the young victim in the r. kelly sex tape is talking and well…

r. kelly‘s sex tape was the talk of the hood when it dropped.

Do we ever know the lore on how this sex tape even got exposed?

my homeboy at the time got the copy from his older cousin.
they were selling this shit on the streets.
i thought it was gonna be r. kelly with an older vixen.
everyone was shocked by how r. kelly was eating one vixen’s ass.
the next part of the tape was the most disturbing.

It was a young ass girl getting peed on and peeing on some table.
I remember seeing how detached she looked in her eyes as he peed on her.

it was fuckin gross and i couldn’t even finish it.
she looked like a legit child.
when i would condemn him for his role in this tape,
people told me:

she is a fast-ass little girl.”

she is a kid and she clearly looks like one!”

“She was acting grown enough to have sex. “

years after the tape dropped and r. kelly got a surge in popularity,
i started talking to a wolf online from chicago.
he told me that the victim was still messing with r. kelly.
people in her family were on his payroll and turned a blind eye.
that victim in the tape,
who happens to be the singer sparkle‘s niece:

…is finally speaking out about all she went through in court.
per yahoo

A woman who has been central to R. Kelly’s legal troubles for more than two decades testified Thursday that the R&B singer sexually abused her “hundreds” of times before she turned 18 and that it was her and Kelly in a videotape that was at the heart of his 2008 child pornography trial, at which he was acquitted.

Jane — the pseudonym for the now 37-year-old woman as she testified — paused, tugged at a necklace and dabbed her eyes with a tissue as she said publicly for the first time that the girl in the video was her and that the man was Kelly.

When the prosecutor asked how old she was at the time, she said quietly: “14.” Kelly, 55, would have been around 30 years old at the time.

In addition to charges of child pornography and enticement of minors, Kelly faces charges of conspiring to rig that 2008 trial by intimidating and paying off the girl to ensure she didn’t testify then.

Some jurors who presided over that 2008 trial, which was on state charges, said that they had no choice but to acquit the R&B star because the girl — by then an adult — didn’t testify. On the stand Thursday, Jane conceded that she lied to a state grand jury in 2002 when she said that it was not her in the video.

“I was afraid something bad would happen to Robert,” she told jurors about why she didn’t tell the truth then, referring to Kelly by his full first name. “I was protecting him.”

She added there was another reason she lied about the identity of the person in the video. “I also did not want that person to be me,” she told jurors. “I was ashamed.”

A prosecutor asked Jane toward the end of the day Thursday why she decided in recent years to begin speaking honestly about what happened with Kelly, who Jane said she continued to care for and sometimes live with into her 20s.

“I became exhausted living with his lies,” she answered. She added that federal prosecutors assured her she would not be charged with lying to authorities if she testified truthfully at this trial.

Earlier, Jane also became emotional when she was asked to explain why Kelly can be seen handing money to her in the video. She said it was a precaution against anyone accusing him of abusing a child if the video ever fell into the hands of authorities.

“If anyone saw the tape … he wanted it to appear as if I was a prostitute,” Jane said.

She described her parents confronting Kelly in the early 2000s about whether he was having sex with their daughter. Kelly dropped to his knees and begged her parents to forgive him, Jane testified. She said she later implored her parents not to do anything to get Kelly in trouble, telling them she loved him.

Jane told jurors that in the late 1990s when she was 13, she asked the Grammy award-winning singer to be her godfather because she saw him as an inspiration and mentor.

She said within weeks, Kelly would call her and say sexual things. She told jurors she was 15 when they first had intercourse.

Asked by a prosecutor how she would know what to do sexually, Jane answered, “He would tell me what to do.” Asked how many times they had sex before she turned 18, she answered quietly: “Uncountable times. … Hundreds.”

there are so many people involved in the monster that is r. kelly.
from folks in the industry,
these young victims’ families,
and fans who coddled and made excuses for his behavior.
it’s wild to me how parents can sell off their kids.
it’s also wild how money and fame can make people ignore shit.
look at the reign of terror and power that harvey weinstein had.
even with a sex tape with r. kelly and a young ass girl,
and not to mention all the rumors surrounding aaliyah…

When folks like someone,
or want to have sex with the person,

they will do their damnedest to defend them even if they’re monsters.

