AHT! AHT! AHT! you thought you was free of masks but the cdc might be changing its tune

the cdc was reckless when they told folks to galivant out here without masks on.
i try to have my mask on 99% of the time when i’m out in these forests.
folks went wild; jamari fox didn’t.
as the rona continues to eat up the united states,
it looks like it’s all eyes on the cdc.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to recommend everyone in K-12 schools wear a mask, regardless of their vaccination status, as it updates its masking guidelines on Tuesday, according to an administration health official. The CDC is also urging vaccinated people in certain areas of the country to resume wearing masks because of Covid-19.

People in areas with high or substantial Covid-19 transmission should resume wearing masks, the CDC is expected to say, according to sources familiar with the announcement. Nearly two-thirds of US counties have high or substantial transmission of Covid-19, according to CDC data; 46% of counties have high transmission and 17% have substantial transmission. CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky is expected to announce the decision at a 3 p.m. ET briefing on Tuesday.

The new guidance comes about two months after President Joe Biden declared it a “great day in America” when the CDC revised its mask guidelines for vaccinated people and reflects a psychological setback for a country struggling to emerge from the grips of the pandemic. Wearing masks has been an issue fraught with politics, and the decision to revise mask guidelines will undoubtedly be met with harsh blowback from Republicans, especially on schools. Current CDC guidance states that all people age 2 and older who are not fully vaccinated should wear masks at school.

hold up because i gotta…

i thought when the cdc announced that shit that someone was smoking crack tbh.
we are in the midst of a pandemic,
where folks are reckless af about their health and others,
and they announced we can go back to party like it’s 2019 again.
this doesn’t make the cdc look good at all.
it has caused all this beef between the jabbed and the jabbed not.
every commercial was telling folks to get jabbed and go party maskless again,
but it seems the delta v bees like:

i feel like folks got a good lesson in “gotcha”.
they should have maintained masks and social distancing for at least another year.
we should have been easing into things instead of jumping headfirst,
but they definitely misstepped on how much folks were not gonna get jabbed and the power of the rona sisters.
the government and media have made a whole mess with this entire thing.


it’s pretty much common sense,

lowkey: folks have been saying how disappointing biden has been.
look at this fool:

Repeal the Newsom Mask Mandate!

— Caitlyn Jenner (@Caitlyn_Jenner) July 27, 2021

article cc: cnn

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “AHT! AHT! AHT! you thought you was free of masks but the cdc might be changing its tune”

  1. The surge is because of the unvaccinated. Period. End of conversation. These people weren’t following the guidelines in the first place and then even if they were they’re ignorant in regards to the vaccine. It’s all fun and games until they have delta and going to the upper room.

    1. Blaming unvaccinated people shows a lack of understanding of simple biology. Just because you take a shower doesn’t mean if you roll into mud, you won’t get dirty.

      Simple guidelines we SHOULD have been following, such as washing hands and staying home when we’re sick have NOT been followed. We ALL know a co-worker who leaves the bathroom without washing their hands. We also know certain people who don’t wash their legs and don’t get me started on how they wash food.

      You can social distance, disinfect and still contract Covid-19, while being unvaccinated. The idea that you can stop doing those things with this “experimental gene therapy” and not contract it is ridiculous.

      People get flu shots. They still get other variants of the flu. You can still contract the virus. The “gene therapy” is to help lessen symptoms.

      I say “gene therapy” as the method used to inject patients uses MRNA which is a novel way of doing so (Pfizer and Moderna). Johnson & Johnson takes the more traditional approach as does AstraZeneca. We must be very careful of language as even the documentation when you go to get your shot, indicates that it is NOT a vaccine.

      The “experimental gene therapy” is expected to be fully approved in January. There will likely be other variants. While the current “experimental gene therapies” have been shown to lessen the effectiveness of the Delta variant, they are significantly lower than the percentages for the original strain.

      Blaming the unvaccinated as if people aren’t dirty is ignorant.

      TL;DR: You can still contract it after getting vaccinated. This disturbing “witch hunt” against the unvaccinated is scary. If you choose to get vaccinated, that’s your choice and simply remove the unvaccinated from your life. Oh right, you can’t. Just as I can’t extricate racists from my life. Adults take control of their own decisions and don’t seek out scapegoats so they can go back to breathing in people’s personal space.

      1. This disturbing “witch hunt” against those who aren’t inoculated* is scary. If you choose to get inoculated*, that’s your choice and simply remove those who aren’t inoculated* from your life.

        1. Girl, I’m not reading all that not when the facts say 97% of new cases are from individuals who AREN’T VACCINATED. It’s not hard to understand science and matter!

          1. “It’s not hard to understand science and matter!”

            Matter is what we are all made up of or a topic. I have no idea what that was supposed to mean

      2. Sorry, but it is largely the of fault of the unvaccinated. Yes, the vaccinated can still spread the virus but they have a form of protection to mitigate the effects of the virus. The unvaccinated do not. They should have been acting in ways to protect themselves. Instead a lot of them went to the crowded beaches and full capacity restaurants just like everyone else. Now they’re getting sick and all of us are being asked to take extra precautions just to protect them.

        1. Yes, the vaccinated can still spread the virus but they have a form of protection to mitigate the effects of the virus.

          How when people stopped wearing masks after getting inoculated?

      3. There have been over 340 million doses of vaccine administered in US. Nearly half the populations is fully vaccinated. If nearly all of the COVID deaths right now are in the unvaccinated, what does that tell you?

        You’d rather people take a chance with wild coronavirus and its treatments, than the vaccine?

        Do you know what gene therapy really is? Hint: it’s got nothing to do with mRNA vaccines.

        Do you really think that poor personal hygiene is as much of a problem at this point as people being unvaccinated? If so, why?

