The “F” Bomb

“yeah whatever you fuckin’ faggot”

i had to re-read the text this morning.
we have argued before,
but never like this.
i was ready to go over to his doorstep to have him repeat it.
straight wolf who has been my friend damn near 8 years,
someone i trusted enough to reveal myself to,
dropped the “f” bomb on me.
i told him i was tired of him only hitting me up to talk to me about her.
his new bitch.
i don’t like her.
she treats him like shit.
swims in his wallet.
i thought he was only in it because of the pussy.
i guess not.
just last week he hit me up to tell me that he is over her.
he also said i do something she doesn’t

i listen to him.
she ignores him.
he likes how i give advice and can break things down.
he can’t even go to her to talk.
out of all my friends,
he is the hardest to deal with.
he is bi polar.
when he goes into these dark places,
it literally brings me down.
almost like he sucks all my energy out.
plus he is so negative about all kinds of shit.
i try not to live my life like that.
i had to thank god i lost all attraction to him.
when he lost everything,
i was there being mr nice guy.
well not mr nice guy.
i called it being a “friend”.
today, i was the “f” bomb.
for her?
for that bitch?
i took all his info out my phone.
blocked him on everything.
he is done.

low-key: people are showing out in my life for 2013.
i don’t get it.
that shit pissed me off.
i’m feeling angry and sad.

at least i got to vent here.
lord knows i have no one else to talk to.
funny enough,
i’m not sad about the “f” bomb.
shocked it would come from a “friend“,
or so i thought.

25 thoughts on “The “F” Bomb

  1. I know that had to hurt Jamari, especially since he said it in anger. I’m sure he didn’t mean it. I bet he regrets it. We all have said shit when we are angry. Give him another chance if you hear from him. Shit, he might wanna beat on the low lol jk… I give all my friends three chances depending on what is said. A girl I used to talk to kept getting out of pocket with me after I told her I wasn’t into her anymore, and she still had feelings for me so I had cut her off lol. I haven’t talked to her in a year, yea a year. I ignored all her messages, and I haven’t heard from her since August. I hit her up 3 weeks ago and found out she moved lol. I felt bad, but then I didn’t cause she just would have mad me mad again. I just can’t keep letting people put me through crazy shit, and no one else should either, but everyone deserves more than one chance.

  2. I am curious, what type of friend is this guy to you? Does he listen to your problems and offer good advice? Is he there to help you when you need it? Does he have the characteristics that you would want in a friend? Being called the “F” word maybe a blessing in disguise because it might cause you to look a little closer at your friendship.

  3. To whoever you’re in a relationship with.

    The problem with telling all your relationship issues to someone outside of the relationship is that you often give them a skewed perception of the person you’re with because they’re only getting your side of the story. Then when you’re back on good terms with your partner your friend(s) still have that skewed perception you gave them but you expect them to be good because you are.

    I hear you saying his girl is this, that, and a third, but he doesn’t sound like the ideal boyfriend either. We don’t know he’s putting her through.

    1. Co-sign on that. I remembr Oprah saying something like this and it changd the way I talk to my friends and family about my relationships. Because they arent there for the make-up those issues u ran to them about are still going on and they give u skewrd advice that can hindr your relationship instead of helping.

  4. You ended the conversation just right. I agree with Run in that I dont think you should cut him out completely and he needs some down time. We’ve all said things we didnt mean in the heat of the moment. And with him being Bi-Polar, his attitude can go from 0 to 60 in an instant. That doesnt excuse his actions, but it comes with the territory. If he truly valued u as a friend, he’ll come around. Eight years is not something u just give up like that.

  5. Sorry but I wouldn’t take the fact he called me the “F-word” lightly, even in the heat of the argument. If that’s the first insult you throw out that’s probably how you really feel about me.

    I don’t need anyone in my life that will hit below the belt like that. Maybe that’s why I have very few friends.

  6. Mercury Retrograde in in Pisces (unconscious, mental life) until March 18.
    Mercury in Pisces is also a detriments so its energy will be screwy than usual.

    People will be communicating out of pocket during this time. Emotional flare ups, out-the-blue cuss outs, drug binges that sort of thing on top of all communication related things going haywire–dropped phone calls, internet service going down, electrical outages, printers jamming for no reason, cable service disrupted even though all accounts are current and paid etc.

    Don’t be surprised if dreams are emotional and intense during this time too.

    With all that said, you know your friend better than we do, but it does there have been warning signs, on both sides, along the way.

    Personally, he would have never got the chance to disrespect me like that knowing that he is bipolar and obviously not taking his medication.

