The Attentionisto Needs You To Send Him Money Via Cash App

i get it.
you wanna be:

personal trainers
nba baller wolves

…and whatever dreams you have.
i have dreams too,
but i still work a day job as i’m pursuing my goals.
so a foxholer sent me a dm he got from an attentionisto.
this is what he had to font

“one day we will meet and probably hang out together…”

make it make sense.
star fox (rip) told me about a attentionisto he knew.
he would get on jack’d just to meet up with someone for dinner.
it could have been 5 star or mcdonalds,
but his hustle was to get fed for that day.
when his phone bill came around,
he would do the same for that too.
it didn’t even matter if he had to get fucked for it.
he was staying at his home wolf crib,
who had a job,
because he was a “struggling model”.
he’d borrow his clothes and his car just to flex on social media.
he was sexy,
but ain’t no struggling in the world.

most of these attentionistos need a day/night job.
some live with your parents rent free now,
but take it from me,
that doesn’t last forever.
you never know when shit might hit the fan.
it’s cute until it’s gone.
everyone has career aspirations,
but there is nothing wrong with a job.
it’s still a hustle and the bills still gotta get paid.
even if you gotta work the drive thru at mcdonalds,
it’s better than begging someone you don’t know for money.

sugar baby,
get a regula hustle while securing the bag.

low-key: when you have no parents,
you grow up real quick.
thank God i been working since i was 16.
folks out here buggin heavy on the “no resume” function.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “The Attentionisto Needs You To Send Him Money Via Cash App

  1. Damn, he didn’t even offer to send nudes in exchange for the ‘help’ he was requesting of a total stranger? Tragic.

  2. I’m telling you Jamari…it’s a mess. My post wasn’t a lie. These nikkas have the audacity and it’s all rooted in pacifying grown men. You can literally see guys ask you to donate money to they cash app BECAUSE people say they are cute and they get a lot of likes. Your money from their cuteness…

    Dudes like him.. would hate me. Don’t care how fine you are..That’s also rude to ask someone something like that. No manners, no worksmanship, no back up plans.

    Normally, Im sympathetic but I had a cousin knock me outta that a long time ago…Hmm…I still hope he makes ends meet though.

    Karma works in more ways than one too.

  3. So true about getting a job at a fast food joint to make ends meet… June (big dick Latino bottom) stopped doing porn and started working at Sonic in Totowa, NJ. Lo (did porn as well) and worked at Burger King on Church Av in Brooklyn.

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