boosie said lil nas x is a disrespectful “f” bomb and he’s gonna beat his ass

it’s crazy how you can be a decent person,
be respectful to everyone,
but if some pineapples find out you’re gay then you’re auto-canceled.
ever since boosie saw a male getting drilled in jail,
he has an extreme bitterness for anyone who is gay.
he didn’t mind his business then and he damn sure ain’t minding it now.
so apparently and allegedly,
lil nas x said he wanted to perform naked for charity?
in defense of dababy,
boosie went all the way off on lnx too…

…and even went as far as to say he’ll fight lnx:

the “f” word is such an ugly word to me,
but talk about incriminating yourself if anything ever happens to lnx.

Does he realize some gay males are still men and can fight too?

i’ve seen some gay males beat a straight’s ass to the point of embarrassment.
don’t go get yo ass kicked by that same “f” bomb boosie.
i promise you that i’ll laugh.

i highly doubt lnx would ever perform naked in front of a crowd of children.
this feels like boosie is angrier that lnx is gay rather than performing naked.
that seems like the excuse rather than the actual idea.

i keep wondering why boosie continues to have a platform?
it’s not like he is doing anything groundbreaking.
he comes off like the old man who rants to himself and tells you to stay off his lawn.
he just spills hatred and other vile shit to the world,
but with 1.2m followers,
i guess he has an audience.
it seems like the ceo of ig,
adam mosseri,
snatched his ig off because of nudity.


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boosie claims it’s because of racism:


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“how the hell my instagram was took because of nudity?
it was took because of racism.”
he always blaming someone for racism just like:

this is how i know boosie is legit insane.

whatever happened to him in jail pushed him to the point of insanity.

lowkey: i love how everyone on tbc is ignoring how hateful he is on his social media.
i guess his hatred is for the culture?

24 thoughts on “boosie said lil nas x is a disrespectful “f” bomb and he’s gonna beat his ass

  1. Lil booty is black ugly and so lame and is not worth a fuck by felicia nas x is richer better body larger fan base and got 100 percent support by lil booty

  2. Not sure if anyone else saw it but yesterday according to MTO (which means take it with less than a grain of salt) an out Black gay man allegedly has come forward claiming he and BussyAshy@ss had a relationship for 6 months and brothaman supposedly has receipts. I say if you got them share them, because BussyAshy@ss seems obsessed with gay people, trans people (remember how he went off on Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union’s daughter, a child?), and gay male sex.

    It’s just like DaBigot and some other rappers (50 Cent, etc.) so he probably has been getting those ashy cakes banged out or trying to get into somebody else’s cakes and is feeling some kind of way about all of this. Keeping running your mouth, girl and you might just find your ashy @ss exposed for the world to see. It wouldn’t be the first time or the last!

  3. I bet my bottom dollar that Miss Boosie is an Old Mean Power Bottom who likes to put on Timbs and Daisy Duke Shorts and Disco Dance to “Its Raining Men” by the Weather Girls. As I have said many times, “Todays Trade is Tomorrow’s Competition and Miss Boosie fits the bill. This Gurl wants somebody to pound them rancid ashy Louisiana Swamp Cakes so bad. Not a month goes by before this Struggle Face Beotch has something to say about the Gays. He wants to be one so bad but cant. Watch dudes who always trying to shine the light on somebody else because they want to get that light off of them. He is clearly Torn that he cant be the Bad Bitch he was born to be. It is killing him softly. Send Prayers that he one day can come out.

    1. “Chew Chew Bang Bang- Boosie got that hot, wet thang”.
      Some thug must have bust him out in jail and then dumped him for the femme queen in the next cellblock.🌈💋4 A🦋.

    2. I fell on the floor when I read:

      “This Gurl wants somebody to pound them rancid ashy Louisiana Swamp Cakes so bad.”


      “Chew Chew Bang Bang- Boosie got that hot, wet thang”.

      You two are 100+!!!

