the young victim in the r. kelly sex tape is talking and well…

r. kelly‘s sex tape was the talk of the hood when it dropped.

Do we ever know the lore on how this sex tape even got exposed?

my homeboy at the time got the copy from his older cousin.
they were selling this shit on the streets.
i thought it was gonna be r. kelly with an older vixen.
everyone was shocked by how r. kelly was eating one vixen’s ass.
the next part of the tape was the most disturbing.

It was a young ass girl getting peed on and peeing on some table.
I remember seeing how detached she looked in her eyes as he peed on her.

it was fuckin gross and i couldn’t even finish it.
she looked like a legit child.
when i would condemn him for his role in this tape,
people told me:

she is a fast-ass little girl.”

she is a kid and she clearly looks like one!”

“She was acting grown enough to have sex. “

years after the tape dropped and r. kelly got a surge in popularity,
i started talking to a wolf online from chicago.
he told me that the victim was still messing with r. kelly.
people in her family were on his payroll and turned a blind eye.
that victim in the tape,
who happens to be the singer sparkle‘s niece:

…is finally speaking out about all she went through in court.
per yahoo

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Whitney Gets To Celebrate Finally


Whitney recorded this song with Jordin Sparks before she died.
The track is called “Celebrate“, and it will be featured on the Sparkle soundtrack…

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