“I Loved You Since I Was 22” (Start “I’m Still a G” Tears)

tumblr_ocoqfop48K1u5zp1po1_400can i tell you ^this part was my favorite?
drake gets up on that stage and put it all on the line for rihanna.
he didn’t care that they would drag him online.
he went for it and i think she took it.
check the full speech

the way he looks at her>>>>
the way he smiles at her>>>>
the way he had to prepare himself>>>
the speech>>>>
the suit and then her dress>>>>
the kiss>>>>



i don’t know how rihanna feels about him,
but i thought that moment was beautiful.

Imagine someone confessing they been in love with you for years?

…not even wanting to fuck you for years,
but they fell in love with you.
your goofy and awkward ass.
someone fell in love with you and all your insecurities.
they don’t even see the things that you think are “wrong” with you.
tumblr_o3a72btMDO1v9oq42o1_500they see “you” for the beauty that is you.
that’s some deep shit.
you know what’s crazy?
someone around you has googly eyes every time they see you.
they just won’t admit it like the “drake” they need to be.

we end up falling in love with all the “chris browns” of the world.
the ones who treat us like shit.
le sigh.

lowkey: i hope i can fall in love with me one day.
i need to be the “drake” to my own “rihanna”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on ““I Loved You Since I Was 22” (Start “I’m Still a G” Tears)”

  1. “sadly, we end up falling in love with all the β€œchris browns” of the world.
    the ones who treat us like shit.”


    Preach up in here lol

    I love how drake is so unafraid to be himself.

  2. Crying… I hope I have someone that admires and love me like that. After all she been through years ago with that one toxic relationship, I hope she can finally be in a happy healthy relationship, by the way they are both beautiful people their babies will be gorgeous.

  3. That moment was nice to watch. When someone says they love you when you’re not fucking then it could just be real LOL jk.

    Off topic but have y’all ever had a hookup where the person told you they loved you? I remember being 16 *don’t judge* and the guy that I messed with (he was older) told me that he loved me after the nut. I remember feeling so creeped out, I rolled over the bed & got dressed quickly to leave in the cab that he ordered. Mind you this was the first time that we met. I think it was because I told him that he was my first time so he thought he was special. These ninjas will tell you that they love you just because you let them hit LMAO! To this day that guy still begs me on hookup apps to come see him & I never have.

  4. The best thing you said is that you want to fall in love with yourself. I like to hear that. Often times I feel the guys commenting on this site ( Jamari included ) want a thug football player. With a giant pipe to fuck them senseless so they can cook and clean and play the stereotypical “woman type” Niggas out here crying that they want a ” wolf “or whatever. It kills me because it plays into the stereotype of what “they” think gay guys are like. I liked the fact that you said that. That is all

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