insecure, hating ass and just realized how pathetic you truly are in that last post calling most openly gay men “catty high school bitches.” Who the fuck you anyway to diagnose an entire community? Stop projecting so much hate and learn to love your insecure ass self. Your sad insecure life is infecting everything you think or say. You’re no better than folks like Donald Trump…asserting bullshit that has no foundation in truth. Just a sad, insecure perspective from a bitter, lonely man obsessed with straight men WHO DON’T WANT TO FUCK YOU OR SEE YOU NAKED.. theyd rather creep with a transwoman before they ever laid eyes on you naked male body. Stop low key shading trans/gay/bi men openly enjoying their lives without fear of being themselves. Please Grow The Fuck Up Jamari Fox.

    1. ^…

      i think i’m more insulted to be compared to donald trump than that whole rant LOL
      that legit made me feel some kind of way.

        1. ^i’m:

          self loathing
          a discriminating asshole from the depths of hell!

          not to mention,
          donald trump’s minion of pure evil.

          the “donald trump” one STUNG!
          i’m legit insulted over that LOL

      1. Two genders? We got some learning to do around these parts. Let me guess yall think trans and genderqueer folks appeared in “this generation” “nowadays” lol.

        This is a great space. I’ve been lurking for years but its clear that the tone is still a little late regarding gender identity and sex positivity. I have applaud Jamari for acknowledging some of those blindspots. I think you mentioned once that you’d stop calling transpeople “transgenders”.

    2. Wow….I might not have been so harsh…but I agree. I have been following this blog for 5 years. When topics involving transwomen are presented the tone is always judgemtal,not inclusive,and transphobic. This has never been a blog where the fluidity in presentation of the LGBT community is uplifted. There is always slut shaming and bashing effimnate men. It’s rooted in internalized homophobia and should really be examined.

      1. It took you five years and someone else to bring it up to come to that realization? Don’t you think that both of y’all could’ve handeled it better than that? Can you provide examples via his entries in regards to what y’all saying? If not, its just rhetoric.

        The foxhole has always been a safe space, but ok……

        1. fameolous posed a story where (as they quoted):

          “FAMEOLOUS has obtained an exclusive video of Bobby Valentino leaving a transgender apartment after failing to pay for the service he received”

          so when you ask for payment for sex,
          you’re a “hooker”,
          she recorded him on the way out the door and outed him.
          so i usually call those folks “hyenas”.
          she is transgendered.
          another truth.
          as of late,
          a lot of trans vixens have been outing men in stories i’ve posted.
          another truth.
          where is the lie in this entry that makes me transphobic?
          i posted all truths to this alleged story and even went after bobby v.
          non outrage.

      2. Wait! Hold up! What?! Since when gender fluidity has anything to do with basic sexuality? *sigh* All I know is there are TWO genders: male and female. TWO sexes: man and woman. So until you recognize that, Katy Perry got everyone effed up with that “Extraterrestrial” song.

      3. @ jamari… its crazy how they dont understand, your point is usu. DONT out people, bc its not your place to do so. And I pretty much agree with that. In this case you have a hybrid thats doing the outing. And the hybrids love outing people. Its just so happen that the person is a hybrid and not a caramel covered fruit loop, bc they love outing dudes as well.

    3. LMAO!

      Y’all do know you can click x and go somewhere else right?

      I certainly wouldn’t waste my time writing grievances no one cares about.

      Do you respond to the comments under yahoo articles too? Lol

    4. HOLD THE ENTIRE FUCK UP PAPI! WHY PAINT JAMARI FOX A SCARLET LETTER FOR DOING WHAT HE WAS DOING?! YOU WAS MAD WHACK AND OUT OF POCKET FOR THAT LONG ASS STATEMENT ABOUT WHAT WAS JAMARI FOX DOING! Did Dora the Explorer relieved you of your services as the grumpy old troll? I thought treasure trolls was suppose to be nice, but you didn’t have any treasure in your navel and therefore you went apeshit!

      Now to Bobby V., that dude needs to know that tranny hookers always charge for services but this dumb pineapple should’ve known better. Now as far as the tranny, it was wrong for exposing Bobby V.

      Finally, Jamari said, “did ya’ll see his dick from under his shirt?” Jamari you gonna have to highlight that dick for me because I couldn’t really see it due to the quality of the video.

      -Brandon T.

      1. @ jamari…Hellz no. lol

        @ christian.. its so fucking crazy that people really dont understand that ish. The tranny on cam acting like he’s a victim bc of the backlash, yet you were the one that put the vid out. GTFOH. Bitch, a smart prostitute would have gotten the money up front. Who services a john and not get the payment first? lol Bobby why didnt u As for the tranny, your “friends” are mad at your bitch ass bc now you are fucking up their business. Im quite sure there has to be some kind of discretion and you broke the code.

  18. Its sad but escorts they don’t play when it comes to there money U got to remember its a business to them!!!!

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