The Bunz of Shopping Wolf At H&M


listen foxhole.
before we get into this “ispy”,
i just gotta ask this

Hasn’t h&m come up these last few years?

h&m is my “go to” when i need something fly on my budget.
their shoes: “eh”.
clothes: “gimmie”.
right now they having this crazy sale.
like “5 and 10 bucks” kind of sale.
i got me this nice sweater that was on sale tonight.
10 dollars.
now i don’t know what was going on at that h&m in times square,
the one with the live dj,
but it was nothing but sexy wolves in there tonight.
even though work wolf was with me,
i could not stop breakin’ my neck.
i could sense he was getting jealous.
well one of my readers,
the one who likes big bunz,
captured what you can usually see in an h&m on a regular…

YfedQ7you see those bunz?
i’ll take that wolf to go.
even though i “beez” checkin out the prices,
i’m also scopin’ out “dem” wolves.
i’m a good multi-tasker.
the wolves who even work there be on point.
i’ll allow h&m to be the new “hook up spot”.

lowkey: always try on their clothes before you buy.
your “s” might really be a “m”.
they could as well make me a spokesperson.
“call me!”

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12 thoughts on “The Bunz of Shopping Wolf At H&M

  1. H&M always has amazing eye candy. And you know it’s even better during the holiday season because the traffic is a little heavier. On the fashion side though, they’ve been disappointing me lately. The clothes are really boring, at least in VA they are. I need more pizzazz.

  2. Just got back from H&M today. Got me a nice black sweatshirt this (p)leather trimming for $15. Had some great sales today.

  3. The H&M’s by me suck. And the eye-candy is really lacking too! That’s one reason I’d love to visit New York. Fashion and Fine people everywhere you look! It’s a bit more boring here.

    ^That dude’s body though.

  4. He definitely have some nice bunz that I wouldn’t mind squeezing every now and then if he was my friend. Yes I am that type of friend that likes to squeeze booties if it nice and juicy, and I am also that type of friend that wouldn’t mind to take a peek on what his ass look like without the pants and underwear. If you were to walk around naked, I mean okay I ain’t complaining. Do you boo, but just remember to rub some baby oil first.

    But I do love H&M tho. It is funny cause I was kinda skeptical at first, but hearing so much about the prices and fashion over there. I finally decided to visit the store and it became love at first sight, but I do love the fitting room tho cause I like to look at my body butt naked in the fitting room to see how everything is and making sure it’s tight n toned at the right places, plus the lighting is perfect. However, I can’t wait to visit the H&M in New York because I know they got way more men fashion than over here in Maine.

  5. H&M is the number one pick up spot in any city or town in the U.S.

    Me and my homie go give bottoms raunchy looks in there for sport lol

  6. Yeah H&M is what’s up , the style there for the men’s fashion has really come up in the last few years.

    If you ever make it down to Atlanta go to the one in Atlantic Station, you’re bound to fine fine wolf after fine wolf there. (Especially since a lot of them are going there to shop before or after their workouts at the Atlatic Station LA fitness down there, which is another spot to see some of the FINEST of the wolf pace.)

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