So They “Straight”?


so a f-bi sent me this video today.
he said these are “straight wolves playing around”



i ain’t never play around with my straight wolf friends like that.
shit maybe i should have.
then again,
my foxtail would be lookin like this:


i’m just sayin…

lowkey: check homie face at the end?
he was just as confused as we are.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “So They “Straight”?”

  1. Dude got enough ass to start his own bakery. Yea I am with Jay, men horse around, but not like this. Those dudes in that room have to be down.

  2. I don’t like to generalize but I have never seen a straight guy with fingernails that long after getting a manicure.That coupled with the clear nail polish.

    1. That what I was gonna say cause he got a french tip with clear nail polish and at first I thought it was a girl because of the nails.

  3. I was waiting for the laughter or the ” nigga ya play too much” from one of the guys in the room. I have a feeling that bottom was the main course for all of them in there 😜

  4. I guess I’m straight then >.>

    Sign me up!

    If one of my “straight” friends was sitting on me like that, he’d better watch out! I’d be so straight that I’d be straight in that ass! LOL

      1. LOL @ Delivert! I will follow is Andrew’s/Anthony’s (not sure which one is his name lol) Delivert straight footsteps! He’s my “idol” lolololololol.

    1. I really wish a friend would sit on me like that, but I would remove his sweats and underwear, but pray to God that his ass is clean and inspect the hole to make sure it’s caca free so I can slide my fingers in him and make his ass clap, but to also place my comic books in between in his cheeks to hold it for me as I read.

      1. A hot ass with some comic books? Oh damn, that sounds like heaven!

        Lindo, you’re bringing out my ratchet side haha!

  5. No sir! Unacceptable lol! Straight my ass straight to bed that is. all them niggas is a part of the butt brigade and they bout to wear his big ass out!!!

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