Work (Crushed)

tumblr_m1z3zxwfXe1qz6yd1o1_r1_1280sometimes when things happen,
or don’t happen,
you have to thank god for bringing you a closure.
first of all i need to apologize to the foxhole.
i could have listened.
that work crush ain’t a crush no mo

so thankfully,
i wasn’t involved.
liar liar was tho.
it seems that work crush has a big mouth.
he gossips just like a vixen.
well he told a few people about liar liar and him messing around.
now i found out being nosy in her convo.
she was real tite when word got back to her.
their little situationship was supposed to be a secret.
she doesn’t know if the mail room manager found out,
but i never seen her so shook.

giggle26 i shouldn’t laugh tho.

imaginary sweat.

this whole “high school/work situation” woke me up.
who the fuck was i really crushin’ on?
a bitch?
i don’t fuck around with wolves like this at all.
they are a liability.
he proved himself to be messy today.
what if i was stupid and let this wolf in my crib?
what if i let him smash “if’ he got down?
i think it would be a lot of mess.
i mean we will still be cool,
but i don’t like a blabber mouth.

i am going back to when i was all about baller wolves.
hell wolves who are on my level or higher.
ones who have something to lose just as much as i do.
my cousin hybrid was telling me about the two wolves he is dating.
a marketing manager and a district manager for couple stores.
they are sprung off him,
aren’t stingy with the dollahs,
and they both push him to do more with his career.
it made me take a long hard look at myself.
i use to date that.
i have fallen off from what i truly desire.
i let desperation take the wheel instead of jesus.

tumblr_mskrbrYBk81r33r0fo1_400here i am fantasizing about the wrong wolf.
i’m glad this happened tho.
sometimes you need to see someone for who they are.
no matter how good they look.

lowkey: he got real lame with this situation.
can i even trust his “keep this between us”?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “Work (Crushed)”

      1. Oh jamari I’m so glad to see you came back to your senses cause that could have took a really ugly turn but thats what type of nigga he is he on some fuck shit just for the sake of being on fuck shit he had every intention on using you and leaving you holding the bag thats how he gets off smdh but you saw through that nigga and thats all that matters yay jamari!!!!

  1. Well you know I saw this coming. Sheeps in wolves clothing. I’ll take “NO MA’AM” for $200, Alex.

  2. Lmao! That’s what liar liar gets! I’m glad you didn’t get involved with him! God works in mysterious ways! Lol

  3. I seem to remember you mentioning that company policy is that there is to be no workplace intimate relationships. Is this the case? Maybe the universe is putting all the negativity back on her. You know within yourself that it will get back to the mailroom wolf. People love tea. LOL

  4. Yeah live him alone but he could of did this to get back at her and make the mailroom manager mad who knows his intentions isn’t that mailroom dude married

  5. I. Glad you stuck to your instincts. True ppl always revealed themselves.. we he told u keep a secret now u know what that truly entail. Drop.that chicken dinner and get yourself a winner. He is out there. Trust!

  6. Well we kinda saw what he was about from the get go. 1) He wouldn’t text you like he said he would although he had your number. 2) He practically ignored you until he stopped talking to liar liar.

    The writing is usually on the wall. We just have to wipe the fog off our glasses and read it.

  7. Glad you got this wake up call before it was too late. Ha can still be cordial approach this one with a wooden spoon.

  8. I told you you just needed to get your curiousity satisfied and then you’d be over it lol

    How in the world does ol girl think she can get away with smashing, not one, but TWO dudes at her place of employment?!

    Some workplaces will fire that ass for bringing that drama into the workplace.

  9. She probably nervous because she is fraternizing with employees…which is against the rules, or should be! Especially if she is his supervisor/superior. But even still, your company has some fucked up policies…so nothing may happen.
    That is why I say NEVER fuck around with anyone you work with. It can get messy, plus everyone in the company is trying to get all up in your business! Truth be told…I thought they (liar liar and crush) were scheming on you and trying to pull some shyt on you to get you booted out sooner!

  10. I’m glad you woke up and the smell the vagina. We all tried/wanted to tell you, but we knew it wasn’t our place and it was better for you to find out on your own. Oh yea what ever happen to your other crush, the one who’s quiet, older (i think) that worked on the different department?

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