meet the trans vixen who was told no by every sorority she pledged for

we live in a time where we have the freedom do to what we want.
unless you plan on getting an abortion in a red state.
our ancestors fought for us to be free.
many of them took one for the team for the generations after them.
grant sikes,
a trans vixen who goes to the university of alabama,
was cut from every sorority during rush week.

@grantelisikes HII. Thank u all 💕 it rlly means a lot. #rush #bamarush #ootd #theuniversityofalabama #rushtalk #makeup #rushtok ♬ original sound – Grant Sikes

my thing is this

you want to be part of a sorority and they clearly don’t want you there.

How about you go about making an inclusive sorority strictly for trans vixens?

 i’ve learned to not let people tell you twice that they don’t accept you.
our ancestors went about and created spaces for us.
whether it was black or gay,
they made it in the history books for making safer spaces for us.
grant can do the same.

Fuck them; do your own shit.

…and when you do your own shit,
others who have no voices will follow.
i mean if kevin samuels and trump can create rabid cults…

s’all i’m fonting.
this social media era is all about going viral with being “wronged”.
a sympathy of likes and a “better luck next time“.
go do something right.

lowkey: i feel like alabama is on the same wave as texas.
they aren’t as accepting as up north.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “meet the trans vixen who was told no by every sorority she pledged for”

  1. I concur. Fuck ‘em, do your own thing. And if this was a preliminary to a law suit, I say find a better cause.

  2. Now Miss Ma’am knows damn well that’s not flying in “fuck or marry your own cousin” Alabama lol. Move on and make a better space for yourself and others like you. I’m not kissing anyone’s ass to be included. Inclusion isn’t worth my Soul or happiness.

  3. I live here in Tuscaloosa Alabama….And Hunni….Ms Lady should have known that those people at the UofA (University of Alabama) was not gonna let that happen….Trust me…they barely want to see/deal with our black& brown asses… Tuscaloosa Alabama and Alabama in general is still stuck in the damn Jim Crow era!!

    1. ^ that’s what i was wondering!
      im like alabama is on the suspect list.
      did she really expect anything less?
      she may have gotten accepted someone that was more tolerant tbh.

      1. Ole Miss- Jimmy “Jay “Lee trans murdered and the trade will not tell where the body is. Jay was loved and adored by most everyone.

      2. And honestly…we only have one Gay bar here and it’s mostly white….we have to travel outside of the city and go to Birmingham where there’s multiple black owned bars.

  4. The gay movement aka Stonewall Riots has always been about self absorbed Caucasian men. Now a self absorbed Caucasian trans has deluded herself into believing that a sorority in the deep South will grant acceptance into it’s corridors with open arms.
    Just focus on being there and getting good grades and surviving. Carry a weapon/ gun because at some point you might need it.
    Jamari 🦊, I am surprised you didn’t write about the murder of the University of Mississippi young black trans murdered recently. The punk who killed her will not tell where the body is.

  5. He posted a TikTok a few hours ago where he cleared things up. He’s not trans, he was born a male and identifies as a gay male. He just wanted to join a sorority because he fits in with females more than males. Basically just trying to get attention.

  6. I am of two minds. I love the idea of making her own sorority (not sure the logistics but it’s probably a long process and in the end the school would have to sign off on it). But the rebel in me also feels like fuck that. make these people have to deal with you. Don’t let them off the hook. They are bigots and that is not ok. Depending on my mood that day, they would have to deal with me and explain exactly why I was cut, and then they would see my lawsuit…unless Alabama is a state that allows you to discriminate on the basis of gender (which it probably is).

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