Why Does Blackish Having Me In Tears Right Now? (Ugh)

so i’ve been low key depressed since it’s mother’s day weekend.
i decided to catch up on my current shows (gotham, atlanta, riverdale),
all while starting a whole new one (marvel’s agents of shield).
blackish is one of my favorite shows,
but it legit had me in tears just now…


i am bawling at the last episode.
it feels like i’m watching own my parents splitting up.
i’m so glad these last couple episodes have been so emotionally raw.
usually blackish is comedic,
but they’re really acting their asses off  for this twist.
it really shows how parents splitting up can really take a toll on everyone.
i feel sorry for all the cubs as they witness this.
i’m praying for my tv family to get this right!

lowkey: i really love this sets up a great story line for the next season.
it sets up a great story line for “grownish” too.

i’ll allow all of it.

5 thoughts on “Why Does Blackish Having Me In Tears Right Now? (Ugh)

  1. I COMPLETELY understand Bow’s frustration with Dre LOL. I believe they will work it out. I kind of enjoy the change of pace but am ready for return to brighter times.

  2. My boyfriend doesnt like the dramedy angle at all, lol. I love it, though. I feel lime its adds substance and another reason to care about the Johnson family. Bravo to all involved…

  3. Sad times! I wonder if have anything to do with her making less and might do fewer episodes

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