…and i think thats the scariest part of it all.

if you want to follow the details of all being said in court,
@crepeau is providing it.
click the picture below to head on over:

article cc: yahoo

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “the young victim in the r. kelly sex tape is talking and well…”

  1. So long story short, despite being an adult, she chose not to testify against R. Kelly because she was living with and being taken care of by him. She put money and sex ahead of getting justice and we’re supposed to feel sorry for her?

    Naw I’m good. My sympathy is reserved for true victims who don’t get a say in the matter when it comes to abuse. Not these fake ass R. Kelly girls who were looking for a fame and a bag.

    1. You said a mouthful

      I’m not justifying his actions but

      If This is the girl they called “big mama” or lil mama she became a madam of sorts and ran the house according to the doc

      And her parents worked for r Kelly’s band they should be in jail too and sparkle brought then kids already having known he was with Aaliyah , also a minor

      It just seems like now that r Kelly can’t maintain the finances, everyone “can’t keep his secret” anymore. But 10 years, 12 years, 20 years ago. Everyone was complicit

      1. ^ wait…

        i thought big mama was idiot that’s with him now…

        now i gotta go read the r. kelly lore for more background on these characters in his story…

    2. I tend to agree with you, except she was groomed as child & nobody protected her, not her parents or aunt from the predator.

      1. The tea that is not spoken is the real tea that should be spilled. Others in the industry too powerful to out were as bad or maybe worse than R Kelly.
        Orlando Brown is called crazy and so is Jaguar Wright, but something is amok and amiss.😉🤭🤔

    3. ^ well she did explain she did it because allegedly she didn’t want him to get in trouble.
      if the rumors are true and what you’re saying,
      it seems like there is more to this story as to why she didn’t.
      not only that,
      she was a child as well.

      her story has layers to it…

  2. I think I’m the only black person that is COMPLETELY uninterested in the whole R.Kelly saga and really R.Kelly as a person or artist, like dead-ass I think the only song I like from him is “I believe I can fly” cause I liked the movie Space Jam. I mean I feel like I’ve been hearing about his disgusting antics with minors since I was 14 and I’m in my 30s now! I’m so over hearing about him and personally I’m just glad his ass is in Jail

    1. Sparkle talked about this all the time and how convenient that everyone just swept it under the rug like it wasn’t anything. An entire tape on record and Sparkle saying multiple times that her family took whatever money and just hushed it up after the reveal of the tape. Crazy to me how her family demonized Sparkle and just acted like she was the problem while they pumped their own daughter out for financial gain.

      1. Yea but the issue is how the family got down with them in the first place

        Sparkle wasn’t a flash in the pan she was singing Backgrounds her ex husband was in a group wit r Kelly everyone is saying he used to stake out at malls and schools. It’s no way she didn’t know this if she sang background for Aaliyah

        Who lying ?? Bc the other backup singer said they saw Aaliyah in bed on the tour bus . So if sparkle brought her young nieces and nephews to get a deal after knowing this does that not make her complicit ?

  3. @jamari fox
    Thanks for posting this I gotta get this off my chest. Ppl around me constantly talking about this.

    I’m glad she finally told the truth so we can FINALLY put this to bed. I was born in 88 so I was young in 94 but I remember it was a known fact that he married Aaliyah a lot of ppl including me didn’t even know Aaliyah age she would never tell and she look like a grown woman all of the lil R&B divas looked grown back then including Monica and later Brandy. I didn’t find out how old Aaliyah was until she died, then I started counting back the years and realized she was only 15 in 1994 smdh. The xxx tape I saw in 02 I stole from my barbershop it started out like a regular amateur freak tape the first 3 scenes were certainly grown women and that was clearly R and clearly his house and TP2 platinum plaques on the wall and his voice (he was talking to someone who knocked on the door) But the last scene was this girl she looked to be my age I was in shock and the the last scene was terrifying he came in her mouth then started urinating on her 😳 WTH!!! No one had said anything about this nasty mess until later on when he got arrested child p0rn in Miami. He should have been thrown under the jail then and sparkle should never speak in public again. It’s just goes to show how complicit and inappropriate we are as a people.

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