    Relationships issues should be between those parties. Don’t allow yourself to be someone’s emotional crutch, cause when it goes south (or north) you will be forgotten, every single time. Your good deeds will be punished. Guaranteed.

    1. ^wow.

      there is a lot of truth into what you just said.
      the funny thing is,
      i had a déjà vu as Im writing this comment.
      thanks for this.
      gotta download this into my hard drive.


      I’ve learned the hard way not to get involved in people’s relationships in any way.

      Sure I’ll listen to you vent for a while, but I’m not dishing out any advice at all. I personally think you should keep your venting about your significant other to a minimum, even to your closest friends.

      No one wants to hear that shit ALL the time.

      You figure it out. I don’t know your significant other. You do.

      Like he ^ said, when they’re good again you’ll be forgotten. They will always make them a priority over you.

      1. Either they gonna forget you OR they want to hand over custody of the dick/pussy–like it’s your responsibility to take care of their needs.

        That is what your partner is for, I’m a friend, I’m staying in my lane.

  7. Good lmao so his ass feals stupid later some times it only takes a little read to make someone feal dumb ltr ive learned in H.S friends come and go like seasons.

  8. Aww, Jamari. Chin up.

    I completely understand how you feel. I have a friend just like that. It seems like a trail of bad luck just follows him, but you can’t just drop (even though you think about it) cus he is loyal to you. He and I went through the same thing but the only difference is we haven’t argued like that since 8th grade. And still then he did not drop the F bomb.

    Honestly, he probably didn’t mean it at all. He probably just wanted to vent and needed some attention and got pissed off and panicked. I don’t think you should cut him off, at least not yet. That’s what friends do, they argue with each other sometimes. You ARE owed an apology tho, don’t hit him up first, give him time to cool off. He’ll hit up up. 8 yrs of friendship, I’m sure he know he is in the wrong. And HEAR him out whenever you guys do talk it out. Don’t tune him out.

    1. ^yeah you are right run.
      when people (try to) disrespect me,
      i’m ready to cut them off and never look back.
      he has been a good friend thus far,
      been there when i have been at my lowest.
      he would hit me up just to talk about nothing.
      this wasn’t some d/l guy i befriended as davon is making it seem.
      this has been my boy…
      …but to call me that??????

      like you said,
      i’m not going to hit him up.
      he has to make that move.
      the f bomb is complete disrespect.
      i dont even use that word in my daily language because its so disrespectful.

      1. Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever said it.
        Just remember to listen to him.
        You’ll be fine man.

        I didn’t get what he was trying to infer at first.
        But that’s totally ridiculous.
        It’s 2013, those in this lifestyle can have straight friends without having any romantic involvement.

      2. Jamari his ass needs to be cut off i agree with you. This reminds me so much of bitches and how they act they throw the fagg word in your face but when they need someone the faggots there for them. No fuck him and i hope you dont call his bitch ass later. Certain things in a friendship are unacceptable mad or not your not fucking 2.

        1. ^its so funny,
          but 8 years and he his number was out my phone in 8 seconds.
          we weren’t even arguing to the point of name callin.
          i will say i was texting to him during the argument like he was stupid.
          he wasn’t listen to my point and just being disrespectful.
          so i hit him with the “i hope you have a blessed day” and stop replying.

  9. Smh red flags all the way and you let it slide. He’s “straight” hit you up for advice or to chat about his new girl etc and you blindly believed that bull ? Nigga is a s confused and bicurious as what, now he calls you. A faggot and you are pissed? You should let that nigga know he is a bigger fag for asking a so called “fag” handle his business with a girl. Ain’t that a punk? You need to let these your straight imaginary straight friends go..stop attracting these confused niggas flock to you and drain your energy I would live my life and enjoy it and not let anyone else drain me

    1. ^what?????????????????
      he has been a friend of mine.
      friendship for 8 years.
      i just told him about me last year.
      we talked about many things,
      and pretty chill and have fun.
      he just got with her and has gotten stupid.

      so i’m not supposed to be friends with straight guys?
      you sound drunk.
      are you okay?

      1. People say things when they are angry that they later regret. I don’t think you should end a relationship over one vulgar comment.If he had made the same comment two years ago when he thought you were straight .Do you think you would have deleted his number? I hate the F word ,the N word,the C word used to describe women.I also hate the word bitch.Yet I know these words are used as insult and not to describe the target.Saturday my cousin got into an argument with his White friend and said Get out of my yard f##king Ni##a.My cousin called a white guy the N word.They call each other the F word even though they don’t believe the other one is Gay.My point is your friend may have used that word as his default insult word ,not to describe you, like my cousin called a White friend the N word

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