Now What Language Is This?

Iggy-Azalea_38i saw this today and fell the fuck out.
clearly iggy azalea is trying to rap in the language of tasmanian…

check the similarities:

“trey been rap
one to pap pap
¬†poom dereno gino…”

that ain’t nothing but the tasmainian devil mating call.


of course they was on it:

empire is so versatile,
ain’t it?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Now What Language Is This?”

  1. Lord havemercy! That vine was hilarious! She has zero talent! I would love to see her and Nicki Minaj in a rap battle together. Nicki would wipe the floor with her!

  2. Jesus be a unicorn running on a rainbow and fix it. Other then this bs i dont mind her or some of her pop songs. I wonder will people hate brooke candy like people hate iggy

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