        Variants arise because unvaccinated people give the virus an opportunity to mutate. What does that tell you? Maybe get vaccinated??

        The mRNA technology had already been in development for years, so they piggybacked on that to develop the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines. Does that still sound “experimental”?

        Btw, the mRNA tells your cells to make a harmless piece of the virus’ surface protein, which triggers your immune response. This piece of spike protein can’t make you sick. Just like a blonde wig doesn’t make you Beyoncé. Simple biology, right?

        The vaccines are still very effective in preventing you from dying of the Delta variant. Nonetheless, no vaccine is ever 100%. Why did you drop that like it was breaking news?

        Please do a better job of synthesizing available FACTS and thinking critically to form logical conclusions. This fact-lite, ‘I-be-knowin’ routine of yours is really lazy and irresponsible.

        1. “Do you know what gene therapy really is? Hint: it’s got nothing to do with mRNA vaccines.”

          According to the FDA, “Gene therapy is a technique that modifies a person’s genes to treat or cure disease. Gene therapies can work by several mechanisms:”

          What then would you call mRNA that tells the body how to create an immune response to SARS-CoV-2? mRNA doesn’t enter the nucleus and therefore cannot affect or rewrite DNA and only instructs on the creation of relevant proteins.

          Please inform the authors of this peer-reviewed academic articles how mRNA has nothing to do with gene therapy and we can rewrite medicine based on your comment:


        2. The mRNA technology had already been in development for years, so they piggybacked on that to develop the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines. Does that still sound “experimental”?

          Yes, it does as trials last significantly longer and this had to be expedited in the approval process. Even so, plenty of things have been “approved” by the FDA to incite class-action lawsuits and companies prepare for this.

          “Please do a better job of synthesizing available FACTS and thinking critically to form logical conclusions. This fact-lite, ‘I-be-knowin’ routine of yours is really lazy and irresponsible.”

          Allegedly I’m competent at research and literature review, because what I’ve written has been published, but yes, I am “lazy”.

          Putting the entire blame on those who aren’t inoculated when those who are are breaking distancing and hygiene protocol isn’t lazy. You clearly wanted to argue with someone.

          1. I guess the scientific community should have consulted you, Seli, so you could tell them that the vaccines are in fact gene therapy and do modify your genes. 😏

            Sorry folks, but the fact remains that mRNA vaccines do not alter your genes. Calling them gene therapy is a semantics game that conspiracists exploit to spread fear and misinformation.

            Again, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines contain coronavirus mRNA, which your cells read to make the viral spike protein. Your immune system recognizes this spike protein as foreign and mounts a response. The spike protein is totally inert and the mRNA that you’re injected with gets destroyed in a few days. But now, your system has been primed to fight off any future coronavirus infection.

            The viral mRNA does not interact with or alter your own DNA. AT ALL. It can’t and doesn’t even need to.

            Although it has now been established that the vaccinated can spread the Delta variant, the fact remains that the unvaccinated are fueling the current wave of infections.

  2. I won’t lie, I still haven’t got the vaccine. I was going to but I just don’t leave my house because I am so busy. So I will continue to mind my recluse business whilst they figure it out.

    1. I had a loved one who only had food and groceries delivered and contracted from that, so staying inside forever isn’t the key. Disinfect all mail and especially shoes after going out.
      Elderberry and Ginger can help strengthen your immune system should you decide not to take it.

      Several other forms will be available in the next year, including a nasal spray which might be a better option if you’re opposed to needles. It’s supposed to be more effective as it works at the site where the virus would enter.

    2. They figured it out. Please get vaccinated. You do not want to end up like the numerous people who are suffering from long-haul Covid or worse. I lost a relative to this disease and have seen others really broken in half by it.

      The vaccine is a basic form of protection and its effects are nothing compared to what Covid-19 can do (blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, kidney problems, brain fog, severe bleeding, loss of taste and smell, eye problems, etc.). Most vaccinated people who contract Covid-19 experience far less severe side effects than the unvaccinated.

      Please get vaccinated if you can.

  3. Ppl in China have been walking down the streets in masks as far back as I can remember. Anyone NOT wearing a mask in close spaces is a willful idiot, IMHO. I haven’t been on the train in forever, but I’ll be damned if I’ll ever step foot onto it w/o a mask ever again.

  4. One day you’ll learn that this is bigger than covid and realize that this is in fact a vascular disease. It baffles me how people are shaming individuals who prioritize they livelihood by refusing to take a non FDA approved “vaccine”.

    This Covid jab isn’t even listed as a vaccine to begin with.

    Most of y’all probably are the same ones who blame the MSM y’all blindly fall for. Y’all more comfortable to live selfishly than to see the damage that has been done since Covid was brought to the masses.

    Y’all unaware that Rockefeller funded this project, y’all don’t know that this is a mRNA gene modifying jab, y’all don’t know what graphene oxide is, and most likely are clueless of the lives that have been compromised or lost by those who willingly or forcibly took this damn vaccine.

    Y’all think this is going back to normal? You haven’t read the evil 2030 sustainable development plans and how that aligns with population control and the upcoming war in 2023.

    Keep sleeping while you’re emotionally invested in this neo segregation and racial division sponsored by the Rockefellers and brought by the mainstream media.

    1. Would you be willing to volunteer in a packed Covid ward or ER in your city? All day, unmasked. For a week. Changing bedpans? Bring a few of your friends who share your beliefs. Tell us how it turns out.

  5. I never stopped masking up, JamariFox, and won’t now. Same with washing my hands, taking precautions by using Purell, etc. And I did get vaccinated. Please, people, I understand your skepticism, but if you see what a severe case of Covid-19 infection or long-haul Covid-19 does to people, you’ll see that getting vaxed and masking up is a minor inconvenience by comparison.

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