Nightmare on A Sunday Afternoon

tumblr_me54qal5fv1qg1hyeo1_1280i was at my aunt on my fathers side crib again…

the one who passed away.
it was bright in there.
the energy was different this time.
it was more positive.
i was surrounded by people.
this cute snow wolf was who i spoke to mostly.
if i didn’t know any better,
it was shia lebeouf.
either way,
he was trying to get with me.
in between my legs as i sat on the kitchen table.
i saw my aunt walk in.
i told him and he immediately removed himself.
she walked into the kitchen.
looked better than she did when she was alive.
i started off the convo…

“i’m so depressed right now.”

which i actually was in the waking world.
we started talking about her daughter.
in this world,
she is the one who passed away.
we were both saying how she died was not an accident.
something about opening up an investigation.
the details of the convo are fuzzy.
i told her how my cousin visited me in a dream.
how many of the dead often visit me.
she just looked at me.
blank faced.
she told me not to tell people that the dead visit me.
they will think i’m crazy.
she said some other insulting shit.
i started to cry after she said that.
don’t know how we ended up on the sidewalk,
but we were outside the apartment.
it was sunny.

i was in a car next.
star fox’s x was driving.
it was two seater.
he was driving fast.
he told me how we can chill today,
but he had to do some work first.
i told him:

“that’s cool.
i just don’t want to be alone.”

we ended up driving on this mountain with all this construction.
there was steel beams everywhere.
he was still driving fast,
but was maneuvering over potholes and all these other objects.
i felt a little nervous.
we approached this terminal with four lanes.
there was a ton of men in construction uniform around it.
they were working on whatever was being built.
he decided to go through the left lane on the farthest end.
when we came out,
there was no road left.
we actually were on a cliff and the car was careening towards the ocean.
i screamed and told him…


the car crashed upside down and started to sink fast.
since the windows were down,
it started filling up with water pretty quick.
i motioned for him to pull his seat belt off and swim out the window.
his window was jammed so he would have to come through mine.
as i swam out the car,
something was tied around my feet.
i tried my hardest to swim towards the surface,
but something kept pulling me back down.
i could feel myself running out of air.
this is when i started swimming harder.
i could see the light amongst the surface,
but it was about to be too late.
when the water started entering my lungs,
this is when i woke up in a panic.


x then i read this and it all made sense

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Nightmare on A Sunday Afternoon”

  1. I thought you had been smoking those herbs before bed lol

    That’s a lot going on. Isn’t it ironic how you dream about people that are pretty irrelevant to you in your waking life?

    1. ^shit i wish i was.
      i could actually do with a smoke out.
      i usually have really vivid dreams.
      this one was pretty intense tho.

      that is weird about irrelevant people.
      i don’t speak to star fox x and i damn sure don’t know shia lebeouf.
      maybe these people are lurking somewhere in our subconscious…

  2. I honestly think dreams can be random at times, but a common theme in dreams over time can mean something.

    Most of the time I have dreams where I’m being tortured or my teeth are falling out, rotting, or crumbling. Or something happening at a high school or a shopping mall.

  3. I thought about that, but I think the better question is I’m not organically a sexual person. Lol

    When I think of sexual people, I think of adventurous people or people that can fuck in public without a care in the world or people that have had sex so good they shed that tear like Angela Bassett in How Stella Got Her Groove Back. Lol

    I’m just like “Soooo…I nutted. Did you? Ok.”

    Or maybe I mean I can be sexual but not intimate? Hell, I don’t know. I just want a wet dream at least once lol

    1. ^wow i would not have thought you were like that.
      maybe you aren’t intimate.
      i would feel that more.

      i havent had a wet dream in a very long time tho.
      i did wake up jackin’ off one time.
      i don’t know if that counts…

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