“The B and Rih Show” That MTV Had Last Night


so i wanted to attend the 2016 mtv video music awards last night.
it was in my city and i knew it would be live.
i didn’t get to go due to plans falling through,
but i did watch in full hd and surround sound glory.
the show was really

with a few special guests

rihanna had 4 performances last night.
she did all of her hits:

…and picked up the “video vanguard award”.
i loved the “carri-anna” performance the most out of them all.
the weakest link was the “ratchet-anna” performance.
she tried to hit a note during “needed me” and fell flat.

b tho…

do i even need to font anything?

beyonce came,
nearly whupped blue’s ass on the red carpet,
she did her hits from “lemonade”,
broke mtv’s camera with “hot sauce”,
collected her awards,
and was out.
poor britney spears tho…

why did they even allow her to follow b?
hell even rihanna?
they were hyping this performance and it was very “high school talent show”.
she wasn’t as stiff,
but it was boring.
the lip syncing was so bad too.
why change mics?
2db322a0-f2bc-0132-f3da-0e18518aac2fbritney is a legend in her own right,
but her days of showing up and showing out are pretty much over.
she needs to just stick to vegas at this point.

…but can we talk about harlem’s own,
teyana taylor?
can we talk about how she MURDERED that “fade” video?


teyana been making all the right decisions this year.
from that lil’ kim tribute,
putting iman pipe on her snap,
and now this:

her bawdy tho>>>>
she just had a cub too.
that is how the ideal vixen,
in my head,
bawdy looks.
i’m over the centaur butt cheeks.
i bet iman and her fuck like animals.
teyana was getting real annoying with her past antics,
but i’m glad she grabbed a seat to work on her moment.
i’ll allow it.
i might even listen to her album.


other thoughts:

  • nicki minaj is looking real deformed with her hips and tail
  • arianna performance was cute-ish
  • alicia keys was wearing “house slave couture”
  • ye was rambling about nothing as usual
  • cassie and that highlighter hair was a win
  • it’s good to see “joanne the scammer” on the come up
  • the tick tock diner,
    where nick jonas performed,
    has good breakfast food
  • i’m trying to decide if i think ty dollar $ign is attractive
  • the backstage cams was funny
  • yeezy was ( x loving all of rihanna )
  • taylor swift was in hiding since all her arch enemies was under one roof
  • i’m vex i couldn’t goall in all,
    it was a good show.
    they should always have it in new yawk.
    i will say that the “hosts” were annoying.the jay z impersonator gotta go
    key and peele gotta go
    that new big vixen with the mtv show gotta go

    …but mtv definitely stepped it up.
    i’d like more of that next year please!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on ““The B and Rih Show” That MTV Had Last Night”

  1. BeyoncΓ© always kill it, no questions asked that woman deserves all the accolades and praises she gets. She truly has worked so hard in her career. Rihanna definitely have some hits, Teyana Taylor body is on point and those dance skills were on point. Iman and her are a sexy couple. Poor Britney when she was performing she seemed like she was counting her steps, honestly I feel bad for her I think she needs to just hang it up. The dude who did the Jay Z impersonating came into my job awhile ago he is actually really cute in person and has a nice body. I could be wrong but Key and Peele comedy only seems to appeal to white people.

    1. My feelings exactly. I was surprised at the time Bey had to perform. Did BET even give her that much time? Key and Peele was awful to watch. SMH

  2. B came and showed out like she always does , there’s a reason she’s the best .

    Riri had some dope performances some were just ok to me but she looked great and had drake eating out the palm of her hand. Win Win

    Britney please stop

    To be honest my favorite thing to come out the awards show was Teyana Taylor in the video. Her dancing and body were on point. You can tell really she works out hard her body was not only tone but proportioned (something lot of the Instagram ladies with the fake butts that post pics of them drinking diet tea or workout gear don’t have).

    That shower scene with her and her boo was πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  3. Bey just took me out. She was amazing. As always. Rih did well. The dancehall section was my fave as well, I need that durag she had on lol.

  4. Sorry but it was the Beyonce show. She showed up & bodied that stage. 2million tweets about her performance alone. 8 awards (out of 11 nominations) won including Video of the Year. Yeah this woman is a beast

    Teyana is so sexy to me. Her new look & confidence is just everything. She has the perfect body IMO when it comes to women. I do agree that the fake ass “ant body” look is just ghastly and I want it to disappear. It is far from attractive.

  5. Not ‘Alicia Keys wearing house slave culture’ tho. Dead. I nearly spit out my cocktail reading that.

    I think people are too hard on Britney. Like, seriously that meme of If Britney Survived 2007 is popular for a reason. She will never be old Britney again and her true fans still love her because, good or bad she is still trying. People laugh when you fall but seem to ignore it when get back up.
    But everyone on her team should be fired immediately for allowing MTV to place her after Bey. Now that was sad.

    I love Riri so much. She is one of the most dynamic pop stars of our generation. But still, homegirl is not known for being a performer and that was evident last night. Her first number had everyone at my VMA party scratching their head. She redeemed herself beautifully tho w/ Love on the Brain. She should do more of that in her next era.

    Beyonce is arguably the most talented pop star since MY. I feel like im watching a once in a lifetime artist every time I see her perform.

    The rest of the 3 hour spectacle is a blur.

  6. Anyone find it interesting that there was no Prince tribute, no song, not even a mention of his name last night? He was one of the black pioneers who broke thru MTV’s “no black artists allowed” programming in the early 1980’s. I was very disappointed that they didnt do ANYTHING in his honor.

    1. They did the Prince tributes at the BET Awards already. I thought MTV did a good job this year, they didn’t hit us with a token black, it was diverse.

    2. I noticed that also, Dee.

      It’s one thing to not include a performance tribute for one of pop music’s most legendary singer-songwriters is a travesty considering his impact on MTV culture in the 1980s and early 90s.
      Still, no mention of his passing or an in memorium tribute is indeed mind boggling.

      But honestly, did we expect anything else from a network that no longer promotes anything revelant beyond Catfish and Teen Mom OG?

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