Eat Shit, But You Die?

it’s getting to the point i’m desensitized to nonsense in the news.
some stories tho,
i’ll actually want to vomit.
the following almost made me vomit.
so a jackal has a dirty (literally) secret and his cub discovers it.
this is why the jackal allegedly ends up killing his cub because of it.
check this twisted shit via the new york daily news

The son of a Colorado man charged with his murder saw “compromising” photos of him wearing a diaper and eating his own feces before the child’s disappearance five years ago, prosecutors and family said.

Mark Redwine, 55, allegedly erupted in anger when his sons, Dylan and Cory Redwine, saw the embarrassing and “disgusting” photos of him.

“I have seen the photos,” Cory told ABC7 in Denver. “It shows him wearing women’s clothes and makeup and a diaper and then eating his feces from the diaper. It was disgusting. We couldn’t believe it.”

A grand jury indicted Mark on charges of second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death after his July 22 arrest.

He’s accused of killing Dylan, 13, who was last seen on Nov. 18, 2012, after visiting his father in Colorado on a court order.

At the time, Mark and Elaine Hall, Dylan’s mother, were locked in a custody battle over the boy.

The indictment released by the La Plata County District Attorney’s Office detailed the troubled relationship between father and son.

Pieces of Dylan’s remains were found on Middle Mountain Road, about 8 miles from Mark’s home.

Hikers in November 2015 found Dylan’s skull elsewhere. The grim discovery revealed Dylan likely suffered blunt force trauma, the indictment read.

Mark, who denies killing his son, even appeared on “Dr. Phil” with Elaine, telling her he “wouldn’t hurt” Dylan.

Cory said he had always suspected Mark was involved in his brother’s disappearance and is happy Dylan is finally getting justice.

“I think Dylan had a lot more than just pictures that he wanted to get across to Mark,” Cory told the station. “He’s just a sick person, but he’s fully aware of his actions, and he’s fine with being that person…he’s where he belongs.”

you can’t make this shit up.
wearing make up,
dressed in a baby doll dress (in my head),
and eating shit from a diaper.
in what in the what of the fuck?
was he allegedly eating his own shit?
and why was there alleged photos?

mental illness is real out here.
it really needs to be highlighted more than it is.
i wonder if he showed alleged signs of crazy before?
he had to have hid it well to be locked in the custody battle.
i’m glad he can eat his shit right behind bars.
allegedly fonting,
of course.
this is all of them on “dr phil” in 2013:

this really goes to show what can happen if you discover someone’s secrets.
you gotta be careful trying to use someone’s secret against them too.
folks minds can be question marks nowadays.
they can legit snap and kill you because of their own insecurities.
we do a lot of wild shit in the privacy of our own dens,
but once folks find out those things and start whispering,
it can really break some of us down.
this is especially true for those who aren’t comfortable with their sexuality.
dragging them out the closet before they are ready could be your last drag.
rip to dylan.

article: the new york daily news

6 thoughts on “Eat Shit, But You Die?

  1. I saw this and wanted to vomit too yo…b/t and you’ll scroll thru the headlines and be like this is the most insane shit ever, nothin can top this….then the next day, sumn even more shocking…

    These are last days type events I swear,and it’s not jus hyperbole anymore I’m afraid…

  2. I hate hearing stories like this when a kid is in the court system, then they have to go stay with a crazy parent who might do something to harm them. I hope he has a long tortures time in prison. Mental illnesses is very real, but sometimes a lot of ignore the symptoms when we’re in love with someone, then when it’s time to get out sometimes it’s to late.

  3. Sadly, this is becoming a commonplace thing, parents and their kids killing one another. Mental illness, drug abuse, or just being evil have parts to play in it. I just read an article today where a guy poured gasoline on his pregnant girlfriend and set her on fire in front of their two kids. What is wrong with people?!

      1. I’m starting to wonder, J. Before you would hear about serial killers or spree killers doing crazy stuff, but now it’s family members, spouses, siblings, and significant others doing craziness to one another based on either mental illness, anger, or monetary gain.

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