When You Might Find Out Your Father Has Better Pipe Than You

…or you fuck better than your pops.
i know.
here is a vomit bag.
as the years go on,

fathers are getting sexier younger and sexier younger.
it also means a lot of these dads are still mentally stagnant as well.
a foxholer sent me a video about how a father was gonna bond with his cub.
they gonna “fuck some bitches together in vegas”.
his words

 was that a little out there or it just me?
i know fathers want to bond wit their male cubs,
but i didn’t think they was fuckin together.
broadcasting it on ig live!
imagine running a train with your dad?
i’m so glad i didn’t have “a pipe measuring contest relationship” with my father.
i’d hate to have to keep up that charade knowing i wanted to measure pipes.
with my mouth.

lowkey: is it because i’m an adult now…

…because most dads didn’t look ^this good growing up.

11 thoughts on “When You Might Find Out Your Father Has Better Pipe Than You

  1. @ jamari, these daddies arent getting younger. Its called being teenage fathers. lol

  2. Nigga had his son when he was about 17 and it still shows

    Kids having Kids, period. What else is new in the world?

    Guys the so called ‘norms’ of society has crumbled. There is a new social order and we are seeing it before our eyes. Flip it and you have mothers and daughters fucking the same man or a train of men- TOGETHER!

    YAWN..move on. Society has no soul. Never proved it had any in the first place. Not even the entity that is supposed to shape the moral of society- RELIGION ,has any soul.

    Society values ‘likes’ and any video with a father and son smashing THOT is a viral vid. That is the moral fabric of today’s society. It does not do your health any good to be adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

  3. This makes me sick and plus uncomfortable. My father, Wesley, would never do this with me! I love my father, but there are some things I would never do with him as a grown man. This is a real life version of “Strange Things About The Johnsons” where the son was fucking and raping his OWN father! SMH. I rebuke this right now!

  4. That’s just disgusting. I will forever thank both my parents for telling me “i’m not your friend, i’m not trying be your friend, i’m your mother/father and that’s it”. Back in Africa we don’t have those types of relationships with our parents. You don’t even talk back or argue with your parent. We can joke and have some laughs over stupid shit but that’s it. You definitely don’t talk about sex like that (except THE talk, the educative one) let alone go around and tag team “bitches”, people gonna ask what kind of sorcery yall doing. Boundaries people BOUNDARIES

  5. This is disturbing on all levels to me. As a child that grew up with his mother, I despise fathers that engage in stuff like this and as much as I wanted to have my real father in my life, he wasn’t a “good role model”. Anywho, You’re supposed to be teaching your son the fundamentals of life..not joinin in to fuck hoes? Broadcasting it live via IG like it is some sort of accomplishment? The dad’s behavior makes him not so sexy imo.

    I also don’t want others to say you can’t tell someone how to raise yo kids. Back in the “ole days” this wasn’t the case yo Grandma May AND Ms. Regine who lived down the street could whip yo azz if they saw you acting up all the same.

    What happened to Dad’s taking their sons on nature trips, out fishing, volunteering together to help charity… all that.

    Sad world we are morphing into J. My son will enjoy life the RIGHT way.

  6. Ugh. No matter what, their should always be boundaries between the parent and child. And parents trying to relive their youth with their children just isn’t cute to me.

    That said, I need those IG names…..

  7. That was definitely out there, I think a lot of young straight wolves would feel uncomfortable tag teaming a vixen with their dad. By the way in both videos, the dads look better than the sons. The dad in the first video huge nipples are sexy asf.

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