When Baller Wolves Drop The “F” Bomb On You


i always wondering what referees have to deal with on the court.
its no secret baller wolves be cursin’ them completely out.
what if one was openly gay?
and all the baller wolves knew?
i’m sure that would make it easy to get slick at the mouth.
well that’s what happened to bill kennedy,
a gay referee in the nba.
he got the “f” bomb dropped on him by a baller wolf and well…

Bill Kennedy, one of the NBA’s top referees, has revealed he is gay.

“I am proud to be an NBA referee and I am proud to be a gay man,” Kennedy told Yahoo Sports on Sunday night. “I am following in the footsteps of others who have self-identified in the hopes that will send a message to young men and women in sports that you must allow no one to make you feel ashamed of who you are.”

Kennedy’s announcement comes in the wake of the NBA’s suspension of Sacramento Kings guard Rajon Rondo, who game officials, including Kennedy, heard unleash a disturbing torrent of anti-gay slurs following his ejection from a game on Dec. 3 in Mexico City.

After Kennedy, 49, ejected Rondo with consecutive technical fouls in a Kings loss to the Boston Celtics, Rondo defied league protocol to immediately leave the court and began stalking Kennedy, who had retreated to a far sideline of the floor.

In the game officials’ report used as part of the NBA’s investigation – which includes details provided to Yahoo Sports from National Basketball Referee’s Association general counsel Lee Seham – Kennedy and fellow referee Ben Taylor described Rondo’s post-ejection diatribe as including the statements: “You’re a mother——- faggot. … You’re a f—— faggot, Billy.”

Seham reported that a third official, Bennie Adams, outside of hearing distance, “affirmed that Rondo aggressively pursued referee Bill Kennedy and had to be restrained by teammates and escorted off the floor by Sacramento team security.”

The three officials – Kennedy, Taylor and Adams – confirmed those reports in taped interviews conducted by NBA security on Dec. 4, Seham said.

Seham told Yahoo Sports: “The NBA referees stand by Bill Kennedy for the job he does and who he is. We stand against bigotry in all its forms.”

In suspending Rondo on Friday, the NBA issued a statement saying that he had been punished for “directing a derogatory and offensive term towards a game official and not leaving the court in a timely manner.”

 this is the baller hyena in question:
Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 9.07.28 PM
 look at him.
bill won.
enjoy that suspension rajon.
speaking of the “f” bomb,
i have a question for the foxhole tho.
getting the “f” bomb dropped on you is bound to happen in this life.
there are plenty of straight hyenas with no filter.
hell there are gay ones who call each other that as an insult.
so if someone called you the “f” word

How would you react?

…especially if you are dl or discreet?
as for me,
is it bad to say it doesn’t bother me as it once did?
maybe thats a bad thing?

as a blogger,
and a gay one at that,
i had to get thick fur and really quick.
not everyone i post about will respond nicely.
even if i have good intentions with the entry,
some pineapples are still insecure and extremely homophobic.
 i refuse to let someone’s ignorance,
and possible foreshadow towards their karma,
destroy how i feel about myself.
just my thoughts.
now you?
oh and rajon apologized for his behavior towards bill.
on twitter:
Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 9.28.38 PM


lowkey: thanks to the f-bi who sent me in this story.

article taken: yahoo sports

34 thoughts on “When Baller Wolves Drop The “F” Bomb On You

  1. The NBA ref, Tim Donaghy (kicked out for betting on games and point shaving) wrote a book in 2009 about the inner dealings of the NBA, and he outed Kennedy at that time. Everyone knows, despite what ESPN wrote. Did it bother any of you that they had to redact “motherfucker”, but still felt it was ok to print the word “faggot”? That bothered me a lot. I think Kennedy handled it well, and, I read what Rondo tweeted, and that is NOT an apology.

  2. Boo effen hoo! I’ve not been called that, but if I were called that by someone “who could get it,” I’d consider it a come on. Then we’d prolly fight cause I’m basically taking it as flirting.

    There are consequences for conconformant in the workplace. He could use some grooming.

    In my funky done a voice “is it me, or do 99% of the men calling people faggots are the ones we don’t even want? Consider the source, lololol.

  3. Rondo is the ET of the NBA, but as Charles Barkley said there are at least 2.5 gay players per team. He said that stat was 1.5 when he was playing

  4. LMAO at the following tweets. These ninjas ALWAYS eat their words after saying stupid shit. Travis Scott’s ashy ugly ass did the same thing. He was going in on gay people in his show only to subsequently apologize on twitter after the backlash he got. When will these clowns ever learn..

  5. Well, good for Bill for coming out. Now Jamari, here are my thoughts on if someone calls me a faggot: I’ve been called that since I was young it use to offend me. I didn’t cry, but I would fight back. Now I remembered one of my classmates (who was a white girl by the way) saying that if I’m not that, don’t worry. Well, fast forward to 19 years old and I was giving up neck outside to some neighborhood wolf. I then discovered my self to be a fox with wolf tendencies. I don’t know.

    Now at 31, I still get bothered by the word “faggot” but as far as me using it, I try not to use it, but every now and then, I will say it when describing these jackals and hyenas who doesn’t seem to get that their toxic behavior is killing them and others around them.

    Now as far as Rajon Rando, I remember someone saying that he looks like Franklin the turtle from Nick Jr. It was a mean tweet that he read on the Jimmy Kimmel live show. So yeah, Rajon lives up to his reputation of being a dumb jock who looks like a turtle!