  4. Umm why y’all think that the person who was getting fucked in jail wasn’t him BOOSIE😂😂😂😂Nigga obsessed with Men and Men’s business.. answer me this question.. WHICH STRAIGHT MAN HAS THE TIME OF DAY TO WORRY OR COMMENT ABOUT A GAY MANS BUSINESS 🤔.. I’ll wait 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  5. “I’d beat his ass” 😂 right, I could see Boosie scrawny 5’6 ass run up, then see Nas is 6’1 with that “slim built” frame, he’d prolly can to a screeching halt and be like “..This Mu’fucka Bigga then I thought!?” I can jus hear it! 😂😂😂

  6. Im sorry I wasn’t aware somebody getting their nut was an issue, especially to still be bitter about. Was he bitter the top had a bigger dick or better stroke than his and the bottom took it better than the hoes he pay for. Then he said he gon beat LNX ass, have you seen LNX, that nigga been in the gym, if anybody getting his ass beat its gon b Boosie. I do not understand why people have a problem where one man is sticking his dick and mouth, that’s his problem and his problem alone. Everybody don’t need to pay for pussy when they can get it for free.

  7. Bye Ashy!!! These rappers are MADDDDTTTT lmao!!!

    They hate to see a gay BLACK rapper flourishing in THEIR field.

    Also Boosie is the same peon who made a grown ass STRIPPER give his teenage son a blowjob for his 13 birthday! And bragged about it online!

    He should be the LAST person talking about the “chirren”! These straight black men are losing sleep over LNX, Seethe!

  8. I find it more interesting how..
    Boosie was acting like a kitty cat when being questioned about his stance on lgbt. Now he has so much static and energy for lnx🤔?
    The proof is in the pudding!😹

  9. He has a platform becasue he represents our stupid as fuk cousins, uncles and fathers. Remember, because they get profiled by police, they are above reproach by the rest of the blk community. They are above being held accountable.

    I’ve alrdy talked about how TBC overlooks anything a rapper does. They were talking about Da Baby’s ‘apology today. Char is saying ‘blah blah blah that’s not holding dababy accountable, and literally ends it w ‘salute to dababy tho’.

    This shit is insane at this point. These nigas get a check and get the 1st white/mixed woman they can get their hands on, but blk women keep showing up.

    And I will beat the entire shit out of boosie’s ugly ass face until the cops come, and I’m not even a lnx fan.

  10. Wasn’t he begging people to pay for his diabetes medication? Perhaps he should work on getting health insurance.

    1. Chile the was about to loose his leg! See if he minded his A1C like her mind everybody else’s business… Nevermind nevermind.

  11. WHY DOES HE HAVE A PLATFORM? 🙄 that’s the question i need an answer to. Is dude even a musician still? What is his contribution to the culture? Paid oral sex for minors? Why do we give this idiot any relevance?


    1. Tory Lanez apparently broke the restraining order Megan has against him being at that event, and he performed her song which was super disrespectful. That hobbit and tyrannosaurus rex…if anyone should be cancelled, it’s them along with this gremlin.

  13. Ok….I’m gonna say this….I don’t understand why Lil Nas X was brought into the situation of what the other rapper said and done….but hears a man that has allowed his young son to get oral sex from a grown ass woman who’s a stripper…But y’all upset with Lil Nas X…..Performing nude for a charity when kids are seeing it….I will say I would have a problem wit that….But Boosie raccoon eyes looking ass and other rappers always rapping about HOES….GUNS….AND MONEY…Killa nigga this….shoot a muthafucka that….fuck that hoe for the back over there….Can somebody PLEASE tell me what’s the leading cause of death among African American Men….Gun violence!!! He should know that because he has almost lost his life to it…..Just go sit yo ass down somewhere looking like a raccoon by the eyes…..(This is my opinion)

    1. ^its crazy to me how he nudity is okay for the “kids”?
      having a stripper suck his young son is okay tho.

      it’s legit “the fruit on the floor”.

      1. Absolutely 💯….I’m just sick of the damn “STRAIGHT ” rappers….pick yo lane and stay in it….Leave the GAYS alone….We’re over here living our BEST lives under our BEAUTIFUL 🌈🏳️‍🌈

    2. That clown prob got his salad toss, flip it and rub it down so much that he can’t help but like it but wanna fake it to make it his followers.

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