dababy is “giving what it’s supposed to give” and it’s “he don’t gaf”?

it’s how funny we can foreshadow scandals before they happen.
dababy shot the video for “giving what it supposed to give” before he told folks:

“If you didn’t show up today with HIV, AIDS, any of them deadly sexually transmitted diseases that’ll make you die in two, three weeks, then put your cellphone light up.”

my mind is still blown that he said that nonsense.
in the song,
he said…

Bitch, we like AIDS,
I’m on your ass,
we on your ass,
we won’t go ‘way (Go ‘way)

dababy is a wild boy.
with this current scandal.
he should have scrapped this song and video.
isn’t “giving what it’s supposed to give” lingo from a gay male?

“She gave me head and that head was givin’ what it’s supposed to give”

so many syncs in this song with this scandal he’s in.
it looks like he gonna ride this shit until it fully blows up in his face.

controversy always gives folks a push because the video already has 1m views.
there is always someone(s) that will support the opposing views of others.
trump’s reign of terror and his maga supporters were perfect examples of that.
look at all the shit he did/said and folks still found him worthy to run this country.

even though dababy’s partnership with boohooman was pulled:

…i don’t think he gives af tbh.

the other shit he been in didn’t make him gaf so why would this?

lowkey: you see how long it took for folks to cancel r. kelly?
some black folks mastered the art of “turning the other cheek” if they like someone.
it’s giving “generational curse”.

15 thoughts on “dababy is “giving what it’s supposed to give” and it’s “he don’t gaf”?

  1. Why do we worry about such people? Homophobia and hate are a continuing part of “straight” black male culture.

  2. The term “It’s giving what it’s supposed to give” is a term of the gays. The most homophobic people want to cop the gays lingo or use us as accessories(women do this). Dababy has pissed off some high up industry people. The homophobic fans will stand by him though because he’s speaking their language. I just hate it.

  3. Honestly I can not name one song that he is famous or popular for. I have heard of him and Im sure heard his music on the radio or when I am hanging out but it’s nothing memorable for me to remember. I actually thought it was another artist with Baby in his name as well and I get the two confused. When he said who threw that “Adida” at me I knew then he was just another semi-illiterate rapper who White Corporate America loves to exploit, who will be broke soon enough and booking shows at low budget strip clubs and juke joints across the South to pay his rent and child support. I am sure he never really had any major corporate brand support to begin with so he cant miss what he really never had. He is not smart enough to go to the next level of Superstardom like LiL Nas X is going to do so when the lights fade he will never have to worry about finances and finding low paying bookings like most of these ignorant rappers who are out today will eventually have to do. That same STR8 Male fan base you love and who you think love you will turn on you tomorrow and be roasting you and leaving your music on the shelf. The Old Female Divas learned long ago if you have Gay fans you will always eat even when the records dont sell anymore. Da Baby like Boosie will always have his low brow fan base but thanks to this outburst the Whites and White Gays who control everything will permanently Blacklist him from any shot at real Stardom. And as far as the White Gays and the Establishment go, I wish they had this same energy when these ignorant ass rappers talk about killing each other as they do when they spew homophobic thoughts. So they are a little disingenuous as well with their outrage about his remarks as they are silent about all of the other negative shit he and other rappers spew daily.

    1. I love your post. Especially the Female Diva’s part. Diana, Patti, Tina, Shirley Bassey are all soooo smart. And those that came before them. They worked that stage with the fans to the graveyard and are ICONIC. DaBaby should trot off to Oz and join the Lollipop Guild.🦋🌈

  4. Folks I think we ae simply witnessing ” Toxic Marketing” .This is when you are being purposely offensive to get attention. Unfortunately it works in our post Trump environment.

    People have learned from him that the “Bar is low ” and it can further your agenda!!!!!

    Da Baby’s Loud performance was calculated. This is a line that I refuse to cross no matter who does it . I believe we will be seeing more of this disgusting trend.

    1. ^“Folks I think we ae simply witnessing ” Toxic Marketing” .This is when you are being purposely offensive to get attention. Unfortunately it works in our post Trump environment.

      People have learned from him that the “Bar is low ” and it can further your agenda!!!!!”

      you are absolutely correct with this.

    1. ^its bad when chris brown is being mature about this whole thing.
      i was terrified to read what he had to say and legit jumped back in my bed.

  5. Homophobic str8 People coming after Lil Nas X for his music video but they remain silent when debaby do something sexual in his video double standard

  6. This nigga is about as canceled as Rhyheim Shabastard. He clearly don’t give no fucks, not even tryna apologize. I immediately blocked him on Instagram

      1. I don’t like Rhyheim because he blocked me on Twitter & Instagram for no reason, me and my friend. He’s a fake ass bitch. My friend told me Rhyheim went and followed him again after he unblocked his Twitter page. That doesn’t make any sense. But anyways, I also supported his movies on JustFor.Fans. I even tried to have his back and defend him when some troll was trying to get him suspended on Twitter. He blocked me cause of his dumbass scene partner, Italo Andrade (who has some kind of issue with me, I don’t know what it is, probably jealous of me but I can’t tell for what reason exactly), kept rejecting my Instagram follow request, and I wouldn’t even know who Italo was if it wasn’t for Rhyheim. When I called Italo a bitch and said that I refused to ever watch another scene featuring Italo in it, obviously Rhyheim want to take sides with him. Fuck them both. Not to also mention Rhyheim is disgusting AF. There was a YouTube video circulating of him flirting with a 15-year old boy on Instagram Live, talking about that boy needs sugar and is “cute when he is nice”. I lost all respect for Rhyheim. I just do not fuck with him anymore, PERIØD.

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