dua lipa levitated dababy right off her ig follower’s list

some people really be charging up the mileage for their karma.
after dababy‘s recent nonsense,
dua lipa made a statement about the whole thing.
she worked with dababy on the “levitating remix” from her recent album,
“future nostalgia”.
sidebar: that album is really dope.
she took to her ig stories to font:

…and she unfollowed him shortly after.
 dababy responded


it’s the “fuck all this noise and show up to my concerts” for me.
if you think this will cancel him amongst some black folks…

…then i got a bridge to sell in brooklyn.
 he cosigned this from sincere on ig:

she wasn’t a “culture vulture” when he was collecting those culture vulturing checks from that song.

let’s font about his culture clout chasing tho.
dababy collab’d with megan the stallion more than a few times.
she had a domestic abuse incident that involved tory lanez.
dababy decided to pick sides and show his support for tory.

Dua Lipa decided he was bad for business and showed her support for those he offended.

it’s business.
“it’s business” is always a sentence thrown around by negros who are prone to sell out.

sounds like he might need to check his karma receipt because he has been billed correctly.

lowkey: isn’t danileigh allegedly pregnant by him?


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how embarrassing.
if that’s her baby faavah,
i think she is gonna be embarrassed quite frequently.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “dua lipa levitated dababy right off her ig follower’s list”

  1. Dua Lipa and Kylie Minogue’s albums got me through my outside workouts during the Pandemic. Pop chicks ain’t gonna fuck up the bag over a feature rapper, that’s silly.

  2. Last time I checked he benefited way more from the remix of Dua’s song. That remix helped HIM cross over to a bigger audience. She was already bigger than him and was already a Grammy winner before that remix was released. Everything about him is trash. He and Tory Lanez can go to hell.

  3. The response to what he said is way more offensive and dangerous. He really didn’t say anything offensive.

    1. Yes he did, and we all know it. I guarantee you he wasn’t having people raise up their phones if they didn’t have diabetes or if they weren’t fingering some pussy in the parking lot.

        1. Good for you…. you not being offended don’t mean what he said wasn’t offensive. And you understand that.

  4. Have you heard Elton John read de baby. You know you fucked up when you got one of the legendary gays calling you out

    1. I saw that! Sir Alton duster off his lacefront to come to the read. Even though he is a closet racist….

  5. He really needs to stop talking. Those tweets are making my head hurt. He is so ignorant and uncouth its hard to watch him dig a deeper hole. Just loud & wrong, and clearly doesn’t wanna let up. Where his publicists at?? Take this man’s phone NOW

    And what does any of this have to do with police brutality? Some black straight men will spin anything to make it about them and look like the victim. This man just made inflammatory comments about people with HIV “dying in 3 weeks” and now he wants to play the victim? Asinine. Don’t bring BLM into this nonsense.

    And of course, the IGNANT straight black men are always on code when it comes to cosigning their foolishness. She isn’t a culture vulture sir, DaBigot needed Dua Lipa WAY MORE than she needed him. She did his ass a favor. I just hate how folks on his side are now making it a race issue when they just dont want to admit that he fucked up. He needs to hold himself accountable and realize that his comment didn’t needed to be said aloud, educate yourself sir.

  6. Im going to say this and this is in no way of support of Da Baby, but he only going to get more popular. Not only is this country racist but majority is homophobic as well and they will support his comments. He only saying what people saying about LNX. All of a sudden now people have a problem saying he shouldn’t do the things he does. Everything he did he copied from somebody else. It wasnt a problem when Madonna kissed Britney and Christina Aguilera. It wasn’t a problem when Diana Ross slapped Lil Kim titty. It wasn’t a problem when Lady Gaga had an all female prison for Telephone. Im so tired of hearing “that’s because they are women and it’s acceptable”. This is 2021 and if you can’t accept the fact black men are gay, then you the one with the problem. Watch Da Baby concert sellout and watch every media outlet cover it. Da Baby is just another talented artist that you just wished he didn’t open his mouth to speak but that would be taken his first amendment right. The same right that let LNX make his videos so… this country is old fashioned minded with new technology. They still believe in stoning people when men are not supposed to lie in bed with women during menstruated periods but no sign is greater than the next unless your gay and then you are a abomination.

  7. Dua Lipa isn’t a culture vulture, but Da Baby has a public persona of being wretched and dumb, and had one a year ago when they recorded together. So her being surprised is a lie.

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