boosie said lil nas x is a disrespectful “f” bomb and he’s gonna beat his ass

it’s crazy how you can be a decent person,
be respectful to everyone,
but if some pineapples find out you’re gay then you’re auto-canceled.
ever since boosie saw a male getting drilled in jail,
he has an extreme bitterness for anyone who is gay.
he didn’t mind his business then and he damn sure ain’t minding it now.
so apparently and allegedly,
lil nas x said he wanted to perform naked for charity?
in defense of dababy,
boosie went all the way off on lnx too…

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When Baller Wolves Drop The “F” Bomb On You


i always wondering what referees have to deal with on the court.
its no secret baller wolves be cursin’ them completely out.
what if one was openly gay?
and all the baller wolves knew?
i’m sure that would make it easy to get slick at the mouth.
well that’s what happened to bill kennedy,
a gay referee in the nba.
he got the “f” bomb dropped on him by a baller wolf and well…
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The “F” Bomb

“yeah whatever you fuckin’ faggot”

i had to re-read the text this morning.
we have argued before,
but never like this.
i was ready to go over to his doorstep to have him repeat it.
straight wolf who has been my friend damn near 8 years,
someone i trusted enough to reveal myself to,
dropped the “f” bomb on me.
i told him i was tired of him only hitting me up to talk to me about her.
his new bitch.
i don’t like her.
she treats him like shit.
swims in his wallet.
i thought he was only in it because of the pussy.
i guess not.
just last week he hit me up to tell me that he is over her.
he also said i do something she doesn’t

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