Colin Kaepernick Doesn’t Care About White Tears

2016-08-29t22-48-02-333z--1280x720.nbcnews-ux-1080-600this hair colin…
well baller wolf for the 49ers,
colin kaepernick,
is super woke.

as you know,
he has faced a ton of criticism for not standing during the national anthem.
colin can’t rock with all drama going on in this country,
especially with “us”.
well he had a lot to say during a “q&a” in the locker room.
he went completely in for 18 good minutes via ktvu

when he went in on the two presidential candidates


you know i hear?
the tears of upset snow animals.
i mean some are going as far as to do this:

well i am impressed that colin is speaking up,
but i had to wonder

If his career was like it was a few years ago,
would he be doing all this talking now?

kaepfrus.0something to think about.
i’ll allow his stance tho.
i want to see where colin is going to go with this.

 lowkey: well colin blocked me…

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.14.23 PM

…so i’ll be sitting in the nose bleeds for his movement.

19 thoughts on “Colin Kaepernick Doesn’t Care About White Tears

  1. smart, intelligent, and politically aware of social injustices in the black communities.This just shows that most celebrities don’t forget where they come from and have a heart for the little people. I like these qualities about this brother and I like he’s standing for a cause.

  2. Isn’t funny that Colin was black when he pledged Kappa Alpha Psi but when he speaks about racial inequality he is not really Black.Well I have seen hundreds of comments from white people calling him a Nigger so I guess they consider him black.

    1. What it means to be black
      To accept the racist “one drop” theory is racist and accepts a central tenet white supremacy, which is blackness as a taint. “Black” is not a philosophy, a club or a way of life. “Black” is a race. “African American” is an ethnic group within the black race as is Haitian, Nigerian or Kenyan. Just as Irish or Irish American is an ethnic group within the white race as is Italian, French or German.

      Nor is being black defined by skin color. The black race has the highest rate of albinos of any race. And yes, such albinos are fully black. On the other hand, this so called “one-drop” theory that says that if you are part black, then you are black is a bunch of bull. First, it was invented by the racist white slave-owner for the benefit of the racist white slave owner and not the slave. And I will not have my views dictated by dead racist white slave-owners. Second, it’s racist. It’s based on the theory that black blood is a taint so much so that it taints and spoils all the other blood that is there. And that as a taint, all must be thrown in the garbage that is the black. We’re not going to co-sign on a racist theory that sees us and our ancestors as the functional equivalent of garbage. (We are not garbage and neither are our ancestors!) If you co-sign on the racist one-drop theory, then you are co-signing on racism. Third, it has no basis in reality. It says foolishly “To get more oil, just add water.” (With the black heritage being the “oil” and the anything else being the “water”) That’s foolish. At some point, if you add water to oil, it becomes watery oil and later it becomes oily water. And if you add enough water to the oil, it becomes virtually indistinguishable from plain water and will be fit to drink. At some point if you add water to oil, it becomes unable to lubricate and stops functioning as oil.

      Therefore, Pan-Africanist American-African writer, historian and professor John Henrik Clark wisely said “You cannot make a good African between the legs of a European woman.” Dr. Claud Anderson came to the same conclusion saying, “If I pour water into gasoline I didn’t make it any stronger, I made it weaker.” You cannot make more “oil” by simply adding “water”. To think that you can is foolish—and racist.

      (Racism is the belief that one race is inferior or superior to another race. The “one-drop” theory with blacks as a taint, as garbage clearly fits into that racist scheme.)