  6. Why people are trying to find him excuses? If it was a white baller calling the referee nigger would you be there saying “i really don’t think he’s racist, he was just frustrated” would you be saying black people need to stop playing the victims and get over this word? And before someone comes here to telle me “race and sexualitiy are not the same thing” let me tell you DISCRIMINATION = DISCRIMINATION. Now i really dgaf if someone call me faggot, i’m a feminie black gay man so yall know i get this word on a daily basis but i’m too self-confident to be bothered by this…; but that doesn’t mean it’s ok for anybody to use it. You’re what you say, so be careful about what comes out of your mouth.

  7. Methinks he ‘doth protest too much methinks.’…and these kinds kill me..you know the type: always spewing some homophobic ignorance and then attempt to use scripture to back their stance all the while forgetting 1 John 4:20…quick to call a mofo gay/faggot or acting such…having delusions that all gay men are checking for them even though they look like the bottom of your corner resident bum’s shoe…smh

  8. If anyone remembers, Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000 for calling a referee “faggot” after he was given a technical foul during a game back in April 2011.

  9. I actually like Rondo and respect his work ethic as an athlete. I definitely don’t think he is a homophobic although I am pretty sure that they were all aware of Bill’s orientation. Anyone who has been around athletes or a sports game whether local or at a stadium would know that these players don’t give a damn they are very passionate about the game and they will call your mother a faggot if they have to. My brothers have called each other faggots during sports game arguments while I was right there and it never even occurred to them that they were being rude to me. I think most of the time slurs aren’t specific and I would like it if more gay men would stop playing the victims and go cry on social media about somebody calling them a faggot. So what? I wouldn’t say it’s just a word but I wouldn’t let it get to me. Most gay men I have come across especially black gay men are very successful. Lawyers, doctors, CEOs, engineers, president of companies, designers and business men. These men overcome obstacles and are very respected because they refuse to play the victims and let the little things get to them. No they go to school get their masters and end up running the show. It really inspires me to look at life in a different perspective and know that they may call you a faggot, but you’re the faggot with the milestones they will never surpass, you’re the faggot who runs their lives, who hires and fires them. At the end of the day, Bill Kennedy makes the calls on that court; the faggot decides what goes on in the game, so who really won here really?

    Much love guys!

    1. I don’t give a fuck about who calls who faggot. I do know I would do that reflects in 60 seconds flat. Rondo just hating cuz the refrigerator looks better.

  10. It doesn’t matter if the referee is gay or not.He just happens to be gay.Kobe was fined $100,000 for using same slur,Joakim Noah was fined $50,000. The referee just decided to come out.He didn’t get suspended for calling a gay referee a gay slur.He got suspended for calling a referee a gay slur and refusing to leave the court.There is no evidence the player knew he was guy.According to ESPN most of the other referees didn’t even know he was gay.

    1. Back in the days it was more so used to imply you’re a punk. I was called it because of my impeccable double dutch jumping skills and my feminine ways..lol Once I looked it up in the dictionary and read what it meant, my comeback was always the real meaning of the word. I developed thick skin whilst sharpening my comeback skills.

      I’m not sure if Rondo (who I happen to enjoy his bball skills) meant it in that way, because let’s be real here, no one except Rondo knows what his state of mind was at the time. I know it was said after the referee ejected him from the court via a technical foul because Rondo kept staring at him after he (the ref) had originally made a call on a play. Nevertheless all this p.c. crap gets on my nerves.

  11. I really don’t gaf if someone calls me that. When most dudes say it, they mean it as displaying “bitch ass” behavior. I had been called that often, but only reacted when I was heavily insecure in this lifestyle, but now I’m not idc anymore.

  12. You aren’t going to survive out here if you don’t have thick fur. If you go around getting into your feelings over what someone said, you’re giving them that power over you.

    People try to say what they think will hurt you worst. Whether it’s your skin, weight, sexuality, or gender. Show people the word doesn’t phase you and they look for something else.

  13. How would he have known the referee was gay?

    Would it have been as big of a deal if he wasn’t gay?

      1. I find it hard to believe NBA players that make millions are gossiping about the sexual orientation of referees lol

        I think the NBA is covering their ass so he can’t sue if he feels discriminated lol

      2. ^and that makes them immune to gossiping?
        they got money.
        not sitting with jesus and the disciples LOL
        half the time,
        they nothing but common pineapples.
        if they gossip about hoes,
        the kardashians,
        and other shit in the locker room,
        then i’m sure they also mentioned about the referee who they hear is gay.
        probably talking about “watch your ass” or some shit.

        i do feel you on the other point tho.

      3. Jamari do you think the executives at your job are gossiping about who you smashing?! Doubt it.

        I didn’t say they don’t gossip, but I doubt a referee is a topic of conversation. Other players, coaches, dancers, thots? Yes sure

      4. People are always talking, especially if you don’t have a wife and kids, and keep using the same excuse. Even if you aren’t gay, people are always talking…

      5. Let’s face..there is a lot of dick suckin in locker rooms. Hell I bet some players get refs to suck em to get calls in their favor…it only becomes public or an issue when some body gets mad.

    1. I’m under the assumption that he was out in his private life but once this incident happened he felt compelled to announce it to the media.

    2. It was known around the league offices this man was gay. Even back as far as when Rondo played in Boston.

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