Azealia Banks Drags Cardi To Deactivating Her Social Media

as you know,
i didn’t jump on this cardi b wave.
i have no desire to listen to her album.
acting tho,
i’d probably watch.
azealia banks,
who i use to rock with,
isn’t on the “cardi” wave either.
when asked about cardi on “the breakfast club”:

…mind you,
she dragged the same beyonce in the past.
irony that same radio station was promoting tf outta cardi.

well it led to cardi responding on her social media…

…which opened the gate for azealia going tf in:

…which also led to cardi’s publicist making a statement:

why did her publicist think that statement was a good idea?????
his/her job is to put out the fire not pour gasoline on it.
it led to this:


even tho i think azealia banks is problematic her damn self,
i don’t see any lies in her rebuttals.
cardi’s “rise” is very strange and i’m left waiting for the “gotcha!”.
she can’t even perform,
her rapping voice makes my skin crawl,
and she comes off like a creation in a lab.
the white folks love everything about her tho.
i’m just so confused at it all.
if beyonce or rihanna was to act like her,
from the bad grammar to the squawking,
we would have been cancelled those two.
black folks need to be absolutely perfect to get any respect.
cardi is the stereotypical traits of our culture being celebrated.
everyone who “acts black”,
but isn’t black,
always gets a pass.
we try that same shtick and our own people will throw us away.
it’s so weird to me,
but azealia is onto something with that one.
i’m half and half in allowing it since the messenger has her own issues too.

pictures cc: the shade room

16 thoughts on “Azealia Banks Drags Cardi To Deactivating Her Social Media

  1. I ain’t done yet! Lol

    I’m tired of light skinned, racially ambiguous to the point of being called ethnic, being deemed the standard for black people in all facets of society.

    All these female rappers that came before like Jean Grae, Foxy, Kim, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Roxanne Shante, YoYo, Eve, Lauryn, and Nicki that had to fight to be seen as legit MCs that write their own rhymes and the ambiguous Latina, Caribbean, or whatever she wants to identify as this week comes in and gets exposed for having writers and scores a number one single and album lol

    Zendaya, Yara Shahidi, Logan Browning, and Alexandra Shipp should not be the only young black actresses working and “advocating” for black women in Hollywood.

    People like to throw Taraji and Tiffany Haddish out as examples of success, but Taraji herself said she isn’t making any money and it remains to be seen if Tiffany Haddish will have a successful career.

    This is programming and part of the reason we always subconsciously deem these light skin people more attractive and non threatening and dark skin being less than.

  2. First off I’m sick of people writing off Azealia Banks because she’s not commercially successful. If you listen to her music she doesn’t make commercial or radio friendly music and I honestly don’t think being commercially successful is her goal judging by her refusal to “play the game”.

    She’s very much one of those “I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my shit” types.

    She’s problematic as hell, but I’ve been attributed that to mental illness.

    Cardi B appeals to the lowest common denominator in humanity. Admits she doesn’t write her music and all of a sudden that’s not a basic requirement for a rapper anymore lol

    I remember a time when classifying any Hispanic person as “black” or “having African Ancestry” were fighting words no matter how dark complected they were. Now everyone’s on this Afro-Latino wave when they want to cash in on black peoples money and the Latinos won’t go for it.

    Cardi B would never achieve success in the Latin Market so she had to pander to black people. A dark skinned, non-ambiguous black woman would be and ARE dragged to hell when they act just like Cardi, especially by other black people.

    Azealia Banks’ goal was to plant seeds and get people thinking and she achieved just that.

  3. Azealia is problematic but Cardi’s success is even moreso. I thought i was the only person scratching my head at her “rise”. I do love an intelligent read, though…

  4. People might not like that statement, but that statement is true! Unfortunately, but it is!

  5. Few things

    1) Azealia is a very negative person, always beefing with somebody she’s loving two hours ago but that doens’t mean shes ain’t right here

    2) you can love cardi and her “style”, her music and still agree with azealia. Cardi is the stereotype of the ghetto black woman, and she’s only getting away with it because au colourism. People wanna say “but tiffany haddish bla bla bla”. It’s not the same, tiffany is a comedian and she actually very articulate.

    3) that publicist needs a publicist.

    Anyway i can’t lie Azealia read the fuck out of her, but i hope it’s not just for the sake of social media attention but that it opens the door for a very deep conversation.

  6. Not going to lie azealia isn’t wrong in this but I also feel like she herself has done some very toxic things towards the black community that aren’t forgiven. I think that’s the thing that makes it hard for people to listen to her because she is somewhat hypocritical in her actions vs message.

    (SN: i still listen to her music bwet got me through a couple years of college so its hard for me to let music from her go)

    Do I hate cardi? Nah I actually liked a couple of her songs. Do i feel that azealia is wrong tho? No she’s actually right about us allowing a light skinned multiracial black woman a platform to speak how she wants right or wrong.

    Also that publicists message was very very very wrong but go off i guess.

  7. People need to let Cardi enjoy her success. Azealia is always stating her opinion about others (which is fine) but when she doesn’t get the airplay or same success as others she tears them down especially women. I think she should just focus on her music, acting, etc and chill. Bringing others down will only set herself up to be brought down…again.

    1. ^that’s my issue with azealia.
      she was not wrong on what she said about cardi,
      but she is also very problematic in her own house.

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