      Now, there are people who are sufficiently diluted of their black DNA that they are not black. No race of people is “pure” so having some other-than-black ancestry does not make you not black. Just like having some other-than-white ancestry does not make you not white. Certainly if your non-black DNA is equal to or equivalent to your black DNA, then you are not black. Furthermore, one’s race or ethnicity is not like a club. You either are or are not “born that way”. You can’t join it like a club. They are people—just not black people. They are humans—just not black humans. Such people include President Obama, Mariah Carey, David McIntosh, Boris Kodjoe, Shemar Moore, Halle Berry, Tiger Woods, Benjamin Jealous (former head of the NAACP who is 90% white by DNA), Melisa Harris-Perry, etc. (Halle Berry foolishly said that since she was black, her daughter is also black. Well, the fact is that Halle Berry is half-black so is biracial and that her daughter is born of a white man so is ¾ white! Such foolishness!) (And Tiger Woods is ¼ black and ½ Chinese! Yet some want to call him black! Correction: He’s mixed race!) Such people are mixed, mulatto or biracial. We oppose racism in all its forms and permutations (including the racist canard called the “one-drop” theory) and we ask you to oppose racism in all its forms and permutations too. When you know better, you do better.

    1. If this is a PR stunt…it’s a bad choice for a PR stunt. Especially when your team already wants to get rid of you for poor play, and you definitely won’t get the salary you could’ve commanded a few years back. If this is a PR stunt, he is setting himself up for failure. He has a cause right now, and he is standing behind it. It’s OK for whites to get upset and burn the flag, but a black man refuses to stand for a hypocritical oath/pledge and everyone condemns him. If it were a white player that refused to stand, they would’ve made every excuse in the book for him.

      Seriously, listen to the words of the pledge of allegiance and tell me if those words ring true. They don’t.
      We live in a land of opportunities…but who are those opportunities TRULY for? Certain individuals that go along with the system will get a “pass” but they will never be fully accepted. The whites will allow you to play with them, but only when and where they want to. We are expected to “know our place” as a white man told me once when I visited my family in the South. I told him my “place” will be my foot in your ass if you don’t get your ignorant ass outta my face.

      He may have chosen the wrong venue to make his stand, but he makes a very valid point. It’s sad that so many people of color don’t stand with him.

  3. Colin wasn’t concerned with “Black oppression” when his ass was a starting QB appearing in superbowls. What he’s doing is more about his own selfishness. He wants to be traded because he’s now a backup bench warmer who can’t adjust to the new offensive playbook. I find it laughable who so many “stay woke” black gay men break their necks to support people who wouldn’t be seen in the same room as a known gay man. But carry on..

    1. Colin was one of the few NFL players who said he would welcome an openly gay teammate back in 2014.As for being concerned about black oppression most black NFL players have NEVER expressed concern for “black oppression” so he is doing more than most of them, regardless of his motives.

  4. I support his stance completely. Now whether or not this is a publicity stunt to draw attention to himself remains to be seen, but I doubt it. Kaepernick knows that the only way to win people back over is to turn back the hands of time on the field, and when you are a regressing athlete, that is the way it works. Until then, he can become the leader of BLM and very few will blink.

  5. Why did he block you? Was you lusting over him? LOL

    Didn’t Tyler Lepley do the same thing to you?

      1. The reasons they block you are always unknown lol. Even the slightest amount of criticism is a risky move.

        1. ^listen…

          i don’t even care about being blocked the man.
          as a blogger and a voice,
          it may not go well with those in the public eye.
          i won’t cry about it.
          it is what it is.
          im still gonna support his movement and what he is trying to accomplish with it.

  6. The awakening is coming and i am here for it. You gonna see people who will take a side and you gonna see people defend Amerikkka to the last man. Babylon getting set to fall. ✊🏾

  7. Today his birth mother who gave him up for adoption probably because he is half black had the audacity to join the bandwagon of people criticizing him on social media.The hateful comments on his IG are reprehensible. I posted on his IG the quote “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism”.I support him for taking a stand and speaking up.

      1. You are correct IDK why she put him up for adoption but I know she didn’t give him up because she didn’t have financial support.Because her parents confirmed they wanted her to to keep him and they told her they would financially support her,in an interview they did.I also know she has no problem posting pics of her 3 white kids on social media but only uses her half black famous child to get followers on social media by posting she is his birth mother in her bio.I also know she could have called or e-mailed him rather than criticize him on social media.

      2. I remember reading a while back, when he was on top of the world, an interview where she mentioned that she gave him up because she was young and because his father was a black man…and her family wasn’t having it.

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