Was Tim Chung Doing The Night Patrol Inside Kylie’s Uterus?

picture cc: clint brwer/splash news

why are they pushing her story line to be a reckless hoe?
i’m so fascinated at what she’s done to her face and bawdy,
this is the first time i’m seeing ^that bodyguard wolf.
i think i would have noticed him in the pics i saw with her.
this is the story line we’re rolling with for kylie.
she needs something since she is pretty boring outside a filter.
everyone meet her alleged potential baby daddy wolf,
tim chung

i’m not into asian wolves all like that,
but he is handsome.
i’d entertain if he could charm me over texts and a late dinner.

he gives me “trying to break into acting/modeling industry,
but my day job is security” tho.
he addressed the rumors about being stormi’s father on ig:

travis scott is stormi’s father.
that family loves them some black dick so i never believed this.
now if it was a rapping wolf moonlighting in security…

this might be a story.

lowkey: it must be really embarrassing for travis.
the story is you might NOT be your cub’s father.
they’re trying to imply she was that dick hungry.

Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “Was Tim Chung Doing The Night Patrol Inside Kylie’s Uterus?”

  1. He is handsome. I actually have a lil something for Asians…well Vietnamese but I love some Blasians too.

  2. I honestly believe that Tyga is the daddy. Time will tell as the child gets older.
    She love being in relationships with dudes who make less than she does, huh?

    1. ^word.

      at least let my baby daddy drama be step ups.
      the potential nut is multi million dollar possibilities.
      my cub was formed in the womb of trust fund and stability.
      i don’t get this…

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