Terrell Owens Has To Take A Big Blow

this wolf keeps running into the worse luck.
i don’t get it.
he had to sell his georgia estate and things didn’t turn out the way he planned…

More bad news for unemployed NFLer Terrell Owens… TMZ has learned the former football star took a major hit on his Georgia condo … selling it off for nearly HALF of what he paid for it.T.O. — whose finances have taken a turn for the worse as of late — has been dumping his real-estate collection right and left (both his Miami and Dallas condoswere already sold) … and now he finally unloaded his 1,060-square-foot Atlanta crib.The deal wasn’t so great for T.O. — he purchased the pad back in 2005 for $324,600 and then listed it in 2011, where it sat on the market for over a year. He finally unloaded it earlier this month for a mere $180k.But it’s a steal for the new owner … the cool digs is rockin’ 2 bedrooms, 2 baths … and primo amenities like a 24/7 concierge service, rooftop pool, fitness center, yoga studio and a club room — with Xbox & Playstation.

Maybe T.O needed a little less “Call of Duty” and little more time with the pigskin.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2012/11/24/terrell-owens-sells-georgia-condo-massive-loss/#ixzz2DN9Us5Fx

every time this wolf just takes loss after loss.
i’m starting to think he needs to sell this next:
i’m sure some old rich white vixen (or fox) will pay his bills.
he needs to call up chad and ask him how is he handling this unemployed drama

at this point,
t.o needs to get an apartment and keep up with this acting thing.
i’m sure a blessing will come out of this somehow.
hey i got an idea…

Which one of my wolves/foxes/vixens/or hybrids wants to sponsor T.O?

oh! don’t forget

Author: jamari fox

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20 thoughts on “Terrell Owens Has To Take A Big Blow”

  1. Poor Terrell. It just keeps getting worse for him. He would make it if he sold his body. Him and Chad could really making living doing that. Women would pay them both, and men definitely will too. I want them both, but I want them for free lol.

  2. I don’t feel sorry for people who are lucky enough to be in such a position, and waste the opportunity by not keeping up with their finances, or over-indulging.

  3. His body is his moneymaker. Perhaps stripping (for men and women) , escort service (for men and women), acting and some nude layouts for men and women!

  4. Well, the market hasn’t fully recovered yet; especially not in Georgia where the market is over saturated to begin with. So, it’s not hard to believe it sold for half.

    I really refuse to believe this man is having this much bad luck though. He clearly burned some major bridges.

  5. Terrell Owens is a great person, but when you are talented and involved in the NFL for years one must realize that women are going to trick you and trap you. When they see that they have this ability they take advantage of the situation. As a player of either sport with professional status these women only see $$$$ and they know how to get over on them.These African-American athletes have got to wakeup and smell the coffee, if not they are going to continually get taken advantage of. He still has potential to do training or create his own workout programs only if he uses the proper people. Sure if I could I would diffently take him and molded him into the man I want. He and Chad need to hook backup and host the show that they were doing and even more.

  6. DAMNNN I would have loved to know that listing, my rel would have bought that , i would have been taking my own WHORISH IG pics as a “model/part time rapper / aspiring PT” at the crib, who got the link to the real estate auction site?

    And Why did I see TO’s picture and thought of Ochinco and said this guy seems to be the older brother in misfortune to ochocinco and wam i get a pic of them both, birds of a feather I tell ya, when ugly #darkies love to front like they’re shit when they have nothing really.. SMH

  7. Damn TO, bro this has not been your season, you are being humbled beyond belief, but its all for your good.Pride cometh before the fall. First of all, this was a bad investment, and clearly made by someone who doesnt have a clue. Why would you pay that much money for such a small space in Georgia of all places. A 1000 sq.ft is way overpriced for 300K. This would have been acceptable in California, Miami, or New York even in a depressed market, he could have probably at least broke even. I just think that it holds true that TO is not very bright in how he handles all of his business and personal affairs.

    1. The W condos downtown were way over priced when he bought it but it was the “in place” to be. The ironic thing is his house is less then 15 miles away.

  8. He started out with what was it… $80 million? Now he’s broke. Excuse me if I fail to find any sympathy for him. I don’t understand where the bad Karma for your poor actions starts and where the ‘something good will come out of this’ begins.

    1. i agree. i always wondered why athletes dont invest they money so things like this dont happen. or who they’re accountant is because they need to be fired

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